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  • Theatrical version
  • Unrated version
Release: Oct 01, 2008 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical version (R-Rated) and the Unrated version, both present on the US-DVD from Universal

- Theatrical version: 106:11 min excluding end credits (110:52 min including end credits) in NTSC
- Unrated: 113:05 min excluding end credits (117:48 min including end credits) in NTSC

- 22 changes, including alternative footage seven times
- difference: 413.8 sec (= 6:54 min)

The movie

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is another movie from Judd Apatow's production company which knew how to please an audience with films like The 40 Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up which he directed himself.
Here Nicholas Stoller who has already co-written the screenplay to Dick and Jane with Apatow has his debut as a director.

The result is an easygoing Romantic Comedy which especially lives on its motivated actors. Rougher jokes are interspersed here and there but apart from that the movie takes it nice and easy.
Jason Segel who has also written the screenplay plays the unsuccessful musician Peter. His ideal world falls apart when his girlfriend the TV-actress Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell) dumps him. Following his brother's advice he goes on vacation and ends up in Hawaii and of all things in the hotel in which his ex is staying with her eccentric new lover the musician Aldous Snow (Russell Brand). It is a good thing that he quickly gets to know the hotel-employee Rachel (played by the beautiful Mila Kunis)...

As so often it is now released in America on 09.30.2008 in two versions, additionally to the Theatrical version the viewer has the opportunity of seeing another version which is being promoted with the well-known labeling "Unrated".

The longer version as so often, especially in the comedy-area, not really worth mentioning.

There is some rougher language here and there and some naked breasts but nothing that really had to be removed for the R-Rating.
Especially the additional longer yoga-scene smells more like a deleted scene, has absolutely no relevance for the movie and was not inserted very appropriately.

Nonetheless it cannot be a mistake to watch the Unrated version. One or another funny dialogue-extension is definitely included and the available US-DVD contains both versions via seamless-branching-technique on one disc, anyway. A single-disc-version was published as well as the 3-Disc Collector's Edition which was used for the comparison and contains another disc with additional bonus features as well as a digital copy of the movie.

running times are arranged following the scheme:
Theatrical version in NTSC (Unrated in NTSC)
07:37 (07:37-07:46)

In the Unrated the dialogue is a little longer, in the Theatrical version Peter's brother Brian (Bill Hader) wants to sett off immediately after the first dirty line from Peter (Jason Segel).

"You don't need to be doing that. And if anything, you should leave your P in the V and blow it inside the V, so you can have a B-A-B-Y and be a normal person."

8.8 sec

08:09 (08:18-08:25)

At first the woman says in the same shot "I love that show" (in the Theatrical version the line can be heard from the off during the next shot) then she asks Peter a question.
"Wait, Crime Scene: Scene of the Crime or Crime Scene: Phoenix?"
Peter answers "Scene of the Crime." and she repeats, again "Oh, my God! I love that show."

6.8 sec

08:10 (08:26)

After the short shot of Brian and the other woman the following shot starts slightly earlier in the Unrated (probably for reasons of continuity).

0.4 sec

Alternative footage
09:26-09:28 (09:42-09:57)

The Theatrical version is showing the crying Peter in one short shot.

In the Unrated there is also a short conversation, at the beginning we also see the woman slightly longer than in the Theatrical version.

Peter: "I'm sorry that I'm being so weird now."
Woman: "No, that's okay. You've been weird pretty much the whole time, so it's not unusual. Okay."
She gets up embarrassed in order to leave.

Unrated 12.3 sec longer

Alternative footage
10:18-10:21 (10:47-10:54)

In the Theatrical version the doctor already pats Peter on the back and says "You're OK. Want a lolly?"

In the Unrated, however, there is a wide shot, the doctor says: "Listen, I'm backed up, I got a lot of kids. I gotta go, okay?"
He asks Peter: "You want something? You want a balloon? You want a lolly?"
Now we cut to Peter respectively see his helpless reaction to it .

Unrated 4,7 sec longer

10:36 (11:09-11:20)

After the unemotional orgasm of the black woman the Unrated also shows sex with a blonde woman.
She is wildly seesawing on Peter mumbling phrases in Spanish the whole time, insert of Peter who is lying there more annoyed then anything else.

11.2 sec

Alternative footage
12:34-12:35 (13:18-13:53)

The Theatrical version shows Peter's apartment a little earlier.

Therefor the Unrated shows Brian standing in front of the door with landlord begging for entrance.

He knocks on the door hard; "Peter, it's Brian."
Peter says from the inside "Go away!" and Brian continues: "Listen, your landlord called me. Said there's smoke coming out of your place."
Peter: "Who, Mr Lopez? 'Cause he's a liar!"
Brian trying to calm down the landlord; "He doesn't..."
Mr. Lopez says: "We worry about you, Petey."
Brian: "Yeah, come on, Peter. Open up the door. The fire marshal's gonna come in and bust it down."
He signals thumps up to Mr. Lopez and says: "You haven't been out of the house in two weeks."
Peter opens the door ajar - and Brian presses himself past Peter to the inside the landlord looks puzzled.

Unrated 34 sec longer

15:11 (16:29-17:22)

In the Unrated we get to see more of Peter's flight, on the airborne Television he gets confronted with Sarah, again.

At first we see the plane in the air then the passengers inside.
A pretty strange show is being broadcast on the airborne Television, a woman seems to be squirting breast milk. The other guests enjoy it, only Peter has a dark look.
Then all of a sudden Sarah appears on Television wearing a Hawaii-outfit; "That was hilarious. Aloha! I'm Sarah Marshall from Crime Scene: Scene of the crime. And when I'm not scrubbing for evidence, I'm flying Hawaiian Airlines... "
Peter asks the stewardess; "Excuse me...Hi, can I have another bloody mary, please?"
Stewardess: "You're still working on that one."
Peter: "It's just an anticipatory order."
Stewardess: "Okay, I'll be right back!"

Then the title-sequence of Crime Scene: Scene of the crime follows and the annoyed Peter closes his eyes.

53.1 sec

Alternative footage
18:56-19:01 (21:07-21:17)

The exit of Sarah and Aldous (Russell Brand) is a little different in each version.

In the Theatrical version they both turn around and leave in one shot.
Sarah: "Have a good trip, Pete."
Peter: "You too."
Sarah: "I'll call if I have some time."

The Unrated is a bit longer and contains an insert of Peter.

Sarah: "Have a good trip, Pete.
Aldous: "I like your shirt. It's colourful."
Peter: "Bye."
Aldous leaving, to Sarah: "Ta-ta. I was wearing two shoes this morning, right?"

Unrated 4.2 sec longer

30:39 (32:55-36:16)

This is the longest new scene in the Unrated. On the beach before Peter goes to the surfing instructor we see him during a yoga-lesson. The trainer feels attracted to Aldous who also attends the lesson while she has it in for Peter from the start.

He enters the room with a drink in his hand and asks: "This is the yoga place, yeah?"
The trainer answers: "Yes. But there's no alcohol allowed in the studio.
Peter tries to get himself out of it: "Oh, no, I mean, obviously. This is just pineapple juice."
Again, the lady has to discipline him: "Well, there's no outside drinks allowed in the studio."
Peter perplex: "Can I set it down?
The lady says yes and Peter sets it down.
But she has one more thing to complain about; "I like your hat."
Peter thanks her happily and she adds: "Please remove it before class."

He does so and the training begins. At first, however, the trainer goes to Sarah and Aldous who also attend the lesson.
To Aldous: "Sorry, I recognise you from the cover of Namaste Magazine. I'm a huge fan."
Aldous happy; "Thank you. That's so sweet of you to say. I appreciate that. Obviously, I don't do yoga for recognition."
The trainer keeps flirting and smiles at him; "Right, of course you wouldn't. Then stop being so good at it."
Aldous puts up his leg she compliments him: "That's very flexible. That's nice."

She walks over to Sarah; "And, you, I recognise you from your show."
Sarah is still happy; "Thank you!", but then she hears the verbal punch: "You seem much taller on your show."
Sarah hesitating but still looking happy; "I'm not."
The trainer repeats "No, I know." and Sarah looks at her a little offended.

The next exercise; "Okay, if you just wanna start by bringing your palms into your chest. Today we're gonna start with the Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutation. Let's take a deep inhale in. Exhale and release the hands. Inhale, arms up to the sky. Continue. Good, exhale and folding forward."
She places herself behind Aldous obviously to get a closer look on certain regions of his body; "Strong, strong backs. Good, excellent."

She points out: "Remember this is not a competition..." - but then adds while looking at Sarah and Aldous: "Although you two seem to be the best in the class. Excellent. Perfect form, you two, perfect."

Next exercises; "Coming up into downward-facing dog. Good. It's really important in this pose, that you arch your back and keep it flat at the same time."
Peter complains: "I feel like those are opposing ideas."
The lady explains: "No, they're not, 'cause you're arching your back up while it's flat. Okay?"
Peter's look tells us that this was no use to him.

She continues taking care of Peter; "Good, yeah, sweat it out. Sweat out all the toxins from this morning."

Peter: "Come on, lady."
She answers in a cool way: "My name is Prana, and I know that wasn't just juice."

Time to get back to Aldous because he is just temptingly sticking out his behinds in her direction.
"You don't really need any adjusting, so I'm just gonna do this for myself. Just to learn from your body, memorize your body."
While Peter is breaking his back right next to it she leans over Aldou's body and compliments: "Good. Strong legs. Perfect skin and form."

Next exercises: "Okay, class, I'd like to now move into a tripod headstand. This is more of an advanced pose, so if you don't feel comfortable or strong enough, please feel free to just lay on your mat in child's pose."
A pretty clear announcement in Peter's direction he grimaces and says: "I got it."

Prana instructs again and looks at Peter at the end: "All right, so let's all come down to our mats. Get in a prep position for the tripod headstand. If you don't feel comfortable, there's no shame in just laying on your mat in child's pose."
Peter annoyed from the off: "Lady, I got it."
While almost everybody else has brought their body in position Peter needs a little more time.
Prana reacts: "Good, so let's prep to come up. Good. Sir, if you just want to lay down in child's pose."
Peter grunts annoyed and tries his best, again the explanation "Now, you all heard me say, If you want to be in child's pose, that's okay. Just in case he gets hurt."

Peter keeps his eyes on his goal and fights, Sarah sees that, too.
Prana: "I don't want you to break your neck."
Peter triumphing: "What's up? My legs, that's what."
Prana's reaction: "We're doing quiet headstands today."
Peter still proud: "I'm doing a handstand, motherfucker! I'm doing a handstand."

Prana redeems him; "Okay, you know, why don't we just release."
Peter is the only one to follow that instruction right after her last word; "Thank God."
He raises his arms in pride and looks at the other attendants.
The trainer says: "Good, everybody. Good.", angrily looking in Peter's direction, again.

altogether 200.9 sec

38:26 (44:03-44:07)

When Aldous sings "Inside of you!" the Unrated contains a short insert of the couple for who things did not really work out in the bedroom the other night.

4.1 sec

55:03 (60:44-60:50)

Matthew (Jonah Hill) says about the Demo-CD which was just handed over: "You're really gonna like it."
Aldous answers: "I'll listen to it...when you've gone!"

6.4 sec

Alternative footage
55:27-55:32 (61:44-61:52)

Peter's reaction to Sarah saying that she heard interesting news this morning is different.

In the Theatrical version he only asks "What's up?" and she answers that Crime Scene got cancelled.
Then, The following shot of Peter starts earlier.

The Unrated has a meaner reaction of Peter to the announcement of the news; "Aldous gave you gonorrhoea?"
She responds: "No. Why would I tell you that?"
Peter grins and she continues: "Crime Scene was cancelled."
Now we see her a little longer than in the Theatrical version but the following shot starts later, as mentioned before.

Unrated 3.1 sec longer

59:11 (65:01-65:11)

Only the Unrated contains Brian explaining the joke Peter has just made to his wife Liz.

Brian: "He's saying if I were to sperm on you, it would be a pearl necklace."
Liz asks appalled "Why?" and Brian repeats contemptuous "Real funny!"
Peter shakes his head in amusement and apologizes.

9.6 sec

64:45 (70:45-70:48)

Additional shot of Kemo, he adds about Dakota Harris: "She loves it here."

3.4 sec

Alternative footage
75:25-75:27 (81:28-81:31)

In the Theatrical version we see Aldous only for short coming in with the lipstick and his question "Sarah, can I borrow this lipstick?" has mostly been laid over the following shot of Sarah.

The Unrated shows an alternative longer shot of Aldous, the line "Sarah, can I use this lipstick, please?" is being said onscreen, here.

Unrated 0.9 sec longer

Theatrical versionUnrated

75:29 (81:33-81:36)

In the Theatrical version the shot of Sarah is in one take while the Unrated cuts to Aldous, again, who is kind of helplessly handling the lipstick.

3.1 sec

Alternative footage
82:18-82:21 (88:25-88:58)

In the Unrated Matthew has a totally different exit after Aldous told him that he did not even listen to the Demo-CD.

In the Theatrical version Matthew just leaves disappointed in the beginning of the following shot he walks through the frame.

In the Unrated Matthew is angry on the inside for a moment then he starts with a calm muted voice:
"You know what, dude? Fuck you, okay? You can go fuck yourself. I can't yell right now because I'll get fired. My boss will hear me, and then I won't be able to pay off my student loans. But you know what? You're an asshole. I fucking hate you. I bought all your records. This whole fucking time, I've been trying to get you to come hang out with me. I'm gonna have people fuck with your food the rest of your trip, you fucking dick!"
In-between we see Aldous listening unimpressed and after Matthew left after the last words which were a little louder Aldous says: "I like him. That was quite moving."

After that the shot of the drinking round begins which is also in the Theatrical version when Matthew has left the frame there.

Even if nothing else did, this funny scene makes the Unrated worth watching, but that is just an opinion...

Unrated 29.4 sec longer

82:23 (89:00)

The Unrated shows the round on the table slightly longer.

0.5 sec

84:51 (91:28-91:38)

After Sarah imitated Aldous and his British accent the Unrated contains a counterattack from Aldous.
"That's a really reductive impression. If I wanted to see you act badly, I'd just watch your TV show, which, obviously, I can't now, because it's been cancelled."
Sarah laughs contemptuously; "Oh, my God, you're such a prick."

Then the Theatrical version is back again with her commentaries about his inconsistent tattoos.

9.5 sec

89:19 (96:06-96:13)

In the Theatrical version we immediately see the puzzled Peter after Aldous said that it already is a gift to please several women at the same time.

The Unrated adds a little more dialogue before that.
At first a closer shot of Peter, during that Aldous from the off: "I will say, if you do get back with Miss Marshall, handle with care, because, you know..."
Aldous imitates an exploding bomb with his hands.

7,.4 sec

At the ending the US-DVD has a pointer to the Rating at the end, of course, the Theatrical version does not.