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9.24 Last Forever (2)


  • Alternate Version
  • TV Version
Release: Jan 08, 2015 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Alternate Version and the TV Version of the final episode of How I Met Your Mother, both available on the season 9 DVD release by Twentieth Century Fox.

And kids, that's how I met your mother.

The very controversial finale really devided the fanbase: you either like or hate the ending of Ted's nine-season-search for the eponymous mother of his children.
For those who did not like the original ending, the recent DVD release contains a second option with a different, more positive ending. In my opinion, the alternate ending illustrates a rather unsympathetic ending of the story. But I must say that I really liked the ending of the TV Version when I was watching it for the very first time.

Now, a little explanation about the structure of the comparison. Except for the beginning of the comparison where a few framecuts will be mentioned, the rest of it will not show any differences such as transitions, shorter or longer scenes or adding / removing some scenes. This comparison is basically about showing the order of events of both versions.
The Alternate Version will be on the first page of the comparison, the second page explains the original ending of the TV Version.

Those who have not seen the finale yet should probably stop reading because the following comparison contains huge spoiler.

The TV Version is 40 seconds longer than the Alternate Version.
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Time index: Alternate Version / TV Version


Marhall and Lilly earlier in the Alternate Version before Lilly continues to speak.

+1.2 sec


A few frames are different. In the TV Version, the shot of Marshall and Lilly is 2 frames longer. AS compensation, the following shot of Ted and Tracy beings 3 frames earlier in the Alternate Version.

+0.04 sec


Extended shot of Ted and Tracy in the Alternate Version.

+0.44 sec


The shot of Marshall and Lilly is 1 ridiculous frame longer in the TV Version.

0.04 sec

The Alternate Version


Old Ted speaks from the off.

Aunt Lily was half right. It was a long road. You might even say it was really, really, really long. But difficult? No. It was life. Stuff happens in life. Things fall apart. Things get put back together. When I think how lucky I am to wake up nest to your mom every morning I canít help but be amazed at how easy it all really was.

All I had to do was get out of the apartment for a couple hours so Uncle Marshall could propose to Aunt Lily. Go to the bar. Meet your Aunt Robin. Convince your Aunt Robin to fall in love with me. Break up with your Aunt Robin. Go on the rebound. Go get a rebound tattoo. Go get the rebound tattoo removed. Meet Stella. Convince Stella to fall in love with me. Get engaged. Get left at the altar. Get fired. Get beat up by a goat. Get a job as a professor. Teach the wrong class.

Date the wrong girl. Date the wrong girl again. Date the wrong girl a few times actually. Let Uncle Barney fall in love with Aunt Robin. Let Aunt Robin fall in love with Uncle Barney. Book the wedding band. Go to their wedding. Make sure their wedding actually happened. Leave a little early. Be at the right place at the right time. And somehow summon the guts to do the stupidest, most impossible thing in the world. Walk up to that beautiful girl standing under the yellow umbrella and start talking.

Then Ted's conversation with Tracy at the platform.

See? Easy. And that, kids, is how I met your mother.

Now the title of the show, followed by the main actors and their names.

Last but not least, the yellow umbrella is being blows across the street.

Then the end credits.

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