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Dune (TV Mini Series)

original title: Frank Herbert's Dune


  • Uncensored TV Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: May 21, 2010 - Author: Playzocker - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Comparison of the Uncencored TV Version (German DVD released by Columbia Tristar - FSK 16) and the Director's Cut (US Special Edition DVD released by Artisan - Not Rated).

Director John Harrisson had some trouble with his version of Frank Herbert's Dune. His original version, which was submitted to the TC station, had a total running time of approx. 280 min. It was rejected for the following reasons: nude women, violence, too long.
Harrison had to cut out almost 30 min before it could go on air. Furthermore some scenes were edited, some dancing scenes had to be shot once again. As a result of that some scenes and characters were almost senseless. It failed when it went on air, but nevertheless the label Artisan decided to release the TV Version as a 2 DVD Set.
In other countries, e.g. Australia, the Director's Cut was released. Even the German DVD contains the original version.
In 2002 Artisan released another DVD in the US. This time it was a so-called Special Edition, the DVD set consists of 3 DVDs and an innovative digipack (pictures at the ending). This time it was the real Director's Cut because the 280 min version had also been cut in advance: some dialogs had been removed (running time 6 min).

A frequently asked question about the DC is the following one:
Which one is the version that should be prefered? Well, the answer is simple. If you only own the first US release you should buy the Special Edition, it's definetely worth it.

In other countries Harrison's TV blockbuster was also cut.
In UK a broken neck (approx.) was removed to get the BBFC 12 rating / to avoid a BBFC 15.
Even in Germany an edited TV Version is available, in addition to the Uncut Version released on Tape and DVD. Approx. 4.5 min of violent scenes were removed in that edited TV Version.

Part 1
Approx. 299.75 sec in NTSC (approx. 5 min / 287.76 sec in PAL) are missing, total amount of cuts: 5.
Running time of the Director's Cut: 1:38.18 min in NTSC -> 1:34.22 min in PAL.
Running time of the Uncensored TV Version: 1:29.34 min.

Part 2
DC: Approx. 36.8 sec in PAL are missing, total amount of cuts: 1.
TV: Approx. 48.09 sec in NTSC are missing, total amount of cuts: 2.
Running time of the Director's Cut: 1:35.12 min in NTSC -> 1:31.25 min in PAL.
Running time of the Uncensored TV Version: 1:31.12 min.

Part 3
Approx. 14.32 sec in NTSC are missing, total amount of cuts: 1.
Running time of the Director's Cut: 1:34.06 min NTSC -> 1:30.20 min PAL.
Running time of the Uncensored TV Version: 1:30.06 min.

DC: Total running time of the missing scenes: 36.8 sec in PAL, total amount of cuts: 1.
TV: Total running time of the missing scenes: 362.16 sec in NTSC (approx. 6 min / 347.67 sec in PAL), total amount of cuts: 8.
Scheme for the time index: Director's Cut / Uncensored TV Version
Part 1

The "Sci Fi Channel Presents" logo is missing in the DC. -> 3.96 sec
Instead the black screen, before William Hurt's name appears, is extended in the Uncensored TV Version. -> 1.12 sec
2.88 sec

4.19 / 4.08
Jessica gets up and walks a bit after a short dialog about Paul's father. Extended shot of the walking Jessica.
Jessica: "(The Reverent Mother has arrived.) She wants to see you before we depart for Arrakis."
Paul: "Why are you afraid of her, mother? The pitch of your voice gives you away."
Paul walks to a bowl full of water to wash his hands.
Jessica: "She was my teacher at Bene Gesserit school, now she's the emperor's truthsayer."
Paul: "You haven't answered my question."
Jessica: "I've given you more Bene Gesserit training than boys ever get. Now she wants to see what kind of student you've been."
Jessica passes a jacket to her son.
A door opens and the two enter the room. Then they talk to Reverant Mother.
30.76 sec

6.38 / 5.52
The dialog about Paul's dream is also extended.
Paul: "They are just dreams."
Reverent Mother (modulated): "About what?"

Paul: "Men dying."
Reverent Mother: "Which men?"
Paul: "I don't know."
RM (modulated): "You're lying. What else?"
Paul: "Sometimes I see strange people warshipping water and singing. A strange name – my name, I think. And then wars. Terrible wars. Millions dying."
RM: "Jihad."
Paul: "Sometimes there's a girl. A beautiful girl. But she frightens me. Her eyes are… strange."
RM: "And do you know this girl?"
Paul: "No."
RM (modulated): "What do you think they mean? This dreams of yours?"
Paul (modulated): "Why don't you tell me?"
61.24 sec

59.33 / 55.43
The complete scene, which shows Baron Vladimir Harkonnen having a bath, is missing.
In the TV Version this scene starts with BR who sends all the servants out of the room.
Vlad: "Initiative. You decide to show some initiative?"
Feyd: "Success is often sired in the bedroom of failure, uncle."
Vlad: "(laughs) How poetic. Well then, perhaps you'd be so kind as to define success? The subtlety of your plan eludes me so far."
Feyd: "The boy (note: Paul) still lives. But from now on, with fear. He and his father now know how close we can get to them."
Vlad: "Yes, now they certainly do.
Vlad slaps Feyd in the face, another one (who's standing close) laughs. Feyd leaves, the servants pass a towel to Vlad. A further servant arrives with a glas of spice.
Servant: "Your evening Spice treatment, Mylord."
BR drinks a bit and wants to give it back but the servant forces him to drink it all.
Servant: "Must finish it all! Healthy and long life by the gifts of the spice."
He empties the glas reluctantly, then he says with some anger "Now, get out."
Only now he kicks the other servants out.
73.67 sec

1:19.56 / 1:15.52
Leto, Paul's father, in the chair with the ring in his hand.
Jessica arrives and says: "Please, you must come to bed. You have to rest."
Leto: "Not yet."
Jessica sits also down on the chair, face to face to Leto.
Leto: "On Caladin I had everything an honest man could want. The loyalty of my people, the respect of my men, the unconditinal love of the woman I adored and my son."
Jessica: "You still have this love. And more. More than you know."
Leto: "Is he really my love? Paul? Is he strong enough to withstand what's coming?"
Jessica: "I don't understand."
Leto looks at the ring and says "This noble seal may come to mean many evil things until the game is over."
Jessica: "Please, don't frighten me, Leto. You're the light of my world, my peace, your comfort, let me be yours. Even if only for a moment."
Jessica gets up and kisses Leo, tracking shot to the third chair, then a dissolve to the next scene which shows Jessica passing some corridors.
131.2 sec

1:38.19 / 1:29.34
This scene isn't considered at all, neither in the amount of cuts nor in the amount of the running times:
The dialog in the off continues: "... But the saga of Dune was far from over."
Then a text box which says the adventure continues on DVD 2.
3 sec

Part 2

0.00 / 1:29.34
In the TV Version all 3 parts are cut low to one film, that's why a longer black screen is missing between Part 1 and Part 2. A short display is also missing.
9.63 sec

1:14.07 / 0.00
On the other hand a tracking shot to planet Dune was reinsert in the TV Version. This tracking shot was accompanied by a narrator. The scene appeared earlier in both versions, at the beginning of Part 1. The tracking shot is followed by a further shot of the palace in the TV Version, in the DC Paul immediately falls down after the black screen.
36.8 sec

1:17.41 / 4.00
Baron Harkonnen and another man leave while Paul's fighting. They pass a corridor, followed by a dialog.
The TV Version contains the beginning and the ending of the "walking scene", but the audio track is different. The complete beginning of the dialog's missing, with the tracking shot of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen both versions are synchronous again.
Vlad: "What more would the emperor have us do? The north is reguarly swept by our patrols and the southern desert is uninhabitable."
Mann: "Who says the southern desert is uninhabitable?"
Vlad: "Your own planetologist, Dr. Kynes."
Mann: "But Dr. Kynes is dead."
Vlad: "Oh, yes. Unfortunate accident, that."
Mann: "There have been so many unfortunate 'accidents'. Makes the emperor unhappy, Baron, invites scrutiny."
Vlad: "The only scrutiny that the emperor should worry about is his involvement in the Atreides affair."
Mann: "Be careful, Baron."
Vlad: "After all what other house would have been willing to humiliate itself so the emperor could rid himself of a troublesome duke?"
Mann: "He's been asking himself that very question
Vlad: "Are you suggesting that the emperor contemplates a move against me?"
38.46 sec

1:35.30 / 20.14
This scene isn't considered at all, neither in the amount of cuts nor in the amount of the running times:
Extension of the black screen at the ending. Then a monolog in the off: "The saga of Dune is far from over."
Then a text box which says the adventure continues on DVD 3.
4 sec

Part 3

0.00 / 20.14
At the beginning of Part 3 the logo "The Prophet" and a black screen are missing. Then an extended shot of the palace.
14.32 sec

1:34.06 / 1:50.24
This cut wasn't considered above.
The credits are slightly various in both versions. In the DC the credits are shorter between the last take and the first name, the letters instead are bigger so that it's easier to read the names in the DC.
In total the DC is slightly longer (NTSC / PAL difference already considered).
3.43 sec