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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Director's Cut
Release: Nov 27, 2010 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB


The demands of Revenge, based on the same-titled novel by Jim Harrison fromvon, were pretty high. Many well-known directors wanted to make it into a movie in the 80s, and when Tony Scott and Kevin Costner finally got the green light from the studio, it wasn't predictable how many problem they were going to face, how disappointed the movie audience was and escpecially how slim the amount of money was they were going to make at the box office.

During the shooting, director Tony Scott and producer Ray Stark clashed with each other very often, almost daily. Stark, who was 30 years older than Scott, was shocked and angry about the many explicit sex scenes in the movie. But that wasn't the only issue they were arguing about. The story of Revenge isn't easy to consume anyway, escpecially the question who took revenge and why was a tough one. Stark, at least that's what Kevin Costner mentioned afterwards, wanted to shoot the movie differently to make it likable to as many as possible. Scott's intention on the other hand was to create it like he'd had it in mind. That's certainly not selfish but reasonable from the artistic POV. Regardless of the result, in most cases it's just not the right way to chum up with the audience. Movies without that intention are usually more interesting. Stark was supposed to win and "his" version, which was still anything but mainstream, was shown in movie theaters.

Years later, Tony Scott got the opportunity to create his Director's Cut and release it on DVD. Even though that label released a lot of crappy different versions from several movies, the releases of many versions is really a welcome opportunity for movie lovers. Furthermore it's nice that, after so many years, director's do still care about it and restart working on old movies.

Scott's Director's Cut is a real Director's Cut with a lot of differences and it's really worth being watched. Nevertheless it's not the version Scott was going to release 15 years ago. Instead it's new version according to his current ideas, similar to Helgeland's Payback.

Possibly fans of the old version wouldn't like the new one because a lot of scenes from the Theatrical Version have been removed. He thought this footage wasn't necessary, so he cut out the details to come faster to the point. Due to the shortening and removal of many scenes, the Director's Cut is appox. 30 min shorter. Due to the modification that were made, the love affair of Cochrane und Miryea seems different in the Director's Cut. One could get the impression that it's just a fling, not real love, as the characters become aware of later on. Furthermore the ambivalence of the story is less obvious in the Director's Cut. Because of the reduced time of the character Tibey with his wife, the distracted viewer could overlook that it was him who got betrayed. As a result of that he doesn't get the sympathy he gets in the Theatrical Version. This was a main issue between Stark and Scott.

Moreover the new version needs to earn the name Unrated, so all removed sex scenes have been put in again, added by a couple of violent scenes.

For many people, the biggest point of criticism was the long two first acts, which only deal with the characters. That's where Scott started and the Director's Cut come straight to point, which makes it more accessible. Nevertheless vengeance is not the main subject of the movie, that still is the friendship of two men and Cochrane's treason. Tibey's brutal reaction is understandable Cochrane knows about it long time before it actually happens, but she just can't let Miryea loose. He's aware of his guilt, that's why he finally does not avenge himself. A future with Miryea is granted for neither of the two guys.

Unrated Director's Cut: 100 min
Theatrical Version: 123 min
(tiny shortenings of the scenes and trivial differences aren't being mentioned in this comparision, due to clarity. .)


The sequence during the credits is different in either of the versions. The only relevant issue here is that the Director's Cut contains several shots of a heavily-wounded man in the desert. Jay's destiny is being anticipated.

4. Min Theatrical Version: Extended shot of Jay and his co-pilot, who's also his best friend, in the corridor. 12 sec

5. Min Theatrical Version: Extended shot of Jay saying goood bye. 22 sec

5. Min Theatrical Version: Ditto. 16 sec

6 Min Theatrical Version
6. Min Theatrical Version: Jay's friend says personally good bye to him and gives him an amulet which reads "Piece of Ass". Then a shot of Jay in the house, packing his stuff. He's worried about his friend because he wants to fly for a Mexican gangster boss. Jay says he just wanted to there for some R&R.

107 sec

7. Minute OLD: The Director's Cut contains a shot of Jay's friend at the car, the Theatrical Version contains a shot of Jay at the trailer instead. Theatrical Version 2.5 sec longer

7. Min Theatrical Version: Extended shot of Jay driving in Mexico. 6.5 sec

7. Min Theatrical Version: Ditto. 3.5 s

8. Min Theatrical Version: And also longer in town. 24 sec

9. Min Theatrical Version

Jay has arrived at Tibey's estate, gets out of the car and gives his dog sth. to drink.

29.5 sec

9. Min Theatrical Version

Tibey's second husband informs Jay that Tibey insists on being right on schedule. Jay was late for two days and arrogantly explains he was on R&R and Cesar had to take care of things like that if he wanted to keep his job.

33.5 sec

11. Min Theatrical Version

Extended shot of Jay and Tibey running from the tennis court to the garden.

26 sec

12. Min Theatrical Version

Tibey is angry when his dog leaps at the flight jacket he only just got as a gift. He grabs the whining dog and tosses him into the pool. Jay is flabbergasted about the brutality. Tibey says Americans would forgive easily, but a dog without discipline.... He doesn't finish the sentence.

50 sec

13. Min Theatrical Version

Tibey notices Jay's dog on the jeep and pets him before Jay hits the road.

Then a shot of Tibey and his wife Miryea, they prepare for the evening. Tibey asks her why she hadn't met him and Jay for lunch and adds it had been really embarassing for him and he considered it as impolite. She replies she hadn't meant to disturb him because she'd thought Jay was a business partner, not a friend. He says he could even accept when Jay says "No" to him and explains Jay was the only person he could accept it from. Then he says Jay had saved his life on a hunting trip and they were friends since then, that's why he owed him one. Miryea excuses.

Miryea is still afflicted. When he wants to know why she just replies he knew and explains she wanted a kid so bad but he doesn't want to because he already had a dozen before Miryea was even born. He explains he didn't want to have more kids and Miryea's beautiful body would be ruined. He finally says that was the cross a woman had to bear if she married a man with more that the double of her age.

183 sec

13. Min Theatrical Version: Extended shot of Tibey and Jay hunting on the following morning. 3 sec

14. Min Theatrical Version: Tibey on the phone. 8 sec

14. Min Director's Cut: Extended shot of the dogs fighting with each other. 2 sec

14. Min Theatrical Version: The men continue playing with the dogs, Miryea is amused. 18.5 sec

Individual elements of the dog scenes are different in either of the versions.

14. Min Theatrical Version: the dogs take a man down. 3 sec

14. Min Theatrical Version: Miryea and Jay have fun while Tibey is keeping the hunters busy. 23 sec

15. Min Theatrical Version: Still the dogs and still Tibey, who tries to fix it. 8.5 sec

15. Min Theatrical Version: Tibey says bye to Miryea and Jay. 19 sec

15. Min Theatrical Version: Extended shot of Ibarra being silent at dinner after Ms. Kansas said sth. stupid. 3.5 sec

16. Min Theatrical Version: Shots of the dinner. 5.5 sec

16. Min Theatrical Version: Diaz distinguishes himself clumsily. 4.5 sec

16. Min OLD: Ibarra looks irritatedly at Jay when he makes fun of him. Theatrical Version +1 sec

16. Min Director's Cut: Miryea watches what happens. 2.5 sec

16. Min Theatrical Version: Miryea has eye contact with Jay. 8.5 sec

16. Min Director's Cut: Ditto, but differently. 6.5 sec

17. Min Theatrical Version: The dinner guests. 1.5 sec

17. Min Theatrical Version: Awkward silence for a moment after Tibey left the room with Ibarra and Diaz. 12 sec

17. Min Theatrical Version

Miryea asks the two American girls if they knew how to swim, tells them they could use the pool, swimsuits were there and Maria, the housekeeper, could show them everything. But as expected, the two girls don't have a problem with going swimming completely nude. Miryea smiles politely, says "Whatever you like" and leaves. She goes to the library to Jay.

Jay has one of his favorite books in his hands, poems by Federico García Lorca. Jay reads some passages in Spanish after Miryea said he only got the English translation. He starts translating it into English and tries to break the ice by saying "Tell me I just blew your mind". That's makes Miryea laugh.

89 sec

22. Min Theatrical Version

A shot of Miryea and Tibey alone at the pool after dinner. After he went for a quick swim, he comes out of the water and sits down right next to her. A shot of the politican Quinones, who is being cosidered loyal but not very smart by Miryea, on TV. Miryea wants to go to bed but Tibey asks her why she was so quite. She replies she asks herself why Diaz hadn't left with Ibarra that day. Tibey explains he didn't know and he'd probably left earlier. As a matter of fact it was him who determined Diaz' execution, he watched it as well. Miryea tells him again to tell the truth but he lies again. He says nothing had happened that day. Miryea still doesn't believe him but she nevertheless lies in his arms.

128 sec

22. Min OLD: Alternate shot of Cochrane on his way from the beach to his house.
Theatrical Version +9 sec

22. Min Alternate

Alternate footage of the encounter in front of Jay's beach house. In the Theatrical Version, Miryea gives Lorca's book to Jay who's glad about having sth. to read. Then he asks her if she wanted to go to the beach with him to take Rock for a walk. In the Director's Cut, she also has a book in her hands. But due to the missing library scene it doesn't matter. They just say hello and she asks him in after a short period. In this scene, he has the book in his hands Awful mistake in continuity.

Theatrical Version 22 sec longer

Theatrical Version

Director's Cut

In the Director's Cut they're inside at first, mixing cocktails, then at the beach. In the Theatrical Version they're at the beach at first.

24. Min Theatrical Version: Extended shot at the beach. 3 sec

25. Min Alternate

Alternate footage at the beach. First Rocky's trick in the Theatrical Version, he gets a piece of dog biscuit out of Jay's mouth, followed by a talk about Jay's past. He was married but he got divorced because flying was too important to him. Then Miryea wants to know why he'd come to Mexico and he replies because of tediousness. He didn't want to be in the army after 12 years and considered it as a new chance. Miryea can understand that. The routine gets boring sooner or later. Jay also mentions she seemed different at the beach. More casual, more open-minded, just not so cold as she was at the house. Miryea laughs and says it was an appropiate behavior with all the friends he uses to invite to the house in mind and explains Jay had seen all the guests that evening.
Then she wants Jay to show her the trick with Rocky. She can also make the dog getting the biscuit out of her mouth. They laugh and says she'd also realized Jay was different than Tibey's other friends.

The Director's Cut also contains a shot of Rocky, followed by the first part of Jay's failed marriage, but she doesn't say anything about Jay's reason for being in Mexico. As a result of that they don't come closer. It's also Jay who asks if she wanted to give the trick a shot (it was her proposal in the Theatrical Version). It starts raining after the trick worked. They look deeply into each others eyes, he strokes her wet hair out of her face before she finally says she had to go.
Theatrical Version 90 sec longer

Theatrical Version

Director's Cut

26. Min Alternate

While Jay is making some lemonade inside, the order of the following scenes is different in either of the versions plus the Theatrical Versions contains additional footage. As a result of that, the scene when the come closer while they're slicing the limes is longer.

Theatrical Version 40 sec longer

Theatrical Version

Director's Cut

27. Min DC: A shot of Jay at the end, before the party. 12.5 sec

28. Min Theatrical Version: a moment of the politican's party. 6 sec

28 min. Theatrical Version

Jay talks to Miryea. She is glad he came. His future prospects, on the other hand, are sinister. He had come to Mexico to party and hang out with friends and he is determined to avoid trouble. But now, with Miryea, it is clear that he is heading towards it.
She just smiles. Cesar watches the conversation suspiciously.

79.5 sec.

Two scenes during the following scenes were re-arranged.

28 min. OLD: Different shots of Tibey dancing. Director's Cut +0.5 sec.

28 min. Theatrical version: Tibey dances longer. 1 sec.

28 min. Director's Cut: More dancing. 7 sec.

29 min. Theatrical version: Jay is in the dressing room longer. 3.5 sec.

29 min. Director's Cut: Dance. 5.5 sec.

29 min. OLD: Director's Cut contains the dance. In the theatrical version, Jay walks to the door longer Theatrical version 12.5 sec.

29 min. Director's Cut: Cesar looks for Jay. 5.5 sec.

29 min. Director's Cut: Cesar notices that the door is shut. 6.5 sec.

29 min OLD: There are different shots of them kissing at the mirror. Director's Cut +4 sec.

29 min. Theatrical version: At the beginning, he pulls up her skirt longer. 2.5 sec.

30 min. Director's Cut: Tibey continues dancing. 6.5 sec.

30 min. Theatrical version: Some snugging and dancing. 18 sec.

30 min. Theatrical version: Jay and Miryea. 4 sec.

30 min. Director's Cut: She opens his pants – one can see her pubic hair. Then they kiss. 5.5 sec.

30 min. Theatrical version: Jay and Miryea. 0.5 sec.

30 min. Theatrical version: Tibey dances some more. 9 sec.

30 min. Director's Cut

Much more sex and a little more dance. After Jay and Miryea have had sex while leaning onto the mirror, she briefly stops, looks appalled and smacks Jay. He grabs a clothes rack and pushes it aside aggressively. After a few moments of tension and arousal, they hook up again.

54 sec.

31 min. OLD: Different shots of Jay throwing Miryea onto the bed. Theatrical version +2.5 sec.

31 min. Director's Cut: Tibey looks for his wife. 5.5 sec.

31 min. Theatrical Version

Jay and Miryea lay in bed and kiss some more. Then one can see Jay at the beach with his dog.

25 sec.

34 min. Theatrical Version

Jay is seen longer with Tibey, before he returns to his Jeep after the tennis match. Miryea is already waiting for him there. Jay is angry at her for carelessly staying near him. After some fuss, he sends her away.

96 sec.

34 min. OLD: Different shots of Medero, Jay's friend from the US, answering the phone. Theatrical version +13 sec.

35 min. Theatrical version: Jay is seen on the phone longer. 5.5 sec.

35 min. OLD: Different shots of Jay on the phone. In the theatrical version, Medero asks when Jay had fallen in love, since he had only been in Mexico for 5 days. Again he points out that „tiburón“ meant „shark“. Nobody messes with Tibey. Theatrical version +3 sec.

35 min. Theatrical version: At the beginning, Tibey is seen skeetshooting some longer. 3 sec.

36 min. Alternate

Jay and Miryea have just had sex in his beachhouse. In the Director's Cut she is still in bed and Jay says he wished he could have her for longer than only two hours straight. Miryea says that this might work. In the theatrical version, she dresses right after the sex. She tells Jay that Tibey had an affair and it seems like this is nothing special for Miryea. Then she goes on to tell Jay that she her only sex partner had been Tibey before. Jay is not surprised. They both smile a little bashfully, since it had sounded like he could have told due to her performance in bed. Subsequently, Miryea states that Jay would probably disappear soon and that it was simply too dangerous. However, now that she found something that really makes her happy, she does not want to lose him again. He, on the other hand, is cautious. He knows that taking another guy's girl spells trouble. She is persistant and asks him if he would spend time alone with her, whenever there is a chance – no matter if he considered it right or wrong. He says yes.

Subsequently, Miryea phones her sister in Miami and asks her to pretend that Miryea was visiting her there. In the Director's Cut, the phone call is much shorter and one can only see Tibey bending an ear. In the theatrical version, one also sees Miryea first. Furthermore, she says that she had fallen in love with Jay and that she knew her husband Tibey was made. Here, also, Tibey is eavesdropping.

Theatrical version 133 sec. longer

Theatrical version

Director's Cut

38 min. Theatrical version: Tibey is seen with Jay longer before he says goodbye. 3 sec.

39 min. Theatrical version: Tibey, looking warily, is seen in the car longer. 7.5 sec.

39 min. Theatrical version: Tibey hugs Miryea longer. 1.5 sec.

40 min. Theatrical version: Tibey sits in the car longer, after Miryea has got out at the airport. 5 sec.

40 min. Alternate

As Jay picks up Miryea at the airport, they just walk away together in the theatrical version. In the Director's Cut, they kiss passionately first.

Director's Cut 16 sec. longer

Theatrical version

Director's Cut

41 min. Theatrical version: They are driving along the street in the Jeep some longer. 3 sec.

41 min. Theatrical version: The two of them are in the Jeep longer. 6.5 sec.

41 min. Alternate

Jay caresses Miryea between her legs. In the theatrical version, one cannot see that explicitly. In the Director's Cut, one definitely can. Furthermore, here, Jay moistens his finger before touching her again. Then he puts his finger in her mouth and she sucks it. In the theatrical version, she sucks her finger before he puts it between her legs.

Director's Cut 11 sec. longer

Theatrical version

Director's Cut

41 min. Theatrical version: Miryea sits on Jay while he is still driving. 1.5 sec.

41 min. Director's Cut: Miryea sits on Jay while he is still driving and simultaneously touching her between the legs. 2 sec.

In the Director's Cut, one can see him pulling up her skirt and revealing her behind a few seconds later than in the theatrical verion.

41 min. Director's Cut: Jay continues caressing Miryea. 5 sec.

42 min. Director's Cut: Jay kneading her bottom. 4 sec.

42 min. Theatrical version: The two leaning against each other. 1.5 sec.

42 min. Theatrical version: Dito. 1.5 sec.

42 min. Director's Cut

While the theatrical version jumps from the scene in the Jeep right into the scene in the lake, the directors cut also shows them undressing, having sex at a tree and Miryea dancing for him before they jump into the lake.

44 sec.

43 min. Theatrical version: They have sex in the lake some longer. 4 sec.

43 min. Alternate

The arrival at the hut is different.

Theatrical version 2 sec. longer

Theatrical version

Director's Cut

43 min. Director's Cut: Miryea getting ready for the next round. 3 sec.

43 min.Theatrical version

Here, they take more time lighting the candles and the oven.


43 min. Alternate

The sex scene uses different footage. In the theatrical version, they kiss. In the director's cut, they lie next to each other.

Theatrical version 2.5 sec. longer

Theatrical version

Director's Cut

44 min. Alternate

Dito. In the theatrical version, he kisses her back. In the director's cut, they kiss other areas.

Theatrical version 1.5 sec. longer

Theatrical version

Director's Cut

44 min. Director's Cut: They kiss a bit longer. 1.5 sec.

44 min.Theatrical version

In the director's cut, Tibey enters the hut while the two of them are just resting after having had sex. In the theatrical version, this is preceded by a longer scene.

First they kiss longer, then they take a break and Jay stands outside in the rain, only wearing jeans. Then they lie in bed together again. Jay talks about an incident he was involved with during the Vietnam War. Miryea asks why Jay would shoot an elephant. He replies that it was only an accident. They had the order to do it, since the elephants were used to carry the Vietcongs' goods. However, Jay rejected the command. The one time he shot one was an accident. Jay had a bad conscience, so he painted a small elephant on his aircraft, even though his boss did not like it. Jay says he needed the picture as a reminder of what that war was about: Killing this without knowing why – because nobody had a plan.

Then Miryea asks Jay if he loved her. He grins and says that he never intented to fall in love with her. „That's not an answer,“ Miryea replies, sits down on his lap and tells him to say „I love you, Miryea.“ They laugh and then he really says it. Again, the lie on bed next to each other. Miryea says that now she has no place left to hide. Jay tells her to stay with him.

2:57 min.

45 min. Theatrical version: Jay lies on the ground longer. 0.5 sec.

45 min. Alternate

In the theatrical version, one of the goons, Elefante, hits Jay brutally on the hand. In the director's cut, this shot is missing, but one sees him getting kicked several times..

Director's Cut 7.5 sec. longer

Theatrical version

Director's Cut

46 min. Theatrical version: Tibey is seen a moment longer. 1 sec.

46 min. Director's Cut: Jay, battered bloodily, is seen longer. After Tibey has said in both versions that he will show Jay what happens to whores, he adds in the director's cut: „Your whore.“ 8 sec.

46 min. Alternate

Different shot of Tibey's knife.

Theatrical version 0.5 sec. longer

46 min. Director's Cut: Tibey threatens Jay with his knife. 4 sec.

46 min. Alternate

Different footage is used when Tibey turns to Miryea.

Director's Cut 1 sec. longer

Theatrical version

Director's Cut

46 min. Director's Cut: Tibey holds her slashed face some longer and says "I warned you." 5 sec.

46 min. Director's Cut: Tibey is seen a moment longer. 5 sec.

47 min. Theatrical version: More shots of the burning hut. 5.5 sec.

47 min. Theatrical version: Dito. 1 sec.

47 min. Director's Cut: The maimed Miryea in the car and the thrashed Jay are seen once again. 9.5 sec.

48 min. Theatrical version: The scene of Miryea being brought to the brothel is longer. The bawd asks what she should do with the disfigured Miryea, save her for her best customers? The man says that she should give her to the whole world. 17 sec.

49 min. Director's Cut: Mauro the Mexican and Jay are seen in the desert. 7 sec.

51 min. Theatrical version: Mauro leaves the room and caresses his daughter. 2.5 sec.

51 min. Theatrical version: Close-up shot of Jay's wound. 4 sec.

51 min. Theatrical version: The old lady waves the rosary some longer. 1 sec.

51 min. Director's Cut: Different shot of the same thing. 1 sec.

51 min. OLD: Alternate shot. Director's Cut +7 sec.

53 min. Theatrical version: Before he leaves, Jay sits on the bed longer. 7 sec.

53 min. Theatrical version: Mauro leads Jay to the couch. 6 sec.

56 min. Director's Cut

Jay tries to get Mauro's car going which eventually works. Then they watch his mother leave, who is going for her walk earlier than usual.

48 sec.

57 min. Alternate

The following conversation of them is cut differently.

no relevant time difference

57 min.Theatrical version

In the theatrical version, the conversation is longer. Jay gives Mauro money and gives him thanks for rescuing him. Mauro asks Jay for his first name, since he had not known it before. He has trouble pronouncing „Jay.“

51 sec.

57 min. Director's Cut

The Director's Cut shows Tibey having dinner with a potential new wife. When she gets up and approaches him, he barely reacts. Eventually, Cesar leads her out and Tibey remains behind sadly. He had really loved Miryea. That new woman is only good to show off with.

43 sec.

58 min. OLD: Alternate shot of Jay driving to the city with Mauro. Theatrical version +4 sec.

58 min. OLD: In the theatrical version, the girl notices the cowboy falling over next to his horse. In the director's cut, one sees Jay running there longer. Director's Cut +2 sec.

61 min. Theatrical version: Jay and the cowboy are in the bar some longer. 12 sec.

62 min. Theatrical version: The cowboy looks after Jay as he goes to the bathroom. The goon Elefante, who beat Jay up in the hut and whom Jay has recognized, is seen earlier here. 6 sec.

63 min. Theatrical version: The goon resists Jay's attack longer. 3 sec.

64. Min OLD: Different shot of Jay on the bed when the cowboy leaves the room. Theatrical Version +3 sec

64. Min Alternate

Different shots of Antonio injecting Miryea with heroin - well, half of it, the rest is for himself - but the content itself remains unchanged. Only the Director's Cut shows explicitly the injection, it's offscreen in the Theatrical Version.

Director's Cut 8 sec longer

Screens only from the Director's Cut

66. Min OLD: Close-up of Jay waking up un the Theatrical Version, distance shot in the Director's Cut. -

71. Min Theatrical Version: Extended shot of Cesar walking around in Tibey's bedroom. 2 sec

71. Min Theatrical Version: Extended shot of Cesar standing around there while Tibey is in bed. 6 sec

72. Min Theatrical Version: Extended shot of Jay at the reception when he books a room. 1 sec

72. Min OLD: Different footage when Jay picks up the cat of the hyterical Rock'n'Roll singer. Theatrical Version +1.5 sec

72. Min OLD: Also different footage when the cat is being handed over to her. In the Theatrical Version, the cat gets caught in the bandage which looks sort of weird. Theatrical Version +2 sec

76. Min Theatrical Version: extended shot of the singer at the bar looking for Jay. 2 sec

76. Min Theatrical Version: ditto. 1 sec

76. Min Theatrical Version: Jay at the bar. 1 sec

76. Min Theatrical Version: Extended shot of Jay at the bar, talking to the singer. 1 sec

77. Min Theatrical Version

Jay takes the pushy singer to her room even though he doesn't want to get involved with her. She starts talking about her hard life, that she'd gotten beaten up very often, but Jay actually just wants her to shut up. He doesn't want to sleep with her, she doesn't want to know anything about his life and why she's here. She should stay calm and not making a scene, as previously announced at the bar. He finally threatens to slice and dice her if she doesn't shut up. She's scared and got tears in her eyes but then she starts smiling again. After that, they go to his room for a drink.

84 sec

80. Min Alternate

Alternate shot of Miryea stabbing Ramon in the back. The Director's Cut is more explicit and it also contains more screaming.

Director's Cut 3.5 sec longer

Theatrical Version

Director's Cut

80. Min Theatrical Version: Extended shot of Jay standing in front of the motel. 1 sec

81. Min Theatrical Version: Extended shot of Amador, Ignacio and Jay standing at the trunk with the captivated thug with the amazing cowboy boots. 3 sec

81. Min OLD: Amador and Ignacio are switched when Jay and the casualty are in the pool. -

84. Min Director's Cut

Long plot addtion in the Director's Cut with a running time of almost 4 min.

Antonio watches Jay leaving the cathouse, he silently calls "Stop, stop ...".

Cesar brings Miryea to the convent. The nun says to Cesar to tell Tibey he was going to be involved in the prayers.

The three avengers watch Tibey but he doesn't lead them to Miryea. Jay becomes impatient. Amador notices Tibey has a new bodyguard. He knows he's a killer beyond control becaus he knows him.

Tibey gives Ramon a proper talking because he's the one who raped his wife. He worked for him for 11 years and he was always treated well. Nevertheless he doesn't show him any respect at all. Tibey can understand Ramon raped his wife, but Ramon spreads around he's going to kill her. And that goes way too far. Miryea is still Tibey's wife. Tibey aims at Ramon's head, Ramon falls on his kneels whimperingly. Tibey lets up on him and leaves. The recently-hired killer takes him out.

totally 3:58 Min

88. Min Theatrical Version: Extended shot of Amador at the last meeting. 0.5 sec

88. Min Theatrical Version

Then an extended shot of the dialog between Amador, Ignacio and Jay. Ignacio holds kind of a speech for the first time, until then he used to remain silent. He says he didn't have much he could give to Jay, but as soon as Jay went bacj to the stated he'd get a horse as a gift and Ignacio would also make sure Miryea went with him.

77 sec

91. Min Theatrical Version: Further shot of the killer watching Jay. 1.5 sec

91. Min Alternate

The bodyguard's execution by Ignacio is more explicit in the Director's Cut. The Theatrical Version contains an unbloody distance shot, the Director's Cut two close-ups of the hit.

no difference

Theatrical Version

Director's Cut

93. Min OLD: Alternate footage when Jay and Tibey are standing face to face. Theatrical Version +3 sec

93. Min Theatrical Version: Again an extended shot of them. Tibey breathes heavily after Jay left. 23 sec

94. Min Theatrical Version: Extended shot of Jay walking to Miryea's bed. 6 sec

94. Min Theatrical Version: Extended shot of Jay bending over Miryea. 8 sec

94. Min Theatrical Version: ditto 4.5 sec

95. Minute Theatrical Version: Extended shot of Miryeas in bed. 5 sec

95. Minute Theatrical Version: Amador and Ignacio waiting in the courtyrad. 7 sec

96. Minute Theatrical Version: Extended shot of Jay walking around in the convent with Miryeas. 18 sec

96. Min Theatrical Version: Extended shot of him holding her in his arms. 7 sec

96. Min Theatrical Version: ditto. 1.5 sec

96. Min Theatrical Version: ditto. 2 sec

97. Min Theatrical Version: Extended shot of holding her in his arms after she died. 4 sec

Different transition to the final credits.