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artist: The Cardigans


  • Original Ending
  • 3 Alternative Endings
Release: Oct 30, 2012 - Author: MikePG-13 - Translator: DaxRider123
This music video was actually released with 4 different endings. I can remember the one with the decapitation which was aired on a German music TV channel.

This comparison only takes a look at the alternate endings.

Both the original version as well as the 3 alternate endings are included on the "Erase-Rewind Live" single CD.

Runtime of the videos: 4.22 min.

No difference in time.
1. The Original Ending

The car collides with the other one. She is slung over the other car. At the end you see her lying on the floor motionless.
( 20 Sec. )

2. Headless

The car collides with the other one. This time she doesn't fly over the other car, however, her head is cut off due to the force of the collision. The head rolls along the street for a while. (NOTE: the torso on the 5th image still is inside the car wreck while in all the other versions the car is empty at this point.)
( 20 Sec. )

3. The Stone

The car collides with the other one. She's thrown over the other car. Then she's lying on the street but suddenly gets up, only to be hit by a huge rock so that she falls back down to the ground.
( 20 Sec. )

4. It's not so bad.

The car collides with the other one and she's thrown over the other car. She's lying in front of the street but suddenly she gets up and walks away.
( 20 Sec. )