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Release: Feb 25, 2022 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The US version was compared to the international version. Both are included on the US Blu-ray by Scorpion Releasing.

Leonor, the wife of the nobleman Richard, dies in a riding accident. Shortly after her death, he marries the young Catherine, who bears him two sons, but over the years he is not happy with her, as he still misses his first wife Leonor. Richard makes a pact with the devil by which Leonor is brought back from the dead. But Leonor is no longer the same. Her personality has changed and she thirsts for the blood of children. By the time Richard realises what a monster he has created, it is almost too late.

Leonor is the third feature film by Juan Luis Buñuel, son of Luis Buñuel (Belle de Jour). The narrative tempo of the film is very calm with a strong focus on atmosphere. You shouldn't expect a pure horror movie, but rather you see a strong drama in which a man loses everything because of an unfulfilled love. The Spanish landscape shots are impressive and Michel Piccoli gives a very intense performance in the role of Richard, who does everything to get his first wife back. The second wife is played by Ornella Muti.

There are two versions of the film on the US Blu-ray. The US version is shortened by about 14 minutes compared to the international version. Especially in the first half of the film some action scenes were removed. The cuts are well set so that they don't attract attention if you don't know the uncut version. Apparently, the intention was to make the movie a little bit faster for the US audience. It's interesting that both versions were actually sampled. Qualitatively, both are very good, whereas the colors are a little bit better in the international version.

Runtimes: US Version: 84:30 min. | International Version: 98:39 min.


Richard and Dr. Frascus are riding off a little longer.

IV: 6 sec.


Richard runs back to the castle after he kills the horse.

In the next scene, he eats at the table and asks for more meat and wine. Richard prays for the deceased Leonor. He gets up and runs to her coffin. He asks Arnauld and Julian if the crypt is open. When they confirm this he tells them to take Leonor there.

Leonor is being carried into the crypt. Richard rides after him on the horse.

IV: 3:05 min.


Arnauld and the others begin to wall up the entrance to the crypt. Thomas thinks this progresses too slowly, so he pushes the workmen away and gives a hand himself.

IV: 40 sec.


The two drunkards close the box, followed by more chaotic scenes of the drinking binge in which Richard also swings the sword.

IV: 40 sec.


Richard sits alone in a chair. He runs to the window and looks out. He goes to a table and opens a small chest with two drinking cups inside. He gives himself some wine which he drinks, but spits it out again shortly afterwards. He pours away the rest of the wine in the cup.

In the next scene, we see Richard resting with his two sons on a stone bank.

IV: 2:26 min.


The shore can be seen a little longer.

Richard's dragging a chest upstairs. Catherine sees it and asks if she can help him. He says he doesn't need help. Richard asks if she has something to hide because she looks down, then he sends her away abruptly.

Thomas explains the anatomy of a cut fish to Richard's two sons. The two ask him about the fish that can fly through the air, which he has explained to them before. Thomas goes to Richard who hits a log with his sword. The children throw the fish into the air to see if it can fly. Thomas asks Richard why he does this. He thinks that this is necessary so that he can sleep at night.

Richard walks past the crypt and pauses at a stone.

Richard runs to Catherine, who's asleep in her bed. He wakes her and she asks him what's wrong. He gives her a kiss and leaves. Catherine doesn't quite understand.

Richard walks to the crypt with a group of workers.

IV: 4:50 min.


In the US version, you see Richard earlier.

In the International Version, instead, the hammer is visible a little longer.

US: 1 sec.
IV: 1 sec.


Richard tries to lift the stone plate from the coffin but does not succeed. He sits down to get something to eat and he hears the croaking of a small frog. He goes to it and catches it.

IV: 2:05 min.


Catherine says that the plague is approaching her home. Then she asks Richard if her father's death means nothing to him.

IV: 16 sec.


Catherine is seen longer. She looks to the side.

IV: 5 sec.


In the US, the last shot can be seen longer.

The IV used to show a black image with the credits music. In addition, "Fin" is faded in.

US: 34 sec.
IV: 31 sec.