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original title: Van Wilder 3


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Aug 19, 2009 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Everything remained unaffected. This, you can say about the cinematic quality of this direct-to-video-production and to the differences between the two released version, the compulsory R-Rated Cut for "Rated Only"-US-department store chains like Wal-Mart and the Unrated Version, that already on the cover promises everything under the sun in terms of sexy details. A few more exposed breasts, some petty plot scenes and, of course, everything to extreme and sexually charged for an MPAA-seal.
Then, you also get an overacting staff, a story that is charitably described as trivial and a main character whose performance would make predecessor Ryan Reynolds turn in his grave if he was already dead.

The Unrated-DVD has been compared to the R-Rated-DVD(both Paramount).

12 differences

1 extended scene with alternate footage
5 scenes with alternate footage
6 additional scenes

The Unrated is 181,72 seconds resp. ca. 3 minutes 2 seconds longer than the R-Rated version.
Alternate footage
R-Rated/Unrated: 0:30:27: The R-Rated-Version shows three dancing girls, one of which is bare-breasted. The Unrated shows a close-up of another topless lady.
No time difference


Extended scene with alternate footage
R-Rated/Unrated: 0:34:04: Van walks around the campus a bit longer and checks out two forthcoming students, he says some cool lines during that("What's up?", "Found your pants!"). He's being observed by Dean Reardon through binoculars during that. Then the next scene follows showing Van being approached by a fellow student who thanks him for a tip: "Van, I took your advice about shaving my access body hair and it worked! She said I'd get laid tonight!"
Van answers: "What's her major?"
Fellow student: "Pre-law."
Van: "Get it in writing."
23,04 Sec.

Additional scene
0:37:14: Van can be seen with a bare-breasted assistant. He explains another lesson: "We call this maneuver *planking*.". For this purpose he rubs his hands on her breasts in a half moon-movement.
9,72 Sec.

Additional scene
0:40:57: Dongmei then says "Ready, aim, fire!". Meanwhile you see a shot through her legs. She pulls down her knickers and it seems as she would shoot it (the edible) out of her primary sex organ into Yu's mouth. (Just to spoil the fun: The entire thing was played backwards, actually he spits it her way. There.)
5,8 Sec.

Additional scene
1:06:46: A dialog has been insterted. Several of Van's buddies are sitting on his couch, one of them, Irving, talks to him.
Irving: "But we have dates tonight, Van. Hot ones!"
Van: "Irving, trust me. That sucking action is not realistic. No matter what it says on the box."
Irving: "I mean real dates this time, Van. Hot ones!"
Van: "Human females?"
Irving: "Hot ones."
Van: "I tell you what, they can come along."
Irving: "Yes! Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start! Now, what exactly are we guarding?"
31,72 Sec.

Alternate footage
R-Rated: 1:07:12
Unrated: 1:09:10
: The Unrated offers a closer take of the topless lady kneeling before Irving.
No time difference


Alternate footage
R-Rated: 1:07:18
Unrated: 1:09:16
: Again, the Unrated is more open. The R-Rated cut shows Irving's face.
No time difference


Alternate footage
R-Rated: 1:09:22
Unrated: 1:11:19
: The Unrated has naked breasts, the R-Rated a bra.
No time difference


Additional scene
1:17:03: Kaitlins father begins saluting in front of Dean Reardon, but then stops and goes away.
Then he follows her and the following dialog is started:
Corp. Hayes: "Kaitlin! Kaitlin."
Kaitlin: "I blew it, Dad. I'm so sorry. "
Corp. Hayes: "You were right."
Kaitlin: "What?"
Corp. Hayes: "Kaitlin, I wanted you to be a soldier. I still do. But if getting there means having to march on a line that's crooked and ain't worth a damn... You don't join the army to follow 'em, you join it to lead. And the only way to lead is to do what's right."
Kaitlin falls round his neck.
Corp. Hayes: "That's my girl."
54,2 Sec.

Alternate footage
R-Rated: 1:19:39
Unrated: 1:22:21
: The Unrated shows silicon-boosted breasts, the R-Rated continues showing the soldiers taking off their clothes. At least now the sexual preference of the audience determines which version to watch.
No time difference


Additional scene
1:31:46: The general says to Kaitlin: "Now, if you'll excuse me, I believe I'll engage in a bodyshot."
10,24 Sec.

Zusätzliche Szene
1:32:25: Der General ist noch zu sehen, wie er Salz von Eves Bauch leckt und dann den Tequila trinkt. Als alle um ihn herum jubeln, brüllt auch er (militärisch korrekt) los.
The general can be seen licking salt off of Eve's belly and then drinking the tequila. When everyone around him cheers, he also starts roaring (militarily correct).
7,52 Sec.

Credits: The credits of the Unrated puts forward with a line of outtakes and alternate scenes. Revealingly, those are funnier than the whole movie.
39,48 Sec.

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