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3.12 Do You Believe in Magic?


  • US Version
  • German Version
Release: May 14, 2015 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the cut episodes on the US DVD by Lions Gate / FOX and the uncut episodes on the German DVD by Warner Home Video.

The differences:

4 cuts = 2 minutes and 7 seconds

One certainly needs to make no words about the hilarious TV show "ALF". Even those who have not seen it have at least heard of it even though it has been quite some time since something new from the ALF universe was released. Anyway, the show consists of 4 seasons and was aired in the late 80s and early 90s. Furthermore, there are two animated series ("ALF: The Animated Series" & ALF Tales) and a motion picture from the mid 90s.

As for the US Versions, a few minutes of each episode were cut for syndication in order to show more commercials. Unfortunately, these syndication versions were also released on DVD. Understandably, the fans were disappointed that the DVDs do not contain the uncut episodes. Whether or not the uncut episodes will be released one day (perhaps on Blu-ray?) is the million dollar question.
9 min
After Alf's unsuccessful "magic show" there is some more dialog.
Alf: Um, you've been a lovely audience! Good night and drive carefully!
Katherine (serious): Hold it, Mr. Stupefying!
Alf: Okay, it didn't work! Who am I kidding? I'm no good at this! How cruel fate is to plant the desire within me, but not the ability!
Lynn: We watched "Amadeus" last night!
31 sec

13 min
After Willie got out of bed he gets the rabbit and leaves.
4 sec

14 min
Alf: (Maybe at 3-foot-2, everything he gets into is over his head!)
Willie: Oh, Alf, enough is enough!
Alf: But I was just getting started!
Lynn enters the garage with the rabbit.
Lynn: Did somebody lose this?
Alf: Yo, right here!
Willie: Alf, I'm going to say this im terms so simple that even you cannot possibly misunderstand!
Alf: Huh?
Willie: Learning magic requires diligence and patience two qualities which you have not as yet demonstrated!
Katherine: Face it, Alf! You just don't have a talent for magic!
Alf: Sure! Kick the prestidigitator when he's down!
45 sec

15 min
In the garage, Alf counts the rabbits and realizes that there are eight of them.
Alf: Hey, two and three, could you at least wait until the lights are out?
Brian: Hey, Alf, I found your magic sign in the trash!
Alf: Right next to my career!
Brian: Your're not gonna give up, are you?
Alf: The magic wand's retired, B! Unlike Billy Martin, I know when to hang it up!
Brian: But you promised I could be in one of your tricks!
Alf: I guess I'll have to make it up to you!
Brian: Okay, then make it up to me by making me disappear!
Alf: No, I don't feel like it!
Brian: Oh, come on, Alf! Please?
Alf: All right, get in the box!
47 sec