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True Romance

Everything Everywhere All At Once

Event Horizon


True Romance

The Initiation of Sarah


artist: Billy Talent


  • Censored MTV2 version
  • Uncensored GoTV version
Release: Jun 26, 2013 - Author: Thaddäus Tentakel - Translator: Blake47
This censorship focuses on MTV's censored version (in this case the broadcasting of MTV2) with the uncensored version of other music stations (such as the Austrian station GoTV) that is also broadcasted in the afternoon. The differences are not severe, but mentionable - in the censored version, it remains unclear why Benjamin falls down; in the uncesored version, he does not drop at all. That said, there is a logical gap in both versions.

There is no time difference.
The end of the video was differently cut. In the uncensored version, Ian D'Sa can be seen, the next angle shows Benjamin Kowalewicz. Hereafter, some objects are flying around until Benjamin Kowalewicz is shot in the head. After several shots between flying objects and the band, Benjamin turns his head and the empty, destroyed room is shown.
In the censored version, the shot while he turns his head is displayed immediately. In the end, Benjamin collapses without any reason.

no time difference

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