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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Version
Release: Mar 22, 2008 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
The Theatrical Version is represented through the HK DVD from Panorama while the Unrated Version is represented through the Canadian DVD from Alliance Atlantis. The Unrated Version of Scary Movie 3, also known as Scary Movie 3.5, has not much new to offer - only a handful of jokes with sexual content that were a bit too explicit for the Theatrical Version. So this version only pays off for SM3-Fans, new buyers or fans of dirty jokes. Nobody else really needs this version.

The Unrated Version is 76 seconds longer than the Theatrical Version!

01:04 Min. - 01:29 Min.

Jenny McCarthy and Pamela Anderson:

Pam: "Thank God, I can`t afford to get any smaller." (She is talking about her boobs)

Jenny: "Oh come on, you`re beautiful. I wish I had your legs."

Pam: "I wish I had your butt."

Jenny: "I wish I had your..."

Pam: "...shaved pussy? Nobody`s getting Snowball (her shaved cat)!"

Jenny: "OK. That thing`s kinda scary anyway."

This dialogue is missing in the Theatrical Version and the scene has been recut a little before and after the dialogue.

Duration: Unrated 20 sec. longer.

02:42 Min. - 02:59 Min.

The phone call between Pam and her mother is cut differently. In addition, Jenny says "Ask her which bathroom has a detachable shower head" in the Unrated. In the Theatrical Version "detachable" is replaced by "vibrating". After that the following part of the phone call is missing.

"Anyway we`re just about to go to bed...No, not like that!...Well, I guess a woman would know how to touch a..."

Duration: Unrated 14 sec. longer.

04:32 Min.

The Scary Movie 3 title screen is different as well! Same as in the ending credits!

Duration: no time difference.

11:09 Min. - 11:22 Min.

Brenda points to her crotch and says "You want a guy that`s gonna hit that thing hard! Like bam bam bam. Then flip you over and come at you from the other side. D-O-G-G". In the Theatrical Version she only says "You want a guy that`s like bam bam bam".

Duration: Unrated 6 sec. longer.

11:23 Min. - 11:36 Min.

Brenda says: "And then look at you, like he gonna cut you."

Cindy answers: "Oh Brenda, you`re so romantic!"

Brenda: "I guess..."

Duration: Unrated 13 sec. longer.

15:00 Min. - 15:18 Min.

Cindy tells Pater Muldoon, that Cody has to wash himself everywhere. She also tells him to rub ointment on Cody's butt. The rest of the scene is shot in different angles.

Duration: Unrated 7 sec. longer.

16:45 Min. - 16:56 Min.

Brenda says to Cindy: "If I don`t end up on all fours with some anonymous guy or drink an assload of crystal and have to sleep it off in a dumpster behind the Sizzler, you think maybe you could come back to my crib and hang out with me?"

The Theatrical Version contains a cut version of this sentence - the dirty content is missing.

Duration: Unrated 6 sec. longer.

29:35 Min. - 29:49 Min.

Recut shots of Sayaman going on to tell what he has done in this night. "If I hadn't raped and mutilated that exact mulatto hitchhiker. If I hadn't been caught in that exact motel room with those exact two boys". In the Theatrical Version he only says: "If I hadn't killed exact that hooker."

Duration: Unrated 6 sec. longer.

52:25 Min. - 52:32 Min.

The anchorman reads from the teleprompter what the janitor has wrote.

Unrated: "...but I been waxing his bitch`s ass for 12...I ride that ho like your mama rides the bus."

TV: "...but I've been hitting it with his woman for 12."

Duration: Unrated 3 sec. longer.

65:40 Min. - 65:42 Min.

The Aliens are making rude gestures. The Theatrical Version contains a normal shot without the sexual references. After that the "eat me" is missing in Cindy's sentence "I think they wanna eat me.".

Duration: Unrated 1 sec. longer.

The Unrated Version is 76 seconds longer than the Theatrical Version.