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Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Jan 30, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the TV Version (3-episode series) and the Extended Movie Version on DVD (represented by the US DVD)

* 28 new / extended scenes, 4x alternate footage included
* 11 audio censorship
* 2 spots where only the TV Version contains additional footage

- Additional footage DVD Version: 1589.7 sec (= 26:30 min)
=> 16:12 min of that footage is the additional prolog / epilog and has nothing to do with the actual episodes

- Additional footage TV Version: 91.7 sec (= 1:32 min)

The movie

Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story was released in September 2005. It was the first Family Guy movie and was a direct to video release (which means it wasn't shown in movie theaters). Technically, 3 single episodes have been combined here, a frame story (the Griffins and the other characters are watching their own movie) has been added to make it work.

Mainly the movie is about Stewie finding clues that Peter's not his real dad. That's why Brian and him are going to San Francisco to find his real dad.
They get help from Quagmire, who wants to start his "Cross Cuntry Tour" with a camper (the missing "O" in "country" is intended by the creators).

The movie has also been released in UK which is a good alternative for people without codefree player.
Fun fact: FOX needed more than 4 years for the German release. The DVD is equal to the UK release (except the pathetic German dub of course).

The versions

As already mentioned, the movie technically is nothing but a 3-episode series with extensions to combine the plot of the episodes. That's exactly how it was aired in May 2006 in the US. The three episodes are the last episodes if season 4 (4x28, 4x29, 4x30).

BUT: as usual for newer episodes, the footage had to be censored for the US TV. On the one hand a lot scenes are missing to reach the common running time of the episodes, on the other hand lots of modification were made because it was too rough for TV (I just drop two names: FOX, FCC). The DVD Version contains the original version before censorship of course.

With a running time of 88 min, the observing audience notices that it's much longer than just 3 episodes (22 min each including opening and final credits). That is because of the additional frame story, as already mentioned before. Before and after the feature film, we see the Griffins at the movie premiere and the after-show. That added footage runs approx. 16 min.
Nevertheless there are also more than 10 min of additional footage in the actual episodes, so that the fan shouldn't have anything to complain about.
While Episode 2 only contains some minor modifications, it's especially Episode 3 that contains many differences. Episode 1 is somewhere in between.

But there's also a small disadvantage in the DVD Version: two quite funny scenes at the end and the beginning of Episode 2 and 3, when the previous events are being summarized in a very creative way, have been removed.

The three single episodes are missing in the dvd season boxes. That's why the comparison is based on a TV recording. The US TV Version has been used to compare the dialogs etc. The German TV Version for the screenshots.

Time index refers to the DVD Version in NTSC (US DVD)



The TV Version starts with the regular opening credits of the series (approx. 30 sec - neither that nor the opening credits from Episode 2 and 3 are in the running time calculation).

The DVD Version has its own much longer prolog with the Griffins at the premiere of their own movie. It also has its own opening credits in style of the "Road To..." episodes with Brian and Stewie.

The news start. Tom Tucker reports about a dope cartel, the two accused are two well-known characters who can escape on their bikes. Then Diane, she talks about of the remains of Big Fat Paulie. Unfortunately the team wasn't able to find any footage of him, that's why parts of the boring movie "The Remains of the Day" with Anthony Hopkins are being aired.

Tom gives to Tricia Takanawa on the red carpet "for a special sneak preview of a straight-to-DVD feature that will soon be in the $3.99 bin at your local car wash".
At first she talks to Mayor Adam We and asks him for a couple of words for the audience. Adam comes up with some random words without any context.
The "greased up deaf guy" and the "Evil Monkey" also show up.

The next arriving person is Drew Barrymore with her date, the Kool Aid guy.
Cleveland arrives in style of a rapper (one could also call them Cleveland and his homies) and plugs his own fashion collection.

The Griffins arrive and Stewie is surrounded by reporters immediately. He's glad to be back, especially because his time in politics was a complete failure (cutaway gag with him as Saddam Hussein).

Further reporters ask question and a reporter from Entertainment Weekly asks Stewie about the progress of "Futurama" on FOX. Instead of saying anything, Stewie just breaks his neck.

Lois, completely loaded, crawls out of the limo and falls on the carpet in front of Peter. He wants her to get up again ("Get up!") but she wants to get laid instead ("Get on!"). Then Lois vomits and Peter carries her away.

Interview with Med: "So, Meg, how does it feel to be the center of attention?"
Before she has the chance to reply, Tricia goes to David Bowie, who has just arrived. He only says one sentence and Tricia starts humping his leg immediately.

Tom just comments that with "Thank you, Tricia, for setting your people back a thousand years."
A camera man gives a bootleg of the movie to Channel 5. As audible during the tracking shot to some big boobies and the following "Giggedy-giggedy-giggedy-goo!", the bootlegger is a well-known character as well.
Then the first trailer.

Then a trailer to a Disney movie with the score from Randy Newman. Then shots of him recording the songs.

The "Feature Presentation" follows. The note at the beginning contains a personal message.
Then the opening credits (approx. 2 min) with single images of Brian and Stewie.

511 sec (8:31 min) in total

Episode 1:

Stewie B. Goode


Just after the shot of the pool, the TV Version lacks the first three scenes.
First a conversation between Chris and Lois, then Peter's and Meg's failure to push Brian in the pool. Finally a Quagmire cameo.

A further animation with a water slide and Chris on the springboard: "Mom, look! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom, look at me! Look at me! Mom! Mom! Mom!"
Lois looks for once and Chris performs a triple flip. Having arrived at the edge of the pool, he proudly asks "How was that?"
Lois: "Your third somersault was a little sloppy. But what do I know, huh? It's been so long since I qualified for the Olympics."
Chris: "You were in the Olympics?"
Lois: "No, I got pregnant with Meg and couldn't go. Now I'm pro-choice."

Brian drinks at the pool, Peter spots him. He says to Meg: "Hey! Hey, Meg. Go crouch down behind Brian. I'm gonna push him in the pool."
Meg thinks that'd be funny and acts; "Okay."
She sneaks up and knees down, Peter starts running. In the very last moment, Brian steps aside and Peter hits Meg in the face pretty badly. She squirms with pain, Peter holds his knee: "Meg, you did it wrong!"

Quagmire and a chick come out of the store room. He says to her: "See ya later, honey."
When she's left, he goes on: "I guess I can't go swimmin' for half an hour. Giggedy-giggedy-giggedy-goo!"

60.4 sec in total


Peter's last words in the videostore are missing in the TV Version.

"The, uh, kind of movies where there are X-rated pornos and fully-nude people fornicate for the camera and stuff comes out."

0.7 sec

Audio censorship

The first words of Gandhi's comedy turn have been slightly modified.

TV: "And the Americans are always like 'Hey, bitch!'"
DVD: "And the black people are always like 'Hey, bitch!'"

No difference
Screen for orientation


After Gandhi's comedy turn, only the DVD Version returns to Stewie at the pool.

The trainer announces: "Okay, parents. Next week's the toddler's swim meet. It's gonna be a lot of fun!"
Stewie sees another baby passing by in the pool and says: "You know, that is a remarkable resemblance, Brad. You, on your back, in the water... You look like one of my stools!"

(In the audio commentary, the team is making fun of the problems with crap jokes on TV.)

13.8 sec


Extended shot of the Griffins at the dinner table, followed by a cutaway gag with Peter in the TV series Roseanne.

First half-assed laughing Meg, because the previous joke was on her.
Lois (still about Peter's fear of having his own TV show): "Oh, Peter, you'll be great. You're a natural. I always said they never should have replaced you on Roseanne."
Then a scene with him in Roseanne follows. Peter comes in the kitchen, Roseanne is already in there: "Hey, Rosie, have you seen Darlene?"
Roseanne just speaks gibberish that ends with the words "...and junk."
Peter replies totally confused: "Uh, I-I don't, uh- I can't, uh... What?"

21.8 sec

Alternate footage

Exterior shot of the swimming batg in the TV Version.

(2 sec)

In the DVD Version, Stewie ends his "coin purse" / the intimate shaving. Then a parody of The Shield follows.

Stewie about his intimate shaving: "There we are. Balder than Michael Chiklis. And bears him an odd resemblance, too. I say, they could be brothers."
Cutaway gag with voice-over: "Detective Vic Mackey has finally met his match. Just when you thought The Shield couldn't get anymore intense..."
A guy says to Michael: "Hey, Mackey, your brother's here."
Michael: "I'm sorry, Detective. I don't have a brother."
The brother walks around the corner (check the screen): "Hello, Vic."
Michael: "Detective Scrotes. I told you I never wanted to see you again."
Det. Scrotes: "Yeah? Well, I got a listenin' problem."

(28 sec)

DVD Version 26 sec longer

Alternate footage

Another longer missing part in the TV Version after the Lara Flynn Boyle gag.
First a conversation of the Griffins at the dinner table. Stewie is still palsy-walsy, then a cutaway gag that explains why Ray Charles got blind.

Stewie: "So, who would like to say the blessing? No one? Okay. I'll do it. Um, dear Lord...we thank you for this food we are about to eat...uh, thank you for this gorgeous day...and thank you for letting me share it with my good friend, Brian" - he points at him - "That's you. Um...and that about covers it, I guess. All right. Amen."
Lois to Peter: "Sweetheart, I thought your Grind My Gears segment was just wonderful tonight."
Meg: "Yeah! I can't believe my father's famous."
Peter: "Well, honey, there's been a lot of famous my great aunt, Ella Fitzgerald Griffin."
The corresponding cutaway gag with Peter's singing aunt follows: "Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. I'd like to introduce my accompanist for the evening...please say hello to young Ray Charles."
She restarts singing. As a result of that, a glas on the piaon shatters and the broken fragments end up in Ray's eyes: "I'm blind!"

(62.7 sec)

The TV Version contains a shot of the road before the cut to the following scene with Brian and Stewie.

(2.8 sec)

DVD Version 59.9 sec longer


Before Stewie and Brian are on their way back, they play Pacman in the DVD when they're plowed.
Brian, sluring: "G... Get the fruit. There's more points. Get... Get the... Get the fruit."
Stewie: "I'm not gonna get the fruit."
Brian: "Get the fruit..."
Stewie, he yells the last words: "I can't get the fruit. I'm not gonna get the fruit! There's a ghost right there!"

9.3 sec

Audio censorship

When Peter says "Fuck you!" to the entire American country, the F-word is beeped in the TV Version.

No difference
Screen for orientation

Alternate footage

Huge modification with alternate footage at the end of the episode.
In the DVD Version, Stewie lies in bed without any clothes. That makes the gag that Roger Moore did sth. with him last night way more controversial.

TV Version:

Brian, in the same animation: "Well, I hope you learned something from all this."
Stewie: "I most certainly did, Brian. It seems I'm still finding myself. But for the moment I've just got to accept the fact that I'm an angry boy who'll occasionally try to burn down a house or toss a poison dart at his mother. After all, I can't let one near-death experience change my whole life, can I?"
Brian: "I'm glad you finally figured that out. You're gonna be OK?"
Stewie: "Yes, yes, I'll be fine. I wish I could remember where I was last night..."
He gets out an embroidered handkerchief; "...and who the hell 'R.M.' is."

(26 sec)

DVD Version:

Stewie also says: "I mean, I may have an occasional creme de menthe, but that's about it."
Brian, he removes his blanket: "Look, kid, you can't stay in bed all... Oh, God! You're nude!"
According to the writing on his belly, Stewie is property of Roger Moore now. Obviously shocked, he says: "I am? What happened to my clothes? Good Lord! What the hell did I do last night?"
Brian: "I hope you learned something from all this."
Stewie: "I certainly did, Brian. It seems I'm still finding myself."
Brian: "Well, that's just life, Stewie. You gotta help yourself. No one's gonna do it for ya."
Now a tracking shot, similar to the TV Version, but here he's topless: "Yes, I suppose you're right. It's just too bad there's not someone out there just like me who understands me well enough to show me the way."
Brian replies (according to the way he looks, he doesn't believe that): "Yeah. Stewie, I'm sure there's someone out there just like you."

Cutaway gag with the comment: "Meanwhile, 3000 miles away...".
Now a shot of Stewie's so-called real father in a hotel: "Yes, I've reserved a non-smoking room with a view of the bay. No soap in the bathroom, just moist towelettes and a sleep mask. And, um, could you send up a bouquet of orchids and a box of Toffifay?"

Again Stewie in bed: "But, for the moment, I've just got to accept the fact that I'm an angry boy who'll occasionally try to burn down a house or toss a poison dart at his mother. After all, I can't let one near-death experience change my whole life, can I?"
Brian: "I'm glad you finally figured that out. Although, I will say, for the record, you're a pretty fun drunk."
Stewie: "Well, thank God there were no long-term repercussions."
(Which is the transition to the scene in Roger Moore's house.)

(62.6 sec)

DVD Version 36.6 sec longer

Episode 2:

Bango Was His Name, Oh!

The typical opening credits are only in the TV Version (anything else would be pointless).


After Chris got turtured by Lois in the basement, the TV Version lacks a shot of Quagmire getting out of that awkward situation.

Brian and Stewie in the camper. Brian asks: "Think we should go back for Quagmire?"
Stewie: "He'll be all right. He's resourceful."
Then a shot of Quagmire, still cuffed to the bed. He can reach the phone but it just lands next to his crotch. Quagmire switches the TV on, noises from a porno are audible. Quagmire turns aside and dials (obviously) with his boner und says: "All right!"

23.3 sec


Here it was about time for commercials in the TV Version. The DVD Version lacks the dissolve, which doesn't look like Star Wars by chance, for obvious reasons.

No difference


After the shots of the bridge, Stewie and Brian are in town immediately.
The trip into town is missing and so is a lovely cutaway gag with a parody of ThunderCats.

Brian: "Well, we made it. San Francisco."
Stewie: "I bet this city's filled with kooky roommates like the kind you see all living together on TV."
At the fortress of the ThunderCats. Cheetara comes in: "Hey, Lion-O, what's going on?"
Lion-O: "I'm not sure, Cheetara. But I've got a bad feeling Mumm-Ra's up to something."
Cheetara: "Hmm. I'll be right back. I'm gonna use the john."
She leaves and Lion-O whips out his sword immediately: "Eye of Thundera, give me sight beyond sight."
Now he has kind of an X-Ray vision and can look through the wall. He sees Cheetara on the can.
Snarf catches him out: "Lion-O, what are you doing? Snarf! Snarf!"
Lion-O drops the sword: "Oh, hey, uh... Not much, not much."
After a little pause: "You want to get wasted or something?"

35.4 sec

Additional footage in the TV Version

At the end of Episode 2, only the TV Version contains additional footage.
First a freeze frame, then a short teaser from Episode 3 which shows two scenes from the episode, then a new scene / reference to the sitcom Soap with a family fight in the living room.

That scene is accompanied by the following voice-over:
"Could this man really be Stewie? Will the cell phone guy's friend pick him up? Will our younger viewers get the 'Soap' reference? The answers to these questions and many others will be answered in the next episode."

+ 14 sec


The DVD contains an intermission / black screen with the corresponding text, accompanied by comments of some of the characters instead.

Peter: "What the hell is this?"
Brian: "Looks like an intermission, a chance to stretch the legs."
Peter: "Oh, man, I peed in this cup for nothin'?"
Chris: "Dad, I just kicked over your Coke."
Stewie: "I look atrocious! Did you see my ass? Oh, my God!"
Meg: "This stinks! I can't believe they cut my whole sex scene! It was so tastefully done!"
Lois: "Peter, could you go to the concession stand? I want something to suck on."
Quagmire: "Giggedy-giggedy!"
Cleveland: "Hey, Quagmire, you think we got time to go outside and burn one?"
Quagmire: "It's not over yet? How long is this thing?"
Herbert: "Chris, do you have a shower scene? Or do I have to keep dreamin'? Mmm."
Brian comments the second text box: "All right, we're back."
39.3 sec

Episode 3:

Stu & Stewie's Excellent Adventure

Additional footage in the TV Version

The episode begins with a lovely retrospect in the style of 24.

A deep voice: "Previously on Family Guy."
A lot of scenes from the first two episodes follow, credits with the name of the main characters show up.
At the end a non-suitable scene from the Chevy Chase Show.

+ 46 sec

And again, the common opening credits exclusively in the TV Version.


The DVD Version starts earlier in the house of the Griffins, Future Peter watches Britney Spears' comeback concert on TV.

Lois: "Put some pants on. The kids'll be here any minute."
Peter: "In a second, Lois. I'm watching the Britney Spears comeback concert."
Shot of a fat Britney Spears in a wheelchair: "Hi, everybody! I may have lost a foot to diabetes but I'm still sexy, y'all! Now I'm gonna dance for ya!"
She starts, falls off teh stage immediately and bursts into flames.

24.9 sec

Audio censorship

The swear words in Vanessa's (Chris's gielfriens) statement have been beeped: "Stop fuckin' apologizing. You sound like a fuckin' woman."

No difference
Screen for orientation


Chris pulls rank to Lois, followed by a nasty comment of Vanessa.

Chris: "Mom, I notice your hedges are pushing out onto the curb, and that's a violation. And your tags are expired, and one of your taillights is busted. I'm not gonna run you in, but I will if you don't give me a cookie!"
He yelled the last words, Lois follows his order immediately: "Here you go, sweetie."
Chris is mollified: "Yeah!"
Vanessa: "Yeah, that's what that fat pig needs... a fuckin' cookie."

16 sec


Peter, still lying under Vanessa's skirt on the ground, talks about the R&R. A cutaway gag with Bono from U2 follows.

Peter: "That was a swell vacation. Much better than that time I was stuck on that island with Bono."
Shot of them on a small island, Bono guards the supply box.
Peter: "Bono, stop screwin' around and open up that damn crate of food."
Bono: "I'm saving this for the starvin' children of the world in case we get rescued."
Peter: "Yeah, you know what? That's us. We're starvin'. Now open it up!"
Bono: "I can't do that, Peter. It's for the starvin' children."
Behind Peter's back, he starts eating the stuff and gets caught in the act by Peter: "Aha!"
Bono: "I'm just makin' sure it tastes good for the starvin' children."
Peter slays him with a stone and stuffs the entire food in his mouth.

31.8 sec


Shot of "Stu" and Stewie walking around in the house. Stewie recognizes a picture of his prom.

Stewie: "What is this one, my prom?"
Stu: "Oh, yes. That's Shirley Blitt. We couldn't do any dancing because of her club foot, but the punch was delicious. I think somebody put mango in it. Isn't it funny that I remember that after all these years?"

12.8 sec

Audio censorship

Vanessa speaks in high terms of Lois's cooking, as usual with a beeped F-word.
"That is some fuckin' good dinner, Mrs. Griffin."

No difference
Screen for orientation

Audio censorship

Vanessa: "Don't you ever want to inherit this house, you fat fuck? Or am I the only one who has any desire to move out from under the fucking power lines?"

No difference
Screen for orientation

Alternate footage

Alternate, more harmless comment of Vanessa plus a slightly different animation.

TV: "That kid's from Guam!"
(0.9 sec)

DVD: "Screw him! That fuckin' kid's from Guam!"
(2.1 sec)

DVD Version 1.2 sec longer

TV VersionDVD Version

Audio censorship

And the next word from Vanessa's comment got beeped: "Probably only speaks Spanish or some shit."

No difference
Screen for orientation

Audio censorship

Now it's Stewie's turn to swear: "So stick a fucking sock in it, you cow!"

No difference
Screen for orientation


Slightly difference made for time. Stu's first words are missing in the TV Version: "You can crash at my place tonight, but tomorrow we're going to get you back home."

4 sec

Audio censorship

Stewie phrases it slightly different.

TV: "You're nailing Fran."
DVD: "You're humping Fran."

No difference
Screen for orientation


Before the appartment is restored: only in the DVD Version, Stu changes Stewie's diapers one more time and Stewie gets an uncomfortable projection into his future

Stewie: "We've got a big day of overhauling your life ahead. First we've got to fix up this apartment... Stop that!"
Stu: "What?"
Stewie: "Why are you staring at my genitals?"
Stu: "I'm not allowed to tell you anything about your own future, but I will say this... Enjoy your left testicle while you can."
Stewie: "What?"
Stu: "I've said too much."

Shot of the junk in front of the house to dissolve to the next scene.

16.8 sec


Lois and Peter are talking about the TV program before Chris and Meg / Ron come in.

Peter: "Hey Lois, which Law and Order is this?"
Lois: "This is Law and Order: P.C.A.M.P.I.E.O.F. T.D. - Petty Crimes Against Municipal Property In Excess of Five Thousand Dollars."
Peter looks back at the TV: "Oh, that kid's spraying graffiti. That is not gonna be cheap to have that wall repainted."

13.6 sec

Audio censorship

Stewie phrases his sex training clearer. As a result of that, the animation in the DVD Version is longer.

TV: "And in and out. And in and out."
DVD: "Put it in, take it out. Put it in, take it out."

1.7 sec
Screens from the longer DVD Version

Audio censorship

Fran's comment from the off / from the bathroom is more harmless.

TV: "I'm getting my diaphragm."
DVD: "I'm putting in my diaphragm."

No difference
Screen for orientation

Audio censorship

Now a more harmless comment of Stewie (if that's what you wanna ccall it) when he reads out of the book for Stu.

TV: "Insert your penis into her vagina."
DVD: "Insert your phallus into her vagina."

No difference
Screen for orientation


Some more dialog after Stu got fired, followed by a cutaway gag.

Stu: "Fired? Oh, this is not good."
Stewie: "Oh, dear. This is almost as bad as when Peter got fired as the first director of Terms of Endearment."
Then a scene from the mentioned movie. A woman in a hospital bed says: "Kids, I don't have much time left and I can't talk for too long 'cause I get real upset. I want you to make a lot of friends and be real nice to the girls... They're gonna be real important to you after I'm gone."
Peter serves to the camera in the meantime by zooming to her boobies several times while she's speaking. Finally Peter's comment: "Sweet."

24 sec


Stewie in the car, he adds: "Well, it's not the first gift that's ever gone unappreciated."
Another cutaway gag. The Griffins at the Christmas tree and Peter gives Lois his gift: "Merry Christmas, sweetheart."
Lois, not really pleased: "Oh, Peter, thank you! An arcade-style Galaga machine... Oh, thank you, Peter..."
Peter pushes her away immediately because he wants to play on his own: "Move!"

Then Stewie (before they find Stu's burning house): "Look, all right, I'll admit that maybe things haven't gone exactly to plan. We'll go home and regroup and hit 'em hard tomorrow."

21.6 sec


In the retirement home. Shot of Tom Tucker and Diane Simmons reading the news to an old man in a wheelchair.

Tom: "And now here's Diane with a look at traffic."
Diane: "Thanks, Tom. There was a major pile-up in the ambulatory wing this morning when one of the residents vomited in the hallway."
Tom: "And in international news, I'm fairly certain that Filipino nurse is stealing from me."

12.9 sec


The conversation between Stewie and Lois continues before Brian and Stewie leave the "Quahog Time Travel Inc" shop.

Lois gives him a check: "Take as much money as you need, but there's a couple of conditions. On your way back to the past, make sure Chris never marries that bitch Vanessa. And I want a promise that I won't spend my old age in a place like this."
Stewie: "Oh, believe me, Lois, I promise you will never end up in a retirement home."
He laughs diabolically, then he gets up: "All right, let's do this."

36.6 sec


At first Stewie beams to Chris's and Vanessa's marriage and takes them out.

Priest: "And if anyone has any objection to this union of Chris and Vanessa let them speak now or forever hold their peace."
Stewie shows up: "Uh, I do."
He gets out his weapon and shoots Vanessa. She's just a pile of ashes now.
Shot of the terrified guests. Stewie says bye: "So, don't let this keep you from enjoying the reception where I'm sure they'll be playing the Chicken Dance. So enjoy the Chicken Dance."

24.7 sec


The DVD Version contains two additional shots of the pool / the town, then the writing "The End" appears on the screen.

16.9 sec



After the feature film, the DVD Version also contains a report by Channel 5 about the reactions to the movie plus conversations with the main characters.

Tom Tucker plays GameBoy (ambiguous words of his at the beginning) under the table, then Tricia Takanawa on the after-show party at the Drunken Claim.
Several people come up with their opinion before the Griffins arrive.

After a reporter came up with a totally out of context question for Peter and after that reporter ran into a phone booth, Tricia is doing an interview with Peter about his new concepts for the show (Cleveland has to nail a chicken plus incest with Chris und Lois).

Then Peter talks about his other part-time jobs (Mickey Mouse, fireman, astronaut) he has lost because he intended to do his bathroom deeds in a suit, just like the astronauts.

Now it's Lois turn. She talks about her "dark period" (a traffic control, a job as a go-go-dancer on a bachelor party and an outburst in the supermarket).

Then Brian, who failed a dog sled race and usually spent his time with "fans" / women in a bar.

Chris worked at "The West Wing". He's pretty busy at the set and walks through corridors, giving a lot of orders. At the end, he finds the cheese in the office labyrinth.

Meg claims she'd done a lot of things and says her participation is what she's most proud of.
A Cher parody follows. The guys turn around disgustedly while she's dancing. Finally, the ship is blown up for security reasons.

Stewie was pretty busy, too. Most of the time he was in talkshows. He shows himself totally nude in the David Letterman show and mentions his most favorite swear words in other shows. Finally he can satisfy a femals ally with a peace of cheese cake in another show.

Peter says some last words. The fancy-started speech (he wants to talk about things that really matter) ends with a fart of his.
The camera tracks backwards and Peter comments that scene in front of the TV: "Truth is, 300 million Americans a day expel gas through their anus. To learn more about flatulence, you can visit my ass." - He farts - "Just yankin' ya!"
After a screen off, he shows up again to come up with another fart. Then the final credits.

461 sec (7:41 min) in total