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original title: La casa sperduta nel parco


  • BBFC 18
  • US DVD
Release: Aug 18, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: matze_hg - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the English version by VIPCO (BBFC 18) with the uncut US DVD by Shriek Show/Media Blasters (Not Rated).

English DVD = 76:05 PAL minutes
US DVD = 91:25 NTSC minutes
55 cuts in the English DVD = 12:03 minutes
02:17 Alex tries to rape the woman on the car’s backseat. The scene misses a shot of him ripping apart her blouse, thus exposing her breasts.
1,5 sec.

02:21 Several short shots showing him pulling down her tights. Afterwards he rips off her necklace.
9,5 sec.

02:22 He rapes the woman and chokes her until she loses conscience.
17,5 sec.

31:13 Alex pulls down Glenda’s dress to show off her breasts. He then encourages his friend Ricky to “have some fun“ with one of the girls. Ricky excitedly stares at Lisa and then asks his buddy if he could do it with Gloria in the bedroom. Alex responds by telling him to rape her in front of everybody, so they all could have some “fun”. Meanwhile Ricky has started to hassle Gloria, several shots of the scared party guests are missing.
65 sec.

31:14 Right before hurling her on the couch, Ricky tries to kiss the struggling Gloria.
5 sec.

31:15 This missing scene features a quick shot of Alex holding a straight razor against Glenda’s breasts. It then switches to Ricky retaining Gloria on the couch, licking her left breast.
10 sec.

31:19 Several more missing shots show Ricky’s attempts to rape her as well as the manically laughing Alex.
10 sec.

31:20 Ricky tears down the woman’s slip, causing another outburst of laughter by Alex.
6 sec.

35:22 This scene features Gloria whimpering on the couch, while Alex sits behind her stroking her behind. Ricky shows up and starts kissing her face.
15 sec.

35:24 Ricky starts kissing Gloria’s legs while she continues whimpering. Alex strokes Ricky’s hair saying “Good boy, Ricky”.
11 sec.

35:28 Beginning of the shot right before Gloria pushes Ricky away.
3,5 sec.

36:11 Ricky bends down to Gloria and starts kissing her.
6,5 sec.

36:16 Dito.
17 sec.

36:22 Several shots of Ricky kissing Gloria between her legs.
27,5 sec.

43:02 The British version stops right at the moment Alex touches the straps of Glenda’s dress. The American version shows him pulling her dress down, exposing her breasts once more.
6 sec.

43:10 He begins caressing her breasts, then suddenly gropes her hard and pulls her away from the glass door.
20 sec.

43:34 While Alex is beating up Tom, Gloria sneaks to the phone. Toms head is being smashed repeatedly onto the table and his bloody face is shown close-up.
13,5 sec.

43:44 Another shot featuring Tom’s head connecting with the tabletop.
12 sec.

45:59 Alex orders Lisa to undress, which she does reluctantly. He approaches her, picks her up and throws her onto the bed. He pins her down and starts kissing and touching her. Lisa struggles at first, but then gets into it and rolls on top of him.
165 sec.

46:12 Shot of Lisa lying on top of Alex. She responds to his question how she liked it with ”It was disgusting!” and sits up.
12,5 sec.

55:52 Alex cuts Cindy’s blouse with a razorblade.
27 sec.

55:55 Dito. Her breasts can be seen.
12 sec.

57:11 Close-up of Cindy’s face, Alex touches her lips with his blade.
10 sec.

57:14 He proceeds moving his blade around her face and whispers her name.
5 sec.

57:16 Close-up of Alex holding his knife against Cindy’s throat.
1,5 sec.

57:22 The same scene shown from above.
2 sec.

57:24 Close-up of Alex driving his blade across her body up to her breasts.
8 sec.

57:25 He moves the razor blade across her left nipple.
5 sec.

57:28 Same procedure on the other side, close-up of Cindy’s frightened face.
13 sec.

57:33 The blade moves down.
4,5 sec.

57:45 Dito.
3 sec.

57:46 Alex sticks his blade down her pants.
7 sec.

58:15 Cindy takes off her shoes and starts pulling down her pants.
8,5 sec.

58:21 Shot of her slowly undressing.
3 sec.

58:24 After having undressed, she still holds her pants in her hands. Alex tears them from her hands and grabs her hair.
6 sec.

58:26 Alex is still holding onto Cindy‘s hair and orders her to turn around, he then pulls her panties a bit.
11 sec.

59:01 Alex betatscht ihre Brüste. Zwischenschnitt auf ihr verängstigtes Gesicht.
11 Sek.

59:07 He moves his hand down tot o her panties while she tries to protect herself with her hands.
8,5 sec.

59:09 He yanks her arms away and touches her between the legs. Surprised he notices that she’s still a virgin.
15,5 sec.

59:11 He observes the distraught girl a little longer and remarks that her boyfriend ought to be quite a douche bag as he hasn’t slept with her yet. With an evil grin Alex tells her not to worry as he would take care of that now.
53,5 sec.

59:13 Shot of him laughing manically next to Cindy’s breasts.
2 sec.

59:18 Alex continues singing and forces Cindy to face him, she breaks away and covers herself with a sheet on the couch.
7,5 sec.

60:48 While Ricky tells Alex how he just had sex with Gloria outside the US version shows a shot of Alex and Cindy. The English version instead shows Tom turning his bruised face to the side.
5 sec.

60:56 Several shots of Alex pushing Cindy to the side and approaching Ricky and Gloria.
14 sec.

61:19 Alex threatens Cindy with the blade and promised her she won’t forget her first time.
7 sec.

61:21 Once more he stats she will remember him, then he hurls her onto the couch and starts cutting her right arm with his razor.
14 sec.

61:23 Cindy desperately tries to fight back, but Alex holds her by the neck and cuts her right breasts.
9,5 sec.


61:24 Another bloody cut to the breast is missing.
1 sec.

61:27 Now it’s the turn for her left breast.
2 sec.

61:29 Dito.
3 sec.

61:31 Alex cuts her belly all while she continues screaming.
2 sec.

61:39 Close-up of her bloody body and his continuing work.
1 sec.

61:46 Cindy struggles and screams, Alex‘ cuts are nearing her sex.
3 sec.

61:52 And another bloody cut has been cut. (Pun)
2,5 sec.

61:58 he cuts her body a last time.
1 sec.