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Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan


  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Feb 14, 2010 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Director`s Edition DVD (RC 1) from Paramount (PG, NTSC) and the Theatrical Version.

The Director`s Edition is the Director`s Cut of the movie but cut differently than the ABC-TV version.

The Director`s Edition contains numerous additional scenes as well as extended and alternative shots deepening the character's relationships. Violence was not extended.

Duration of the changed and additional scenes: ca. 243,5 Sek. (NTSC)
The glasses (0:09:58)

McCoy gives Kirk a pair of glasses for his birthday. In the DC McCoy talks about the glasses:

McCoy: "They`re 400 years old. You don`t find many with the lenses intact."
Kirk: "What is it?"
McCoy: "They`re for your eyes!"

8 Sec.

The next sentence is identical to the Theatrical Version but the word "recommend" has been replaced by "administer".

0,5 Sec.

The engine room (0:28:29)

The following scene is missing:

Kirk approaches Preston and stands beside him.

Preston: "I believe,you`ll find everything shipshape, Admiral."
Kirk: "Oh, do you? Do you have any idea, Midshipman Preston, how many times I`ve had to listen to Mr. Scott on the comm telling me his trouble? Do you have any idea the ribbing I`ve had to endure in the officer`s mess to the effect that the Enterprise is a flying deathtrap?"
Preston: "Oh, no Sir!This is the finest engine room in the whole starfleet! But if the admiral can`t see the facts by himself, then with all due respect, he`s as blind as a tiberian bat!"

Scotty clears his throat as he is visibly embarassed.

Preston: "Sir!"
Kirk: "Midshipman, you`re a tiger!"
Scotty: "My sister`s youngest, Admiral. Crazy to get to space."
Kirk: "Every young man`s fantasy. I seem to remember it myself."

Now the Theatrical Version continues:

Kirk: "Well Mr. Scott, are your engines capable of handling a minor training cruise?"

50 Sec.

Chekovs sham (0:34:10)

Under Khans influence Chekov contacts Regula I and demands they hand over Genesis.

David Marcus: "Commander Chekov, this is completely irregular!"

The DC continues:

Dr. Carol Marcus: "Who gave the order?"
Chekov: "The order comes from Starfleet Command, Dr. Marcus, direct from the general staff."
David Marcus: "It`s a civilian..."
Dr. Carol Marcus (interrupts her son): "Listen, Genesis is a civilian project under my control!"

Then the Theatrical Version continues:

Chekov: "I have my orders!"

17 Sec.

Departure to Regula I (0:38:25)

After the scientists fought over what to do now and what this is all about Carol orders Marcus to leave the station:

Dr. Carol Marcus: "Well, get your gear together!"
Scientist: "Where are we going?"
Dr. Carol Marcus: "That`s for us to know and Reliant to find out."

In the next shot we see Kirk approaching Spocks quarters.

13 Sec.

The Genesis prolect (0:47:03)

McCoy and Spock argue about what would happen if Genesis would fall into the wrong hands:

Spock: "I do not dispute, that in the wrong hands..."
McCoy (interrupts Spock): "In the wrong hands??? Would you mind telling me whose are the right hands, my logical friend?" (walks towards the camera) "Are you, by any chance, in favor of these experiments?"
- Kirk (interrupts): "Gentlemen, this isn`t..."

The Theatrical Version continues:

Spock: "Really, Doctor McCoy, you must learn to govern your passions!"

18 Sec.

Prestons death (0:58:14)

In the DC, Preston dies in a close up, not in a long shot like in the Theatrical Version. He says "Aye" and dies.

Then the DC continues:

Scotty sobs "Why?" and Kirk answers "He wants to kill me for sentence for passing 15 years ago. And he doesn`t care who stands between him and his vengeance."
McCoy: "I`m sorry, Scotty!" (This comes later in the Theatrical Version)

46 Sec.

The hospital ward (0:59:20)

A bit of dialogue has been added:

Kirk: "Scotty I have to ask. Is there any chance of getting the mains back on the line?"
Scotty: "I do not think so, Sir, but you`ll have my best. Thanks, I know you tried Doctor."
Scotty geht, Kirk spricht mit Pille:

Kirk: "You alright?"
Pille: "I dont`T know. Doctors lose patients somestimes. Damn it, I`m still in the dark! How did he know about Genesis?"
Kirk: "I don`t know. But what`s important now is to prevent him from getting his hands on it. You said it yourself, it`s a bang that could rearrange the universe."
Pille: "There still my be time. You gave as good as you got."
Kirk: "We`re alive, cause I knew something about these ships that he didn`t."

65 Sec.

In the funnel (1:21:04)

A scene in which Kirk, Spock and Saavik are crawling through a funnel to the upper deck has been added.

Kirk: "That young man, he`s my son."
Spock: "Fascinating!"

10 Sec.

Spock and Saavik (1:24:16)

Dialogue between Spock and Saavik after the torpedo from the Reliant has missed the Enterprise.

Saavik to Kirk: "Admiral, what happens if Reliant fails to follow us into the nebula?"
Spock: "I think we can guarantee that she`ll follow us, Lieutenant. Remind me to explain to you the concept of the human ego."
Kirk: "Best speed, Scotty!"

16 Sec.