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Not Another Teen Movie (Unrated Director's Cut) (2001)

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Not another Teen Movie


  • Theatrical Cut
  • Unrated Director´s Cut
Release: May 27, 2008 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: AndreasFrank - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Cut and the Unrated Extended Director´s Cut. The Theatrical Cut is represented by the German DVD from Columbia Tristar, the DC by the RC1 from Sony / Columbia. You could think that in the course of the Unrated-trend this Director´s Cut too would be a lousy marketing-edition to sell more copies. Surprisingly that is not the case at all! The DC of NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE is an adequate extended version with new scenes, recuts, alternative material and even CGI-modifications. Apart from that there are even more dirty jokes and erotic scenes that obviously were a little bit to explicit for the Theatrical Cut. If you like the movie or you want to buy it, the Director´s Cut is the thing to go!

In the following DC means Unrated Extended Director´s Cut while TC stands for the Theatrical Cut.

The DC runs 10 minutes and 20 sec. longer than the Theatrical Cut (difference between PAL and NTSC taken into account)!

00:46 min. - 01:03 min.

Janey longer takes delight in the Freddie Prinz Jr. movie and gets upset about the female actor.

length: DC 17 sec. longer.

02:25 min. - 02:29 min.

There are different shots of how the little children enter Janey´s room in the Theatrical Cut and the DC. In the DC they assemble at the front of the bed. The next shot of Janey in the bed is a different one in each case.

length: no time difference.



02:34 min. - 02:34 min.

A new shot of the blanket as the dog pulls it away.

length: DC 1 sec. longer.

02:36 min. - 02:37 min.

The shot of Janey has been changed and is shorter in the DC. In the DC you only see the grandparents, in the TC you also see the children.

length: TC 1,5 sec. longer.



05:06 min. - 05:08 min.

In the DC we see the broken door belonging to the car of Janey´s dad. In the TC a shot of the license plate reading “Dirt Poor”.

length: no time difference.



05:12 min. - 05:14 min.

Janey´s dad longer drives over the lawn through the students. You recognize the new part (in almost all other cuts too) as the picture turns a little bit darker.

Dauer: DC 2 Sek. länger.

7:25 min. - 7:31 min.

The appearance of Amanda Becker: the yellow CGI-aura around here was removed.

length: no time difference.



09:39 min. - 09:54 min.

The SloMo-shot of Priscilla and her friends is a different and makes a much better impression in the DC. Only in the DC there is a commentary by a guy: "Why do hot girls always walk in Slow Motion?". After that Priscilla again as she appears totally bitchy and grimaces.

length: DC 9 sec. longer.



10:15 min. - 10:24 min.

After Jake stepped on Reggie Ray who lays on the floor unconscious, only in the DC Catherine, Austin and Malik do the same. Every time somebody steps on Reggie´s stomach there is a squeaky noise. Only as Malik steps on it, there is a fart!

length: DC 9 sec. longer.

11:40 min. - 37:06 min.

Topless exchange student Areola asks the headmaster with a Spanish accent: "My breasts are perky, yes?"

length: UC 1 sec. longer.

13:59 Min. - 14:21 Min.

Janey and Areola (naked of course) walk along the hallway. Janey asks Areola about her origin because of her changing accent. Areola says that she can´t tell as she is a "generic foreign-exchange student whose country of origin is of little importance". In this scene Areola changes her accent several times.

length: DC 22 sec. longer.

14:40 min. - 14:44 min.

Alt. shot of the Fratelli-sisters.

length: DC 1,5 sec. longer.



15:37 min. - 15:39 min.

The door of the girl´s room longer closes and the three geeks can longer watch at a girl as she undresses. In exchange the next shot of the geeks is longer in the TC.

length: no time difference.

16:29 min. - 17:13 min.

Expansive recut. The scene of Mr Keller´s English lesson is interrupted by an insertion: The three geeks crawl through the ventilation system to the girl´s locker room. Most of the scene is completely new, but the second part can also be seen in the TC later with some shots of the geeks from the beginning of this part where they crawl to the grid.

More sex in the DC: The geeks get to the grate of the shower where to girls dupe each other and do a lot of erotic stuff.

length: DC 44 sec. longer.

17:13 min. - 17:18 min.

Mr Keller´s English lesson is continued. Ricky wildly gesticulates because he wants to perform his poem. Mr. Keller ignores him with the request towards the class: "Doesn`t even have to rhyme. Doesn`t even have to be a poem."

length: DC 5 sec. longer.

17:58 min. - 18:08 min.

Ricky´s poem is a lot longer. It is continued with: "I love sitting next to Janey in class. I love staring into Janey`s window at 1465 South Pass".

Dauer: DC 10 sec. longer.

18:44 min. - 19:13 min.

The scene in the girl´s locker room goes on. The part with the girls is the same but the shots of the geeks are little bit different as they were already used in the first part in the DC. In the DC the boys have undressed because of the heat, want to give it up and go back. But as they go back they encounter the toilet scene. In the TC they crawl forward and look through the next grate (both can be seen in the first part in a different context) whereupon the toilet scene begins.

length: DC 5 sec. longer.

20:21 min. - 20:23 min.

More of the girl making disgusting fart- and fecal noises. She gets into a spastic tremor.

length: DC 2 sec. longer.

20:49 min.

Only in the TC Mr Keller shouts the word „Human“ onscreen. In the DC this happens offscreen. The word “excrement” is onscreen again.

length: TC 1 sec. longer.

20:56 min. - 21:01 min.

In the DC you see how Mr Keller is thrown over his desk by a stream of feces (0,5 Sec.). Another shot of the three geeks and the girl on the floor is considerably longer in the DC too. In exchange some shots are missing: how Mr. Keller is from his chair pushed against the blackboard by the stream, how one of the geeks says “Excuse me” to the girl and another one of the class how the toilet bowl is hanging from the ceiling and the stream fades away.

In exchange the intersection to the next scene is more explicit: You see the food in the cafeteria that has the colour of the brown fluid from the toilet scene. Nasty but striking effect. The shot is in the TC too, but there´s a shot of the cafeteria sign of the school cut between the scenes which takes the effect a lot of power.

length: TC 9 sec. longer.



22:06 min. - 22:20 min.

A new gag. At the cheerleader-audition the following pointless dialogue between Priscilla and her comrade has been added:

"So then it is what?"


"Exactly, that`s what it is!"

"No, it`s what I want it to be! Even if what is what what is or it is what what is it`s just no matter what, got it?"

length: DC 14 sec. longer.

22:27 min. - 22:29 min.

The cheerleader-candidate walks trough the gym a little bit longer in the TC, but in the next shot comes into the picture later.

length: no time difference.

22:31 min.

A shot of Priscilla is missing: Her friend whispers „New girl“ to her.

length: TC 4 sec. longer.

30:04 min. - 30:17 min.

After Mr.Wyler leaves his wife to his son Jake, he says „Make me proud, son.“ and the scene is over. In the DC this is missing. In the DC in exchange mother and and son look at each other shyly until Mrs Wyler finally asks if he wants to lay on top or the bottom.

length: DC 11 sec. longer.


Theatrical Cut:

33:57 min. - 34:08 min.

Catherine (played by Mia Kirshner) erotically sucks on Jakes fingers and mumbles something which Jakes doesn´t understand at first. When he asks her about it she says: “You need to earn her trust.” In exchange the beginning of the next scene is shorter in the DC.

length: DC 9 sec. longer.

37:07 min. - 39:08 min.

New scene. Barbecue-party at Austin´s place. Jake tells Austin his plans with Janey. The fathers talk about barbecue and eating habitudes (Jake can´t eat meat because his missing enzymes) and about football talent which finally ends in a football-duel between the families. Austin tosses a beer-can off his father´s head with the football. Jake hits everything but his father. At the end the barbecue-party looks like a warfield as Jake doesn´t even hit his father after he has put a palette of beer-cans, a barrel and finally Mrs Wyler on his head.

length: DC 121 sec. longer.

40:19 min. - 40:55 min.

In the DC the end of the shot of Janey is missing. In exchange something new: Catherine pulls a bag over Janey´s head with the comment "Maybe a little cover-up would do the trick". After that Catherina touches Janey´s breast and declares it as nice. After that the lower half of the body including the navel is analyzed in a strange manner.

length: DC 35 sec. longer.

44:02 min. - 44:05 min.

Ox says that Mitch saw Amanda for the first time yesterday.

length: DC 3 sec. longer.

45:14 min. - 45:20 min.

The three geeks ogle on Amanda Becker. After that a shot of two guys and then again a shot of Amanda.

length: DC 6 sec. longer.

46:08 min. - 46:38 min.

Ricky wants to the party, but nobody opens the door. After that the following scene in the DC: Mitch wants to give Amanda a love letter, but he has to wait in a long queue of admirers.

length: DC 30 sec. longer.

47:05 min. - 47:44 min.

The three geeks are making grimaces. As a hot girl walks by, they follow her. In the meanwhile Ricky tries to get into the house in a different way – through the window. At the door more guests arrive. The door opens and Ricky runs down to slip in – of course he doesn’t succeed.

length: DC 39 sec. longer.

47:54 min. - 48:31 min.

A girl cuts off a strand a hair from another girl who has her hair jammed in a door. The geeks look into a room and see some girls doing a pillow fight and giving stupid comments ("This never actually happens in real life."" Then why are we doing this?""I have no idea."). Ricky appears outside at the window, gets hit by a pillow and the ladder he´s standing on falls down.

length: DC 37 sec. longer.

55:30 min. - 56:23 min.

After the banner has been put on, there is a new scene in the DC. The camera goes back down again. We see Janey and Ricky who gives her the news that she was nominated to be the prom-queen. Ricky wants to ask her if she is going to the prom night with him, but Janey again misunderstands him and leaves him alone.

length: DC 53 sec. longer.

57:06 min. - 57:07 min.

Now the cafeteria sign in the DC which appeared after the toilet scene in the TC. Nun.

length: DC 1,5 sec. longer.

59:14 min. - 59:43 min.

The scene of the football-game has been considerably extended. We see Areola (topless of course) and some other known faces on the tribune and the public announcer makes a joke about the TV-series “Sabrina” with Melissa Joan Hart. The cheerleaders get the crowd rocking. Partly other shots in the TC and a bit lame without the joke on „Sabrina“, the nude Areola and the cheerleaders.

length: DC 18 sec. longer.

62:31 min. - 62:36 min.

The adjudicator and the coach only have a spitting-duel in the TC. In exchange in the DC the adjudicator says "Coach, I`m in love with you!" to which the coach replies “God damn it”. The adjudicator gives up with a disappointed sounding „Fuck“.

length: no time difference.


Theatrical Cut:

68:15 min. - 68:21 min.

Little gag: Jake is standing there confused. Janey thinks he hasn´t understood what she told him so she says it again: "Nothing could ever come between us now."

length: DC 6 sec. longer.

73:03 min. - 73:27 min.

In the entrance hall of the prom night Janey, Austin and Ricky meet. Ricky now thinks that Janey is going with him and both run towards each other with joy … but she just hangs his scarf over his arms. About 20 guests do the same and use Ricky as a hallstand.

length: DC 24 sec. longer.

73:53 min. - 74:06 min.

Austin longer talks to Janey, she and Jake look at each other contemptuously.

length: DC 13 sec. longer.

82:25 min. - 83:17 min.

Areola and Bruce simultaneously moan that they are so horny. Areola (nude of course) asks him if he is such a “Nerd” who doesn´t get “Pussy from American girl”. Bruce is astonished and says yes. Areola tells him to come with her, she will give him a “sucky-sucky”. After that a short scene with a guy wildly dancing on the dancefloor who tells the others to join him. After that we see Ox dancing. The dancing guy dances so stupidly that the angry crowd beats him up. In the TC we you only see the building from outside.

length: DC 49 sec. longer.

85:24 min. - 85:42 min.

In the house of the briggs Jake and Ricky meet. Jake tells him that Janey has gone to the airport.

length: DC 18 sec. longer.

89:38 min. - 89:46 min.

Jake tells the airport announcer: "No, stay out of it! . She replies: "Oh, I`m sorry. I just had to say something. Couldn`t help myself. Go on." Jake thanks her. In the TC this scene is missing. Only a neutral shot of Jake.

length: DC 5 sec. longer.



90:23 min. - 90:31 min.

Jake is longer confused about the words of the announcer. But she hasn´t finished, at least not in the DC. There she again complains about Jake and his habit to curl his brows. In exchange a slightly different intersection to the next shot in the TC.

length: DC 5 sec. longer.

91:35 min. - 91:39 min.

The shots of Janey who tells Jake that he has stolen his speech from „Karate Kid“ are different.

length: DC 1 sec. longer.



91:52 min. - 91:57 min.

Jake and Janey first kiss longer in the DC, in the next shot in the TC.

length: no time difference.

92:14 min. - 92:19 min.

More shots of the two kissing. Ricky cheers in the TC too, but there he is alone in thje picture without the two kissing.

length: DC 1 sec. longer.



92:41 Min. - 93:34 Min.

The three geeks discuss about their sexual experiences in a diner. Mitch says that he doesn´t want to learn a lesson like the others in this teen-movie, but just sleep with a girl. In exchange in the TC there is a scene with Mr Briggs and a apple pie threesome.

length: DC 44 sec. longer.



99:29 min. - 99:40 min.

After the credits in the DC a short scene with Austin tossing a beer can off his father´s head. In the TC the albino hippie woman singing.

length: TC 5 sec. longer.



The Uncensored Cut is about 10 min. and 20 sec. longer than the Theatrical Cut (PAL/NTSC-difference taking into account).