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2.08 Su-zakana


  • TV Version
  • Producer's Cut
Release: Oct 08, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB - more from this series
This is a comparison between the censored TV Version (first broadcastet on NBC, 28-02-2014) and the uncensored Producer's Cut (included on the US Blu-Ray released by Lionsgate)

- 5 altered scenes
- No difference in running time

Whenever the TV Version heads for a commercial break, the US Blu-Ray shows a black screen for 2-3 seconds. The resulting difference in time was not regarded for this report, however, it explains why you will see slightly different points in time at the time designations.

It is still pretty amazing, what kind of effects the creators of the series Hannibal are able to include in their TV broadcast while still getting a TV-14 rating. Still, the second season's Blu-Ray release offers so-called "Producer's Cuts" for 7 episodes. This time, they did not make a big deal out of it, neither on the cover, nor in their press release. We only came across it because a user which was a part of the Blu-Ray's production made a posting on the (as we already reported).
In that regard it is not at all clear in which way the episodes will be released in other countries. After all, the Producer's Cuts for season one were only released in the USA (and probably Canada). In the UK one could only buy the regular TV Versions on both DVD and Blu-ray.

If we take a look at the actual alterations, it is probably not too surprising, that the studio did not insist on a bigger advertisement for the Producer's Cuts. There are only very few and rather marginal scenes that were censored, which means that - in contrast to the first season - it would not be too big of a loss if one would only be able to get the TV Versions. Still, we will keep our readers up to date whenever we know anything new about other releases.

The episode compared here is 2x08, called "Su-zakana", in which a killer is sewing his victims into dead horses. The gore was again no problem, but some shots showing some slight nudity of a female victim had to be darkened to be less discernible.

Time designations are listed as follows:
US TV Version / Blu-ray
CGI Effect
06:00-06:04 / 06:03-06:04

A rather subtle change, but nonetheless censoring and more than just a different color filter: the torso of the corpse was darkened so the breasts can be seen even less.

When it fell out of the horse's guts, no differences ccould be seen though.

No difference in running time

TV VersionProducer's Cut

CGI Effect
06:15-06:20 / 06:18-06:23

And again.

No difference in running time

TV VersionProducer's Cut

In order to make it a bit clearer, here is the same screenshot zoomed in.

TV VersionProducer's Cut

CGI Effect
06:49-06:54 / 06:52-06:57

One last time when Hannibal gets up.

No difference in running time

CGI Effect
15:39-15:43 / 15:43-15:47

When – in Will's vision – the naked girl is getting closer to the horse, the darkening effect was used again in a quite obvious fashion.

It is interesting that the girl is holding her arm over her buttcrack the entire shot. It seems that the producers were trying to make censoring unnecessary, but it was not enough.

No difference in running time

TV VersionProducer's Cut

CGI Effect
15:54-16:03 / 15:58-16:07

Here, it was the breast area again that was darkened.

No difference in running time

TV VersionProducer's Cut