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True Lies


  • BBFC 15
  • German DVD
Release: Feb 09, 2010 - Author: Bravia - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the English DVD of Universal (cut version, BBFC15) and the uncut version (in this case a German tape by VCL Communications which is rated FSK16).

Runtime of the original version: 135:04 Min (m.A.)
Runtime of the English DVD: 135:19 Min (m.A.)

3 cuts = 5,72 Sec
7 alternative scenes

Runtime differences through logos are not taken into consideration.
The sequence in which Harry Tasker has to defend himself in the toilet room is cut in the English version. In addition there are plenty of re-insertions of already shown material to have the runtime be equal. A headbutt is missing in the English version and is replaced by another take of the old man sitting on the toilet.
+0,84 Sec
-0,84 Sec

Original version (OV):English version (EV):

A double-ear-clap had been deleted. Another take from the toilet man is inserted.
+1,36 Sec
-1,36 Sec


When Tasker uses a hand dryer as weapon the EV lacks the enemy who spits blood. A former take was re-used where the beaten person is still wearing a jacket.
+0,36 Sec
-0,36 Sec


Another hit with the dryer is replaced. Again with the man on the toilet.
+0,76 Sec
-0,76 Sec


While the original version shows Tasker how he beats the baddy fort he third time the EV offers recycled material again.
+0,84 Sec
-0,84 Sec


When Tasker pushes the baddyís head into the urinal the British viewers can only see the old man again.
+0,92 Sec
-0,84 Sec


While testing the car Tasker beats the salesman in a day dream. The next scene is missing where the salesman lies in the car. The UK version offers a copied take of Taskerís face.
+2,60 Sec
-2,60 Sec


When Tasker was able to free himself from his captivity. The scene where he throws a knife onto the guard and breaks the torturerís neck is missing.
1,36 Sec

Tasker impales an enemy with a hook.
1,00 Sec

Another neck-breaker is missing on the UK DVD while the agent hangs on a rope and gets rid of a guard.
3,36 Sec

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