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Death Walks Twice: Two Films by Luciano Ercoli Dual Format Limited Edition Boxset

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The Snake Girl and the Silver Haired Witch

The Gestapo's Last Orgy

Death Walks at Midnight

original title: La Morte accarezza a mezzanotte


  • Theatrical Version
  • TV Version
Release: Aug 21, 2016 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Theatrical Version and the TV Version (both available on the UK "Death Walks Twice" BD/DVD-Combo by Arrow Video).

35 differences, among them
- 11 additional scenes
- 20 extended scenes
- 2 scenes with both extended and additional footage
- 1 removed Szene
- Length difference: 230.16 seconds resp. approx. 3 minutes and 50 seconds

The Movie

Death Walks at Midnight is about the model Valentina (Susan Scott) who takes an experimental drug and has a vision of a young woman being murdered while tripping. As it turns out, a woman was actually killed the exact same way not long ago. It does not take long and killer is after Valentina.

After Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion and Death Walks on High Heels, director Luciano Ercoli shot a third giallo called Death Walks at Midnight. Contrary to other gialli, this one is not sleazy (which is not per se a bad thing) and focuses on the classic Whodunit instead. Though the killer is revealed quite early, it turns out at the end that nothing is what is seems. This giallo may not be one of the genre highlights but it is a giallo worth watching.

The Versions

While the original Theatrical Version has been restored, the TV Version is an unedited VHS rip which has been put on the disc as bonus. Unfortunately, the image has been zoomed in to fullscreen. As a result, characters are missing on the screen when they are actually in the scene etc. Also, the colors are worse and there are less details.

Contentwise, the TV Version just sucks. Yes, there are extended and additional scenes but they are so trivial, it simply does not matter. That also goes for the additional footage in the finale because it works just fine in the Theatrical Version. In return, one scene with the Inspector is missing in the TV Version. Although the scene is not really important for the story, it is nice to watch.

All in all, the TV Version is completely useless - despite its longer running time. On the contrary, the quality of the images sucks, the aspect ratio is wrong, the new footage is superfluous and one scene from the Theatrical Version is missing. The bottom line is watch the Theatrical Version. But then again, the TV Version is only a bonus and it is kind of nice to have it in the "Death Walks Twice" box.

As for the Theatrical Version, there are also two versions resp. masters available: The Italian and the English master. But other than the credits and stuff, there is no difference whatsoever.

The Comparison

As already mentioned, the TV Version is just a VHS rip with the wrong aspect ratio. That is why the screenshots of the TV Version look a little crappy. Apologies for that.

Moreover, the TV Version is only available with original Italian audio and English subtitles. The English dialogs for the exclusive footage match those subtitles because my Italian is pretty rusty.

Last but not least, I would like to say a few words abut the comparison itself. During the entire movie, there are frame cuts probably caused by bad film material. Those will not be mentioned in the following comparison resp. only intentionally made alterations will be listed. The same with the longer black at the beginning and end of the TV Version.

Time index refers to the uncut Theatrical Version.

As already pointed out in the intro, the image is bit crappy in the TV Version. But for some reason, there is a shot of the first murder Valentina witnesses (in her vision) where the TV Version turns almost completely black while everything looks as it is supposed to in the Theatrical Version.
I can't say whether this is intentional or not but it looks rather suspicious to me. Especially since it has not been the case before and will not be in the following.

no difference
Theatrical VersionTV Version

Additional Scene

When Valentina encounters the killer from her vision for the very first time, she panics and rans off. The TV Version contains an additional shot of her locking the door.

0.96 sec

Additional Scene

Additional shot of the dancing inmate resp. of his feet. (5.32 sec)

The first shot of his legs is exclusively in the TV Version, the two following shots of the inmate are slightly longer in the TV Version (no screenshots).

6.64 sec in total

Additional Scene

The inmate dances almost half a minute longer in the TV Version.

28.88 sec

Extended Scene

The end of the shot of another inmate is longer in the TV Version.

2.52 sec

Extended Scene

Three shots (Valentina & Nicola & Valentina) slightly longer in the TV Version.

4.6 sec in total

Extended Scene

And again, the inmate dances a little longer in the TV Version.

5.04 sec

Extended Scene

When Valentina fights the inmate who dared to grab her leg, there is more footage of her hitting him with her purse.

5.72 sec
Theatrical VersionTV Vesion

Extended Scene / Additional Scene

The Doc a little longer in the TV Version (2.56 sec).

The subsequent shot of Valentina is briefly longer as well (0.16 sec / no screenshots).
Then an additional scene in the TV Version. After the mentioned shot of Valentina, there is additional footage of the Doc.
Doc: "Everyone, back to your places!"
The inmates do as he says.
The Doc continues: "Tonight, you'll all go to bed one hour earlier. And no television for two days."
The Doc now turns back around. When he approaches the "dancer", the versions are back in sync.

28.44 sec in total

Extended Scene

Valentina a bit earlier when she spots the killer in the back of the car next to her.

1.44 sec

Additional Scene

Instead of the accelerating van, the TV Version shos Valentina again. Then another shot of the killer on the back seat. Last but not least, a further interior shot of the van.
Valentina: "Go faster!"
Van Driver: "Sure, I can try."
Valentina: "Faster!"

10.6 sec

Removed Scene Theatrical Version

When Valentina rushes out of the Inspector's office, she slams the door and accidentally hits another cop in the face. In the TV Version, he only screams out. In the Theatrical Version, the scene continues. We see the Inspector while the other cop complains about Valentina from the off.
Cop: "That little bitch."
Inspector: "Hey, watch your language."
Cop: "Excuse me."
Inspector: "EhÖ that personal file I asked you again on that girl, where is it?
Cop: "On your desk, for hours."
The Inspector grabs the file on his desk and takes a look at it.
Inspector: "Ah, she's from London, lives alone and has relations with a magazine writer. Look, man, you mustn't touch her yet or anything. I want her to be in the open."

Theatrical Version 20.4 sec longer

Extended Scene

Valentina longer before she spots the killer in the mirror.

1.68 sec

Additional Scene

The TV Version contains more footage of Valentina running across the cemetary in fear.

12.32 sec

Extended Scene

Longer shot in the TV Version.

3.04 sec

Additional Scene

Only the TV Version contains a little conversation between Verushka and Valentina in the car.
Valentina: "Are you from Hamburg?"
Verushka: "Why?"
Valentina: "A man on crutches back there was asking after you."
Verushka: "On crutches? I donít know him."

10.64 sec

Additional Scene

Two additional shots in the TV Version. At first Valentina, then the tail.

4.68 sec

Extended Scene

Verushka and Valentina are going through an album with pictures of Helene. In the Theatrical Version, the shot ends after Verushka's "Do you recognize her?". In the TV Version, Verushka also wipes off some tears.

5.12 sec

Extended Scene

Another extended shot in the TV Version.

9.2 sec

Extended Scene

When charges are being pressed, the shot is insignificantly longer in the TV Version.

1.44 sec

Extended Scene


1.2 sec

Additional Scene

Subsequently, the TV Vesion contains two additional shots.

5.6 sec

Extended Scene

And another extended shot in the TV Version.

5.72 sec

Additional Scene / Extended Scene

Additional shot of Juan sneaking up on Valentina from behind.

Also, the following shot starts a little earlier (no screenshots).

2.56 sec

Extended Scene

Now, there are several shots that are in both versions. In the TV Version, tose shots are a little longer though. During these shots, the true story of what is really going on is revealed because Stefano tells Valentino everything via voice-over. But first things first.

The shot of Stefano starting to Valentina everything is longer.

And so is the following shot of Helene.

Then a shot of Helene getting out of the car. In the Theatrical Version, she is already standing next to it.

The end of the shot of Professor Wuttenberg is a little longer as well.

The subsequent newspaper articles are exclusively in the TV Version.

25.12 sec in total

Additional Scene

A conversation between the Inspector and Pepito follows - completely missing in the Theatrical Version.
Inspector: "We suspected the Hamburg gang. But why so many killings?"
Pepito: "I don't really know why. I donít know."
Inspector: "What was in the attic in Via Lanciani?"

14.56 sec

Extended Scene

Subsequent to the Inspector's conversation with Pepito, the versions are back in sync. Well, more or less because the very first equal shot is not equal at all: One gets to see Dolores making out with Nicola briefly longer in the TV Version.

1.8 sec

Additional Scene

Several shots of Dolores with Nicola plus several shots os Stefano watching them follow - exclusively in the TV Version.

24.76 sec

Extended Scene

The subsequent shot of Nicola starts slightly earlier as well. Only in the TV Version, one gets to see him put a chair in front of the table in order to be able to get to the drugs hidden in the ceiling.

0.8 sec

Extended Scene

The shots starts way earlier in the TV Version. The Theatrical Version immediately shows Helene.

13.12 sec

Extended Scene

Stefano longer on the phone with Henri.

1.08 sec

Extended Scene

Pepito, the Inspector and the other cops longer.

7.92 sec

Additional Scene

The additional shots of the final fight on the rooftop.

3.84 sec

Extended Scene


Extended shot in the TV Version.

1.32 sec

Extended Scene


1.08 sec