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  • PG-13
  • Unrated
Release: Jul 24, 2015 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: ManfredR - external link: IMDB

Content & Criticism

For those, who once in a while, watch other movies than the ordinary Pixar Disney cartoons together with their children is perfectly advised with this pleasurable romantic comedy. It couldn‘t be more harmlessly! There are only good tempered actors whereas no character is completely unlikeable overacted. Even the ordinary counterparts have their funny moments so that any of the parties can be satisfied. The story itself naturally is also a gnashing sweet cotton candy where the two scallywags Shawn und Nick spend their last year at High School with capturing many sexy girls. Certainly one means is just being a perfect football player – but when they prepare for a complete girl free football camp in the desert they shortly decide making a career as cheer and therefore go to a contest where the situation is quite the opposite: 300 girls and 4 boys......

The willing reader may already have noticed that the movie is just a poor copy of the GIRLS UNITED serial meanwhile in its 5th season. The funniest scene though is when the complete camp is watching this serial at night knowing every single dialog by heart. And just like the successful example the course of the plot is predictable with no surprises at all. In fact the popular names are missing but with series star Nicholas D'Agosto ("Heroes", "ER"), Eric Christian Olsen ("Eagle Eye", "The Comebacks") and Sarah Roemer ("The Grudge 2", "Disturbia") the right choice has been made. Series writer Will Gluck made his debut as director with this movie just like Freedom Jones as script writer. They both did a good job. Are there any nameable weaknesses? Actually not! Ist his a must see movie? Actually not!


Blessed with a theatrical release in the US the movie just brought in the estimated production costs of 20 Million dollars, however due to the DVD release there will be a handsome profit in return. That this could happen a so titled “Unrated” version was released for the home movie market. And like many times before, the result is deceptive. The differences regarding the theatrical version (also released as single DVD in the US) are hardly to find. There are many different and absolutely banal scene differences partly below one second down to some frames (for example the transitions between the individual takes differs in the initial football game. This is where just some frames have been inserted in the unrated version). Apart from that there are mostly differences in dialogs in which sometimes only ONE word differs. Only someone who bothers to repeat the lines might notice it but only after watching the movie several times and with making a mild throat clearing sound I think this won’t happen with FIRED UP! Boobs are shown in one scene but in a chaste manner and not stimulating at all – okay maybe for a twelve year old guy this will be normal! Both DVDs provide almost the same extras only the unrated disk comes up with an "uncensored" Gag-Reel and an additional feature titled "Fired-Up Press Junket - Hour 12 Footage". Apart from that all in anamorphic WS 2.40 with English and French sound and subtitles. Also the audio comments from Gluck, D' Agosto and Olson are available on both discs.

Compared are the theatrical version rated PG with the unrated version, both released as single discs in the USA. The numerous minimal differences below one second haven’t been itemized, only the censorship related dialogs and additional takes.
3:19 Min.
After the take of the brunette a short dialog of Nick is missing: "Looks like she wouldn't mind St. Nick stuffed down her chimney!"
( 2 sec. )

3:30 Min.
After the inspecting view onto the blonde : "Wonder if her carpet matches my drapes."
( 2 sec. )

4:14 Min.
Some more sentences after "Baby-Tee" giving hand signals. One of the teammates: "I don't wanna run laps all afternoon. I have a shrink appointment." Nick: "Dude, your cousin stuck his finger in your ass. Get over it."
( 6 sec. )

8:56 Min.
Dialog difference: When Nick and Shawn make up their plan taking part in the cheerleader camp Shawn asks Nick if he has his "Coming-Out".
Nick’s answer in the rated PG version:
"I can watch a Project Runway Marathon, with Nathan Lane's head up my dress and still win a straight award."
In the unrated version:
"I could suck knob and still be straight. I could have one in my mouth and two in each hand and still win a straight award."

11:37 Min.
When Poppy both guys ask what they’d really like in the two versions are different frames and dialogs.

PG:"What? Skin mags?"Unrated:"What? Tug mags?"

11:54 Min.
The same procedure:

PG:"Hey, buddy, you can winky-tink on my face just don't tell me it's raining."Unrated:"Hey, buddy, you can piss on my face just don't tell me it\'s raining."

12:01 Min.
And once again:

PG:"'re looking for fresh produce."Unrated:"'re looking for fresh muff."

30:51 Min.
Nick exercises with a cheerleader. Right before she kisses him there is one sentence in the unrated version of him saying: "I love every bone in your body. Especially mine...?"
( 4,5 sec. )

32:26 Min.
Nick & Shawn are standing at the vegetable buffet. Again there is a different talking.
In the rated PG version:
"The sacrifices I make for the ladies."
In the unrated version:
"The sacrifices I make for ass."

32:34 Min.
Again different dialog lines:
In the rated PG version:
"Dude, I am not gonna high five you for something you got a year ago."
"Dude, I am not gonna high five you for a beejer you got a year ago."

34:54 Min.
Different dialog lines:
In the rated PG version:
"It was heartless boob-grabbers."
"It was soulless beav-wranglers."

40:39 Min.
Minimal differences when the parties take off clothes at the beach.


40:40 Min.
Again there are different image details and also two takes have been swapped.


40:49 Min.
Different takes:


40:55 Min.
Argh! Again different frame details:


42:08 Min.
Different frame details:


46:57 Min.
Different dialog lines minimal and alternatively cut:

PG: "One of you smell my knuckles, will you?"Unrated: "One of you smell my rod, will you?"

58:11 Min.
Carly also makes an encouragement speech.

PG: " you can all suck it."Unrated: " you can all suck my dick."

60:56 Min.
Dr. Rick says:
In the rated PG version: "That's close enough, Jonas Brother"
In the unrated version: "That's close enough, dick lick"

68:27 Min.
Before Carly goes to Shawn waiting in front of the house there is some more talking going on between the two girls in bed.
"Get out of my bed, Bianca."
"I kind of can't."
"I might not have pants on."
( 6 sec. )

69:36 Min.
Once again cock-eyed differences: When Shawn fell on Nick, Nick says: "You're such a fat boy". In the unrated version after “Dude” there is a fade onto the girls talking: "Bianca?" - "Yeah." - "Any chance you could throw on a pair of underpants?"
Total difference: ( 4 sec. )

PG: Unrated:

85:35 Min.
During the final credits there are also some different slips of the tongue with the according frames.

PG: Unrated:

89:37 Min.
And in the end the final scene where Bianca kisses her girlfriend is also missing like the belonging dialog:
"And that's how you kiss a guy" - "Okay!" - "All right, again."
( 17 sec. )