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Star Trek - The Motion Picture


  • Theatrical Version
  • TV-Version
Release: Feb 13, 2010 - Author: Alan Smithee - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Difference (Theatrical Cut): 21 cuts = 14 Min. 35 Sec.
Difference (TV-Version): 11 cuts = 59 Sec.
The TV-version starts with an overture.
( 92 Sec. )

A short discussion on the bridge is missing. An alien says nobody knew the ship better than Decker. Uhura answers that their chances to get through this doubled thanks to Kirk.
( 14 Sec. )

As Ilia comes to the bridge, Sulu acts a little clumsy. Ilia says she lives as a celibate and that dealing with her was as safe as with any other woman. Decker apologizes once more for what Kirk had said. A scene in the transportation room takes place. Kirk asks Helen, who was just teleportet up, what kind of problem there was downstairs.
She answers that Bones wanted them to be teleported first.
( 74 Sec. )

Sulu orders speed and course. Ilia confirms.
( 26 Sec. )

A short talk between Bones and Kirk is missing. Pill talks about Kirk's adequacy to be a commander.
( 9 Sec. )

The subsequent scene (11 sec.) is shown from different perspectives in both versions.

The bridge is calling through the communicator. Kirk confirms and leaves the room. The dialog from the bridge was put over the previous scene.
( 16 Sec. )

Here is a difference between Theatrical Cut and TV-Version:

Theatrical Cut: Another take of the bridge.
( 2 Sec. )

TV-Version: Decker orders an evasion maneuver. The computer loses the course programming.
( 12 Sec. )

Uhura tries to call the command center, but is successless.
( 15 Sec. )

The following line by Kirk "analysis Mr. Spock" is shown from different angles in both versions.
TV version: 4 Sec. / Theatrical Cut: 2 Sec. )

Here is a difference between Theatrical Cut and TV-Version:

Theatrical Version: take of Kirk.
( 1 Sec. )

TV-version: Kirk asks whether the deflectors withstand. Sulu says this was impossible to answer and Uhura still tries to call the command center.
( 25 Sec. )

The board doctor comes to the bridge and goes to injured Chekov. Ilia says she can take his pain away. She puts the hand to his wound, then Chekov's pain alleviates and he thanks Ilia.
( 43 Sec. )

Here is a difference between Theatrical Cut and TV-Version:

Theatrical Cut: Kurk turns to Spock, who says the intruder tried to establish contact.
( 6 Sec. )

TV-Version: Spock says the intruder tried to establish contact and mentions some technical data from the transfer.
( 17 Sec. )

Here is a difference between Theatrical Cut and TV-Version:

Theatrical Cut: Decker passes Spock, going to the control station.
( 6 Sec. )

TV-version: A woman comes and takes over the control station from Decker.
( 14 Sec. )

Ilia names the time until they are at the edge of the cloud. Spock tells Kirk that they dealt with a highly evolved lifeform. Short dialog between Decker and Spock. Spock only finds pure logic in that.
( 48 Sec. )

In the theatrical version, Kirk gets up from his chair.
( 9 Sec. )

Talk about the unknown spaceship's scale. Kirk asks what Spock thinks about this. He is fascinated.
( 39 Sec. )

Take of the spaceship. (Theatrical version at 1:02:32)
( 7 Sec. )

In the theatrical version, here the scene from 1:02:23 takes place.
( 7 Sec. )

The theatrical version first features the scene with Ilia, then the one with Spock. In the TV-version, these two scenes are swapped.
( no time difference )

Decker and the doctor escort Ilia to her quarters. The doctor gives the "Ilia"-creature a headdress and puts it on her. The subsequent scene at the mirror is different.
(Runtime in the theatrical cut: 18 Sec.)
( 70 Sec. )

Here is a difference between Theatrical Cut and TV-Version:

Theatrical cut: "Ilia"-creature says: "Dr.Chapell ?"
( 2 Sec. )

TV-version: "Ilia"-creature says: "Dr.Chapell ?", but you see a close-up of the doctor.
( 4 Sec. )

Ilia says the creator was on the third planet.
( 12 Sec. )

The scene (theatrical cut: 4 sec.), showing Ilia take off the headdress is shown from different angles. Then Ilia says, two carbon units entered at Vger.
( 56 Sec. )

In the theatrical version, there is another scene of Spock flying through space.
( 4 Sec. )

Kirk puts on a space suit as well. He orders everyone not to stop Spock. Then Kirk flies out of the Enterprise as well.
( 70 Sec. )

Now, the scene with Ilia takes place in the TV-version.
( no time difference )

Kirk says carbonite units were no sickness, and that there are natural functions on the creator's planet. Ilia says the were no real lifeforms. Vger thinks, his creator is a machine.
( 30 Sec. )

1:40:14 Kirk talks to Scotty over the communications system, that the Enterprised is to be destroyed if he orders so. One of Scotty's co-workers asks, why Kirk ordered the self destruction. Scotty says the captain was hoping to destroy Vger that way. Kirk wants a current sitrep. Kirk notices Spock crying because of Vger. Spock says why - the final goal was achieved.
( 189 Sec. )

Theatrical Cut: More takes out of the board window to Vger.
( 5 Sec. )