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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Mar 02, 2010 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
The parody by Stephen Spielberg with such high-class actors like Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Christopher Lee, Toshirô Mifune, Nancy Allen and John Candy was released in the US a long time ago in a Director's Cut version on LD, tape and DVD.

Unfortunately, there is still no German DVD available and even the US DVD seems to be a bit old-fashioned. It doesn't offer any anamorph pictures but a LBX format (1:2,35).

Because of the long alternative scenes (see this report) a reference DVD with a chance of choosing between the theatrical version and the DC via 'Seamless Branching' would be a good choice. Let's hope for good times!
At all the DC is clearly to be favorised.

Compared is the Theatrical version and the Director's Cut (Rated PG) by Universal.

With 27 additional/extended scenes + a longer alternative scene the Director's Cut has an additional runtime of 27 minutes.
Opening sequence at the cafeteria

At the beginning of the movie there is one little scene missing. The chief blames both chefs for their behaviour. He sees the mess they've made and blames them for throwing away food. then he grabs a plate from a stack with prepared food and asks them hoe they could throw away the 'good' food (in fact it is pretty old). He puts the plate with food back on the stove to reuse it for future guests.
The scene is shortly interrupted with an intercut on Frank Tree (Dan Aykroyd and his friends who are still eating. Foley (John Candy) says that they should devastate the food that nobody other can eat it anymore. They remain calm for a few seconds and continue devastating their dishes.

The discussion continues. The old man blames both that if they continue with their behaviour he would never make a record for their jukebox. One of the boys explains that he tries to dance. The old man continues blaming him. Some of the guests demand for coffee and the old man turns around to avoid upcoming discussions.
51,30 Sec.

Here is a huge cut which includes three scenes which are stated in three different pictures:

After the discussion at the cafeteria and after the boys tried to convince the owner that Wally who tried to practise dancing, the scene continues.

One can see the cafeteria from the outside. A man pushes both boys through the door by grabbing their ears. One of them begs for him to stop this threatment and that he will try to do whatever he wants. When he says that he needs a suit the old man responds that the only chance of getting one is the steal it. Afterwards he angrily returns into the cafeteria and leaves both boys on the streat. One of them beats a poster but tells his friend that nothing will stop him to have this evening for him and Betty Douglas.

The pictures, scene description follows:

(Change of scenery)
Betty Douglas can be seen. She asks another woman if it means they are only allowed to dance with soldier, not with civilians, this evening. The woman agrees. A couple of girls are moaning because of this answer. One of them says that soldier only are into the one thing. The woman responses that it is not the right time for moral issues. Some instructions about the way the girls have to dance with the soldiers are following.
Suddenly the scene is interrupted by a horde of soldiers who are rushing into the room. The soldier start to flirt the women. Betty's friend tells her that some of the guys are pretty sweet but Betty just looks disgusted.

The pictures, scene description follows:

Change of scenery
Wally is inside a shop and dresses himself with a suit. The owner surrounds him and gives little hints about the price. Wally asks him what he wants to say. The owner points his slacky clothes. The boy reacts indignant and loudly asks if the owner wants to tell that he can't afford the suit. The owner gets scared and tries to calm down the situation. Meanwhile the crowded shop is shown. Some women listen to the radio which states that two Japanese planes were sighted above San Francisco. One of them passes out.

Meanwhile a friend of Wally arrives with a big package. He permanently asks himself that some special plan will fail. In the meantime his friend continues to play being offended and acts the way he wont buy the suit. He tells the owner that he will never be buying something outside of Beverly Hills.
His friend unpacks in his hiding a huge sirene from the package. Once again he says to himself that this will never work before he activates the sirene. The people inside the shop listen to the noise until one woman yells that the Japanese are incoming. Panic breaks out.
In the middle of the chaos both boys crash into two women. One of the boys asks if it is their first air-raid alarm. The women push them away and one tells them to go away, they need real men. They crawl to a soldier who is prostrated on the ground.
When both boys observe the scenery and see how every women try to find a soldier one of them states that every woman is into uniforms. The other one responses that he doesn't want another girl, he wants Betty Douglas. Later there are more pictures of the chaos and a guy dressed as Santa Claus who tries to calm everyone down.
4 Min. 0,62 Sec. (240,62 Sec.)

When General Stilwell arrives the airport the DC offers an extended scene:
The camera turns away from the colony of cars to a parking car where one of the general's assistents tries to have a good time with a female reporter. However, when a soldier knocks on the window to tell him that the general arrives the woman leaves the car to catch up with the general. The assistent leaves the car as well and means that the general should have come just some minutes later. The soldier respons that it is war and everyone has to make sacrifices.
40,79 Sec.

When the assistent suggests Donna Stratton (played by Nancy Allen)to show her the cockpit, the DC offers a new scene:

The general, who just has arrived, stands in front of a reporter stage. He explains that a Japanese attack is highly unlikely but all safety instructions have to be made. Additionally he explains the alert stages blue, yellow and red. He also tells of civil helpers who try to spot planes.
51,09 Sec.

After Wally pulled Betty into the garage she tells him, after a short dance, that her father will kill if he finds them, the scene is extended in the DC:

Wally tells her that he will payed for it and that her father now owns a new car. However, she says that it is unbelievable what her father would do to him when he sees him again. Wally tells her that he practiced new steps and starts showing her what he learned. Betty's corpulent friend watches them through the window.
26,15 Sec.

Again the conversation in the garage has been extended after Betty's friend joined both and explains to Wally that they are only allowed to dance with soldier at night:
Wally astonishly asks if that means they are in an organisation which tells them what they have to do. Betty's friend yells at him that he is talking about the USO. Wally turns around to Betty and tells her that she doesn't owe him anything but that he is waiting for this evening for a quite long time. Betty's friend tells him to get an uniform. Angrily he tells her that it is his uniform. Betty interrupts the fight and tells him that she is also American and that she has some things to do, that she has to serve. She adds that she never wants to be on a German guy (she makes a gesture with her hand).
Wally grabs her shoulders and asks her if she wants to be with him tonight. She tells him that she wants to but refuses after her friend made some strange comments. Finally she tells him that she is confused. Wally tries to understand and tells that she will be in front of the hall at 8 pm. When they won't let him into the hall they could both watch a movie. He turns around to her friend and tells her about the new Disney cartoon.

The TV continues when Betty's father, armed with a gun, comes in front of the house.
74,2 Sec.

Betty and her friend can be seen again after they fell into the pit. The children can be seen, too and one of them means that both have digged their own grave.
8,59 Sec.

When the soldier suggest to put the FLAK into Mr. Douglas's garden and his wife refuses the DC continues:

Mr. Douglas wants to speak with his wife. He asks her if it is Tojos or Hiroito's garden. He adds that he bought the garden and that he wants to defend it. His wife says that he has to go to civil defense instead. He rejects the idea.

The scene is interrupted. A civil car can be seen. Douglas' neighboor leaves her house and beats furiously onto the car. Her husband tries to calm her down and tells her he will change the car back from a panzer to a normal car after the war ends. A friend takes him aside and asks him for the binoculars.

In the meantime the conversation between Mr. Douglas and his wife continues. They are still arguing about the FLAK in their garden. Sgt. Frank Tree tries to solve the problem and tells them that a FLAK in the garden would be a military target. Her husband responses that all of them are military targets in this war.
Derweil sondert sich der Soldat, der anfangs in der Cafeteria den
Meanwhile the soldier who started the fight earlier in the cafeteria tries to get away from the conversation. He is observed by Wally who is still hiding on the roof of the garage. When the soldier notices a slip among the clothes in the garden he also sees Betty and her friend trapped in the pit. When Betty's friend notices him he tells her that she has seen him at first!

The TV continues when Frank Tree rescues Betty from the pit.

2 Min, 12,59 Sec. (132,59 Sec.)

The soldier who lifted up Betty from the hole enters the garage where Wally is still hiding. In anger about Frank Trees order he speaks to himself and counts from one to ten and waves around with his arms. In the meantime one can see Frank Tree who is still talking to Mr. Douglas about the FLAK. He takes a seat on it and explains that it can be turned around for 360° and lifted up to 90°.
Once again one can see the angry soldier in the garage. He grabs a huge stone and says that this one is a block of concrete. He throws it against a wall which causes the floor where Wally is hiding to take serious damages. Wally fears the consequences.
35,2 Sec.

When Betty wants to talk with the angry soldier inside thise garage the DC has been extended:
The soldier apologies for him to have pushed her back into the pit. then he wants to remove something from her hair where she tries to dodge his avance. The soldier proposes her to slap him. Wally, still hidden in the garage, observes the scenery while the panels get slacky. Wally tries to keep them at their point.
20,73 Sec.

Alternative material:
The scene where two Japanese guys kidnap a christmas tree seller to get information about where Hollywood is located differs in its footage. Actually the footage differs completely. The TV only implies the kidnapping and the used material can not be found in the DC. The DC has a longer runtime in this scene and expands it enormously - yet more funny.

The christmas tree seller drives along the road in his pick-up. He is behind the steering wheel and sings. Beside him he has got an axe.
In the meantime some Japanese soldiers arrive with their rubber boats and are ready for the attack. The commander gives the order to storm whereas the soldier move forward. On the streat the seller drives by. When the commander notices the car he pipes in his flute. The TV continues with the submarine.
46,28 Sec.

Director’s Cut:
The DC completely differs. One can see a christmas tree place as well as some trees. Among the trees there are some strange looking samples which immediately transform into ninjas. The group which is camouflaged as christmas decor starts marching on. A military convoi passes them. One of the ninjas tries to read a street sign but confuses 'Hollywood' with the place 'Pinewood'. At least they notice their failure. Afterward sthe ninbjas take a group photo.
In the meantime the christmas tree seller can be seen on the street. Different takes are following which are also included in the TV. Additionally he turns his car into his ground, gets out of the car, takes a big gulp, takes his axe to cut down a tree. Just before he tries to start the tree acciedently fells down. Drunken as he is he goes around his car and wonders where all the new trees derive from. When he tries to cut down another tree, the tree jumps over his axe.
He tries again to chop the tree whereas his axe is held back by another ninja tree. The ninjas overpower the the drunken man and yells at him 'Hollywood'. All others yell 'Bonsai'.
3 Min. 28,71 Sec. (208,71 Sec.)

The scene at the ocean park is extended:

The civil defence which should spot enemy planes arrives the ground. One of them keeps talking all the time. He thinks that he doesn't have to pay because he is working for the US right now. The enter a small cottage in which there is a unusually big switch with a warning written on it. When one of them reads the warning he immediately wants to pull the trigger but is restrained by an old man. He explains that the whole park will be activated in case of pulling the trigger.
53,05 Sec.

When General Stilwell receives a message from the soldier on the motorbike the scene has been enlarged:
General Stilwell turns around with the letter back to the soldier and asks him if the murderer is Japanese or German. The soldier yells at him in an overacted military style that the Colonel didn't specified this issue. The General responses if he saw the murderer. The soldier answers with no but tells him that the Colonel told him he saw some lights in the woods. The general says that Colonel Maddox is mad. The soldier looks quite astonished and asks if this is really true.

Because of a new sequence the DC offers alternative footgae. This affects the scene where General Still says something in the off. While he speaks one kann see a take of the soldier who is looking to the left.
34,08 Sec.

After the assistent managed to take the woman with him to keep the mad Colonel Maddox away from his planes, the DC inserted a longer sequence. This new sequence will be explained scene by scene.

Intercut to the Douglas' living room. His son turns on some music and dances on his chair. Mr. Douglas observes the sea with his binoculars and means that they should paint all their windows in black. His wife is still angry about the exaggerated war meassures and yells at her son to take off his gasmask. One can see the son who tries to eat his soup by a straw with a gasmask on his head. Ms. Douglas removes the gasmask from her son's face and one can see his food-smeared face.

Betty enters and wants to say goodbye because she’s leaving for the dance. Her dad tells her that he wants to have a little conversation with her because they have never had a father-girl talk. They go the a side room and Mr. Douglas tells her that he is to old for this war and his sons are to young, so it is her turn. He says that he has no idea about what the USO told her, but these evening will be full of young men with uniforms who are far away from home and that she has to give them a good time. He leaves the room and leaves Betty completely confused.

(Change of scenery)
One can see the inner baracks. Frank Tree enters and tells his men they shall stop dressing up for the prom. He also tells them that they are now embattled. His men are pretty upset and Frank recognizes one missing person. When he leaves the room a huge African-American guy enters. He runs towards one soldier and knocks him, with his bed, over. He yells at all that he don’t want to get killed by an Asian in sleep and tells his name. He continues yelling around that he won’t like it here but that he has orders. He says that orders are orders and yells at the other if someone has any problem with this.

One of the soldier points towards John Candy. He announces the pointing person to bring a white brush. A parody of the rasistic tendencies is following:
Candy tells the black guy that he surely will like it here but has to obey some rules. He brushes a white line onto the ground and declares it the Mason-Dixon line which seperates the baracks from north to the south. The black guy responses loudly that he comes from Tennessee and wants to visit some relatives. He makes a step over the line. Candy brushes another line on the ground and tells him that this is the border to Mississippi. The black guy crosses this border, too and tells him that he wants to pick up magnolias. Candy again brushes a new border on the ground and declares it the Mexican border. Even though the black guy crosses it. Candy, who seems to have planed this situation, has opened a door behind him and starts brushing on his face and calls him ‘White Flag’ and that he gives up. His friend closes the door and therefor locks the black guy to the outside. Candy turns to his friends and says that this method always leads to a success because those guys are idiots. The black guy goes enrage and breaks a window. Then the scene fades off.

(Change of scenery)
USO headquarter – a couple of people are in front of it, amongst them there is Wally in a strange costume. His friends report that no one is allowed to enter the hall without a uniform and Wally asks them if they have seen Betty. His friends respond that thexy only have been there for ten minutes. Wally walks towards the guards and starts mocking them. The guards pushes him away. Suddenly, the soldier which starts a fight in the cafeteria earlier grabs Wally and starts insulting him which forces Wally to push him back. Both start fighting, but when the soldier notices that Wally has some friends around him he tries to calm down the situation. He puts his arm around Wally neck to show his good will but puts on a fire to Wally’s costume. Wally starts to smoke but notices the fire only after a short while and throws himself into a puddle.

The TV continues when the cab (which carries Betty) arrives at the scenery.
insgesamt 5 Min. 15,77 Sec. (315,77 Sec.)

When Wally is still in front of the USO building, after having been kicked in his jewels by the rival, the scene continues in the DC:

Wally rips of a metal part of the car on which he was leaned against. When he turns around he is grabbed by two uniformed people. He starts screaming and notices that the attacker is his friend from the cafeteria. He explains that uniforms really effect miracles and Wally horrified asks him if he joined the military. His friend responds he only rent the uniform for 2$.
25,11 Sec.

After the scene where General Stilwell was inside the cinema to watch Dumbo the DC offers a new scene.

His assistent is on his way to the airport. He tells Donna that it is very dark and that driving a car is similiar to flying by night. He puts back his hands onto the steering wheel. She responses he is being childish but also makes an allusion that she wants to be inside the plane.
34,37 Sec.

While the fight inside the USO building is still on and Wally and his opponent are stunned to the ground the DC offers a new scene. This is a resumption of the scene at 0.40.09 and consequently lacks in the TV as well:

One can see the baracks. In the meantime the afro-american guy managed to beat down everyone and strangles John Candy on his bed. Frank Tree enters and reports that the soldiers are fighting at the USO building. He notices both on the bed and says that he hates to see Americans who fight Americans. He orders to breakup. Intercut the the soldiers leaving the baracks and entering a armored vehicle. Some orders are following while the vehicle is started.
59,73 Sec.

After Gen. Stilwall had been informed about the fighting soldiers he continues watching Dumbo. One soldier is in his field of view and he angrily orders him to sit down and relax. He continues watching the movie and claps his hands when it is over.
45,09 Sec.

After Frank Tree calmed down the soldiers with gunfire in the air, the DC offers the following:

The army headquarter, which switched to code yellow, can be seen. Various reports about plane movement are coming in which leads the chief to switch to code blue.

Frank Tree speaks to the furious solider about what will happen when America is defeated by the Japanese.
8,93 Sec.

Mrs. Douglas can be seen while she is taking a bath. She notices some noises and asks her husband where those noises belong to. Intercut to a Japanese submarine. The whole crew including the captain are on the deck and watch the bathing woman through their binoculars. All are cheering because of the nice view.
27,28 Sec.

Die Japaner beobachten durch das Fernglas, wie der Mann wild auf der Terrasse hin und herläuft und versucht, sein Gewehr zu laden. Dabei will er die Patronen wie in einem Western in den Lauf schmeißen, was nicht wirklich gelingt.
22,19 Sec.

Two US soldiers sit on the FLAK and look into the sky. One of them says that is pretty quite. Nothing happens and the other one responses that it is too quite.
12,26 Sec.

Wally shakes his girl who he just has pulled out the the tank. Both look happy and start kissing each other.
20,44 Sec.

Between the scene where the man replaces the FLAK in his garden, the DC offers a scene in which Wally is on his way to the beach, driving a tank. During the trip he sees a policeman he had trouble with. He yells at him whereas the policeman angrily runs towards the tank. Wally takes his machine gun and wrecks the police car. He asks his girlffriend is she likes it.
39,04 Sec.

Belushi drives his motorcyle with his two guests through the destroyed factory which just has been passed by by Wally and his Tank.
11,18 Sec.

The Japanese continue to shoot at the theme park. One of the men who held vigil at the gigantic wheel starts praying.
28,03 Sec.

The gigantic wheel which got hit starts to shake. The Japanese try to re-aim with their guns which is almost impossible because of the shaking.
17,06 Sec.