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Outsider, The

artist: Perfect Circle, A


  • Regular version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Nov 14, 2013 - Author: Haitoman - Translator: Blake47
After "Weak and Powerless", "the Outsider" is the second single taken from the album "Thirteenth Step" from "A Perfect Circle". The original statement of the song describes the perishability of a human being from the perspective of an uninvolved and uninterested person. This message was not considered in the video at all. For "The Outsider", the famous Bikini Bandits were committed whose clips regularly mess around with America's urban society and its consumer behaviour. Mark Kohr and Bandits' creator Steven Grasse directed the video so the girls were allowed to do whatever they want (or simply stand around and look hot). Fans of the band may be interested in the fact that singer Maynard James Keenan has a guest appearance as an employee of a convenience store (at 03:10 min., time index of the regular/normal version). The regular version was compared with the Director's Cut. Both editions can be found on the dvd compilation "aMOTION". The first time index belongs to the regular version, the second one to the Director's Cut.

Running time regular version: 4:09 min.
Running time Director's Cut: 6:45 min.

The Director's Cut begins with the "Fuck Hollywood Productions" logo and the introduction "Feature Penetration". What follows is a hilarious sales show of the APC home shopping channels offering products such as the "Whimsical Gnome", the "Life-Like Deer" or the CD "A Perfect Butthole". After the moderator ends the show with the words "Take it away, kids!" an animated sequence with a fast car racing around is shown. The "A Perfect Circle" album "Thirteenth Step" is being inserted into the car's cd player. This is when the regular version of the video starts (at 01:26 min.).


One of Bikini Bandida's jailbirds has given the camera the finger (as seen on the mug shot). In the regular version, this scene has been blurred.
Left: regular version
Right: Director's Cut


One of the Banditas licks her baseball bat. This scene was blurred as well. Plus, a smiley face was used to obscure this 'obscenity'.
Left: regular version
Right: Director's Cut


Now the nose of a garden gnome is being licked. The smiley face also has a 'guest appearance' here. In the next shot, the scene where the little garden gnome smokes a cigarette for pure satisfaction is covered, too.
Left: regular version
Right: Director's Cut


One of the Banditas was released from prison and shows her naked butt
to a choppy scout with the words: "Hey, little boy. You wanna see something funny?". The boy starts crying. In the regular version, her buttcheeks have been blurred and additionally hid by funny little strawberry men. In the Director's Cut, her bum was just blurred.
Left: regular version
Right: Director's Cut


A fat redneck at a gas station comments the arrival of the Bikini Bandits with the words: "Holy fucking shit!". In the normal version, he says: "Holy biting shidda!" (or at least something like that, it's hard to understand him).


The Bandida who just got out of jail spots the police helicopter, gives it both fingers and shouts: "Come and get me!". In the regular version, her fingers have been blurred and were covered with cute little birds.
Left: regular version
Right: Director's Cut


In the next camera setting the Bandita is arrested and gives the camera her finger once more. This was blurred and obscured again.
Left: regular version
Right: Director's Cut


An alternate shot was used in the Director's Cut. In the regular version, a police officer bends over to the camera, lifts his pointer and says: "Remember, boys and girls. Crime does not pay." while the video ends with a black screen at the end of that sentence. This scene is shown on a canvas in a conference room in the Director's Cut.
Left: regular version
Right: Director's Cut


The Director's Cut continues the video with an animated conference of the music label "Vagina Records" and one can imagine who is meant by this when looking at the label's logo. Every member of the group is completely loaded with drugs and their faces have a greenish touch. On the table are tons of coke and straws. One of the managers says: "More videos like this, and Vagina Records will be fucked!". Another one (in front of his lies a whore on the table with a pile of coke on her butt) comments the video with the words: "This is the worst piece of shit I`ve ever seen.". A third member shares his opinion by saying "No wonder the record industry`s in the toilet" and pokes his head into his pile of coke. The chairman asks himself how much coke they could have bought insead of making this video. Now the "A Perfect Circle" logo with the warning "Don`t Touch That Knob!" is shown and more offers form the home shopping channel can finally be purchased. The offers this time are: "Dee'z Nuts", "Sweet Pussy Kitty Litter" and "Soggy Sack Tea Bags". In the end of this Director's Cut, the slogan "1, 2, 3, go - let`s go to G-Mart" and the American flag are shown while the whole stoned executive foor from "Vagina Records" flies across the screen until it finally lands on a huge pile of coke. The last shot of the video shows a white screen.