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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Aug 22, 2013 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The PG-13 VHS byParamount (Theatrical Version) was compared to the FSK 6 DVD by Winkler Film (Director's Cut).

There are 7 differences totalling at 3 minutes and 51 seconds:

2 cuts = 1 minute und 29 seconds.
5 alternative scenes = 2 minutes and 22 seconds +DC.

The theatrical version, which, among others, was released in the US on VHS had a couple of plot scenes cut out and partly replaced with short alternative shots. The extended Director's Cut was released globally on DVD.
7 min
Miranda enters the room and throws her suitcase onto the bed. She opens it and takes out a notebook, skims through it and finds a couple of bank notes. She puts part of the money into her jacket whereas she stuffs the other part into a pair of shoes and then hides those under the bed. She gets out some clothes from the suitcase and then walks through the rooms. She goes back to the suitcase and unpacks some more stuff.
70 sec

11 min
The woman calls the next candidate "Linda Lue Linden." Linda gets up, says that its her and walks onto the stage. The woman wants to know whether her name really is Linda. Linda stumbles over a guitar case on her way to the stage and then answers that it really is her name. After Linda sat down on the stool, she speaks into the microphone and introduces herself to the audience. The theatrical version only features alternative shots of Linda introducing herself.
Theatrical Version: 7 sec
Director's Cut: 37 sec

Theatrical VErsionDirector's Cut

30 min
James is playing his song with his band longer, including a few intercuts to a couple of attendants in the bar. The audience applauds as he ends the song. There is another short alternative shot here again in the theatrical version.

Theatrical Version: 2 sec
Director's Cut: 33.5 sec

Thetrical VersionDirector's Cut

61 min
After Miranda has thrown James onto the bed, she bows down over him and recites a poem. James says that he knows the poem. Miranda then answers that he should be quiet and slows bends over down to him. In the US version, she only bends over silently. The two versions run in sync again when they kiss each other.
Theatrical Version: 3.5 sec
Director's Cut: 26 sec

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut

63 min
Als die Kuss-Szene im Director's Cut abgeblendet wird, sieht man nur im Director's Cut, wie James im Bett liegt und aus seinem Schlaf erwacht. Er blickt zu Mirandas Seite, die aber leer ist. Als er nach ihr ruft, aber keine Antwort bekommt, steigt er aus dem Bett heraus, zieht sich etwas über und läuft aus dem Bild. Die Kuss-Szene ist in der Kinofassung dafür etwas länger (allerdings nur verschwommen zu sehen).
Theatrical Version: 3 sec
Director's Cut: 32 sec

67 min
Differing shots of Miranda being happy when she finds out that James goes to Graceland with her. In the Director's Cut, James subsequently also wants to know if she can see the swarm of birds in the sky and tells her to count them as this is a sign. Furthermore, he asks her whether she knows why they fly together. Miranda wants to know why and James tells her that is because they are friends. Miranda says that she counted eleven. James answers that that is one plus one and that two was the number of love. When he asks her whether Miranda knew that, she says that she had never heard of that before.
Theatrical Version: 8 sec
Director's Cut: 37 sec

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut

98 min
James enters the room, furiously opens one of a cupboard's drawers, which is empty, though, and leaves the room again.
19 sec