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Release: Jul 04, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the R Rated Version and the Unrated Version (both on the same DVD by MGM).

This pretty boring (non)erotic thriller with superstar Madonna (she'd rather just sing) was released as R-Rated and Unrated Version, but the "more explicit" footage is quite boring.
According to the IMDB, a third version exists (the UK DVD contains the Unrated Version). This information is false: We also campared this version to the unrated-version and couldn't find any differences.
00:09 The Unrated Version (UV) contains a further logo here.
10.5 sec

01:52 Beginning of a shot which shows the sex tape of Rebecca and Andrew Marsh.
1 sec

03:21 Extended shot of the tape being broadcasted. The image of the R-Rated Version (RV) is zoomed here.
R-Rated = 1.9 sec
Unrated = 2.9 sec


04:17 Alternate shots of two Detectives in both versions.
No difference.


04:30 Again alternate footage.
No difference.


13:57 The order of the particular scenes in the sex scene with Frank and his wife is different. From time to time it contains alternate footage.
R-Rated = 29.3 sec
Unrated = 41.1 sec


45:40 The ending of the candle shot is extended in the UV. The following one, which shows Rebecca and Frank having sex behind the curtain, is different in both versions. Moreover the UV runs much longer.
R-Rated = 43.4 sec
Unrated = 92.7 sec


54:51 The sex scene in the parking garage is different as well. The RV contains lots of distance shots when Frank satisfies Rebecca orally.
R-Rated = 66.5 sec
Unrated = 75 sec


56:08 Dito. This time distance shots in the UV.
R-Rated = 9.4 sec
Unrated = 10.3 sec


67:09 Extended shot of Rebecca putting her hand in her pants.
5.9 sec

67:22 Another scene which shows Rebecca satisfying herself, Frank watches. Finally, he puts his jacket off, knees down and starts kissing her.
R-Rated = 58.2 sec
Unrated = 72 sec


69:22 Extended shot of Frank lying on Rebecca.
3 sec

69:54 Extended shot of her facial expression and her ecstatic moaning.
7.1 sec

70:18 More explicit footage in the UV when Frank and the cop are watching the sex tape of Rebecca and Andre Marsh.
R-Rated = 34.2 sec
Unrated = 35.1 sec