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Meat Grinder

original title: Cheuat Gon Chim


  • Taiwan DVD
  • UK DVD
Release: Oct 01, 2010 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut Taiwan DVD and the uncut UK DVD by 4Digital Media.

- 10 cuts
- runtime of cuts: 61,8 sec (= 1:02 min)

As stated in the comparison to the German DVD, Meat Grinder is available in Asian countries in at least two versions.

The following cut report is concerning with the version obtainable in Taiwan which is mistakenly declared as uncut at the online-shop yesasia. This one is pretty close to the uncut version because there is only a cut for one minute, but these cuts are definitely just cuts in the sense of violence and the censoring really tempers the delight of watching the movie. The cuts were made roughly, this can be seen because some frames in the harmless scenes afterwards are also Ďchoppedí away. Sound cuts can often be heard as well.
It is interesting that there are also some bloody moments missing, which can be seen in the German version.

Again a chronological overview of the yet released, official DVDís of Meat Grinder

1) August 2009, Thailand: 88min PAL
=> heavily cut, plot & violence. Was the master for the US bootleg by Bonzai media Corporation with English subtitles
2) January 2010, Germany: 95min PAL
=> complete in themes of plot but cut in scenes of violence: see cut report.
3) February 2010, Taiwan: 102min NTSC = 98min PAL
=> only cuts of violence, is compared in this cut report.
4) August 2010, UK: 99min PAL
=> uncut, identical to the release of ILLUSIONS which will launch in september 2010.

In the meantime (June 2010) a DVD was released in Hong Kong - a version that was rated CAT III. According the its runtime of 91 minutes it can be assumed this version is possibly cut in a different way.

runtimes are shown in the scheme:
Taiwan DVD in NTSC / British DVD in PAL
07:35 / 07:16-07:19

One can see the fingernail for about 0.5 sec. longer, then Buss strikes it. In additional close-upís the nail is battered into it and the following take of Buss starts a bit earlier.

2,4 sec

07:50 / 07:33-07:35

Buss can be seen from a frontal perspective (she batters the nail into the fingernail), then again the impact on the fingernail in a close-up. Finally some frames from the side take are missing due to the cut.

2,4 sec

19:04 / 18:22-18:26

Close-up on the nail. Aoiís fiancťe tries to free his fingers. As usual this scene has been cut roughly and the forst frames of the additional take (the ants) are missing.

4,2 sec

19:08 / 18:30-18:33

The ants can be seen some frames longer (no pictures here), then a mean strike on the twin-nail and of course the following view on Buss are cut.

3 sec

19:20 / 18:44-18:46

Buss can be seen a bit longer, she looks down and completely batters in the nail.

1,8 sec

44:08 / 42:33-42:38

The fat guy can be seen a bit longer, afterwards several takes of Buss how she saws her landlordís throat. A plate drops down to the ground.

4,2 sec

44:24 / 42:53-42:57

The second man gets the knife rammed into his mouth.

3,6 sec

44:50 / 43:21-43:28

The landlord can be seen a bit longer, than Buss fort he first time. The landlord rips out the hatchet from his throat what is followed by a blood fountain.

7,2 sec

46:06 / 44:42-44:58

Bua carries around the landlordís head and finally to Bussís pot. A silent song starts to play.
As usual the takes before/afterwards and minimally cut in its beginning/end (an arm is pulled around + yellow color effect).

16,2 sec

64:50 / 62:56-63:13

One can see Aoiís fiancťe for the first time. He observes in shock how the guy with the pole gnaws on dead Aoiís head.

16,8 sec