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Release: Apr 28, 2008 - Author: Playzocker - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US-DVD (R-Rated) and the German DVD (identical to the Unrated).

This movie too did not make it through the MPAA unharmed; the sex scenes in it were too explicit, so they had to be cut down for the R-Rating. In the R-Rated, the scene has almost nothing in common with the original version.
Apart from the cut version an Unrated Version also hit the stores in the USA. On the whole, there are 68,64 seconds missing with a total number of 14 cuts and 1 recut.
Running time of the Unrated Versionincl. ending credits: 1:48.15 Min (PAL).
Running time of the R-Rated Version without ending credits: 1:51.38 Min (NTSC).
The time data derives from the Unrated.
The German version contains an additional logo.
12,64 Sec

The sex scene has been recut completely. In the Unrated the man walks towards he woman while dropping his pants, in the R-Rated they're at it right away. After that, the scene mostly consists of alternative shots, so I'll just let the screenshots speak for themselves. Unfortunately, it was was not possible to come up with screenshots from the R-Rated. But you won't miss anything that is not in the Unrated as well.

Unrated: scene duration: 48,52 Sec (PAL 25 Frames/Min)

R-Rated: scene duration: 47,92 Sec (NTSC 24 Frames/Min)

The from-behind-perspective of the intercourse has been cut down drastically.
3 Sec

The end of the next shot is missing as well.
2 Sec

Another shot is missing completely.
1 Sec

Again, a shot is missing completely.
6 Sec

The blurred mirror image lasts longer. In the end the image sharpens again and we see the couple lying in bed.
4 Sec

The next shot is longer as well.
4 Sec

After the longer shot of moaning Halle, the camera movement to Billy is missing.
10 Sec

Another shot of the sex scene is missing. During the next shot the first thrust is missing.
3 Sec

Different footage:
R-Rated: The bird-cage is shown. -> 1 Sec
Unrated: Another shot of the couple. -> 2 Sec
2 sec cut / 1 sec difference

Another shot is much longer in the Unrated.
11 Sec

Already the next shot has been cut as well.
2 Sec

Again, the sex lasts longer.
3 Sec

Again a shot has been cut so drastically that only fractions remain.
5 Sec