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American Dad

2.16 When a Stan Loves a Woman


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Mar 10, 2012 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV Version and the extended DVD Version (both included in the US Box "Volume 3").

- 7 altered scenes, among them one with alternate footage and two with censored audio track
- Difference: 40.9 sec


From the series Family Guy, fans are already used to extensions and uncensored sequences on the DVD box sets since the release of the 4th season. With Seht MacFarlane's other baby - American Dad - they do a similar thing. However, not too many episodes per DVD box are different in comparison to their TV version; probably also because the series isn't as rude as the one starring the Griffins. As a result, there's not too much that needs to be censored.

Similar to Family Guy, the release policy for American Dad is equally confusing. Instead of an entire box set for one season, the releases are divided in volumes (unlike Family Guy the volumes are identical in each country). The first season for example consists of 23 episodes, while the "volume 1" set only includes the first 13 episodes; thus, the following volumes often include episodes of 2 different seasons.

Vol. 1 and 2 didn't include episodes that were different to TV versions except for one: the episode Tears of a Clooney (1x23) on Vol. 2 has a censored and an uncensored soundtrack. Since this censorship only involves beeping out curse words, we decided not to release a report for this episode.

Additionally, we took a closer look at Vol. 2's episode Finances with Wolves, since the official rating entry listed that the episode was about 2 minutes longer than an average episode. However, it is highly possible, that the entry is simply faulty, since the episode actually has an average runtime and does not at all differ from the TV version - neither on the German, nor on the US DVD.

Volume 3

"Volume 3" includes episodes 10-19 of the second and episode 1-7 + 9 of the third season (the 8th episode of season 3 can be found on Volume 4). The box set includes 6 episodes with differing versions. However, 3 of these episodes only offer auditory differences (on the menu screen you can choose between "English" and "Uncensored English"). As for Volume 1 and 2, we only created reports for those episodes that offer more than just deleted beeps.

Episodes with extended material/uncensored footage
- 2x11: American Dream Factory
- 2x16: When a Stan Loves a Woman
- 3x06: 42-Year-Old Virgin

Episodes with an additional uncensored soundtrack (no beeps)
- 2x10: Bush Comes To Dinner=> 6th minute: "Fuck"
- 3x04: Big Trouble in Little Langley=> 20th minute: "fucking"
- 3x07: Surro-Gate=> 18th minute: "shit"

It's interesting to mention that only the three episodes with the uncensored soundtrack are listed as having a "Censored and Uncensored Version" on the cover. The other three episodes which are a little more interesting (since they include uncensored images) are not listed like that. The only thing that tells you about the difference is the option "Play unrated version" on the menu screen.

About this Episode

When a Stan Loves a Woman (2x16) is also availabe as 41-seconds-longer episode with additional footage that needed to be removed for time reasons. The new footage is nothing but trivial and the bedscene with Stan and Francince doesn't seem sleazy enough to assume that it was censored.
Furthermore, the censored audio track has been reversed in two scenes. Now, Francince is finally allowed to use the terrible F-Word.

Steve also asks: "You have finals at community college?"
Hayley: "Yeah. I'm gonna pull an all-afternooner."

3.8 sec


In the TV Version, Stan turns his head around while saying "It's not gonna happen tonight." (no screens).

In the DVD Version, he keeps looking at Francine. She says: "Give me a chance. Who's a good boy? Who wants to play catchy-ball? Come on, catchy-ball."
Stan: "Francine, stop. My penis is not a dog. It's Batman."

DVD Version 9.6 sec longer


Stan and Francine laughing.

2.4 sec


Before Roger enters the room disguised as a Persian, the DVD Version shows Stan dressing up to soul music. While he's adoring himself in the mirror, he says: "Gotta dust off the old single-Stan threads. Oh, yeah. Haven't seen this guy in a while."

15.5 sec

Altered Audio Track

Francine's outburst is uncencored: "What the fuck is going on?"

Altered Audio Track

And again: "What the fuck is going on?"


Francine wants to leave but Klaus screams: "Francine, wait!"
She turns around: "What?"
Klaus is excited: "You waited, I made that happen. Now go."
Francine leaves and Klaus proudly says: "I am a God!"

9.5 sec