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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Jun 28, 2010 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
The Director's cut of "The New Guy" has only been released in the US so far. It contains some cuts for the PG-13 and also two new plot scenes which feature DJ Qualls as William Wallace (not Patton) already in the first football game. Theatrical version: 84:41 min. PAL
Director's Cut: 92:05 min. NTSC

11 new scenes, adding up to 289 seconds
4 deleted scenes, adding up to 40 seconds
10 alternative scenes
Different logo.
18 sec. longer

In the theatrical version, Dizzy goes on dancing. In the director's cut, there is a cutaway in which his mother packs clothes into a trunk.
no difference in time

In the theatrical version, Luther moves into the picture and comments on what is happening. In the director's cut, Dizzy goes on dancing alone.
no difference in time

In the theatrical version, Dizzy is still dancing. The director's cut shows his mother taking off her wedding ring. There are also more shots of Dizzy dancing.

In the director's cut, Luther's off-screen comment is missing. But one sees Dizzy's mother leaving the family and the following conversations after Dizzy tried to do the split.
Dizzy: "I can`t go on. Can`t go on. Can`t go on."
Mother: "Yes you can, honey. You`re the godfather of soul."
Dizzy: "That's right."
Mother: "I love you."

Then his mother goes to the door.
Dizzy: "Where are you going, mom? ... Mom?"

His father comes running down the stairs.
Father: "Beth Anne! Honey, don't leave."
He trips over the threshold.

Father and son are sitting on the stairs.
Father: "I'm sorry ... but it looks like it's just gonna be me and you now, Dizzy."
Dizzy: "What happened, dad?"
Father: "Well, I think as you get older, you'll realize that when a man and woman spend a lot of time together, the man better be interesting."
Dizzy: "Am I interesting, dad?"
Father: "Look at you, son!"
Dizzy grins.

76 sec.

During the sermon about abstinence in the mall, one only sees the couple smiling shortly in the theatrical version. In the director's cut, the guy gropes the woman's bottom a little longer. In return, some of the smiling was cut.
3 sec. longer.

The principal in the toilet is seen longer.
3 sec.

He is defecating much longer, accompanied by the usual, boisterous sound effects.
7 sec.

DF: 20:20
DC: 22:55
In the director's cut, the last part of the training after the photoshooting in the prison is missing. One sees some grimacing and Dizzy kicking an inmate in the nuts with the tiger-technique. He then is hailed as a hero.minus 26 sec.

During the attempt of intervention, a short scrap of conversation is missing, where the school psychologist says: "... and the excessive masturbation..."
2 sec.

After Dizzy was asked to turn up at the football game, he and his arch enemy glare at each other longer. This is followed by a different shot in each version, of Dizzy walking up to the stands.
5 sec.

The football game is completely different in both versions, since here, Dizzy appears as William Wallace instead of Patton.

Dizzy is seen on the stands in an additional shot.
2 sec.

Dizzy notices the school's mascot with the sword.
1.5 sec.

A shot of the American flag in the theatrical version.

Dizzy, dressed up as William Wallace, comes riding from under the stands.
11 sec.

In the theatrical version, he places himself before the American flag as Patton.

Dizzy delievers his speech as William Wallace in front of the audience.
Dizzy: "For presenting yourself at this football game, I give you thanks. Students of East Highland, I am Gil Harris."
Girl in the audience: "Gil Harris killed a man in Rhode Island!"
Dizzy: "Yes I know, I've heard. I am Gil Harris. And I see an army of fans here in defiance of the apathy that's plagued our school for so many years. You've come to cheer, and cheer you will. What would you do without school spirit?"
Guy in the audience: "We can't beat Harding, we never have!"
Dizzy: "Aye, cheer and you may lose. But die in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for the chance, for just one chance to show your enemies that they may take this game, but they'll never take our freedom!"
74 sec.

In the theatrical version, he addresses the team as Patton. About the same length.

Dizzy as Wallace instead of Patton.
no difference in time

no difference in time

Dizzy dismounts the horse as Wallace.
no difference in time

Danielle thanks Dizzy who again is dressed up as Wallace, not Patton.The theatrical version is a little longer.
minus 4 sec.

Theatrical version: 61:56
Director's cut: 65:27
Shortly before Danielle and Dizzy, alias Gil, (nearly) have their first kiss, the following dialog is missing in the director's cut:
Dizzy: "But I'm really dizzy."
Danielle: "So am I."
One different shot in both versions.

minus 4 sec.

Theatrical version: 65:10
Director's cut: 68:44
In the director's cut, a short line of the sports reporter is missing at the last game.
minus 6 sec.

Dizzy brings the horse to the trailer and sees Danielle standing on the football field. He approaches her and they talk a bit:
Dizzy: "I need to tell yo something."
Danielle kisses Dizzy before he can continue.

The sprinkler starts.
Dizzy: "I'm really dizzy."
Danielle: "So am I."
They go on kissing.

The picture fades in to Dizzy's new home, the trailer. Dizzy gets out of bed extremely happy.
Dizzy: "Morning ... Hey dad, I'm signing out. I should be at school in 11 minutes. Then band practice. I should be home between 6:05 and 6:17."

The school's psychologists comes out of his father's sleeping area and Dizzy is scared.
Psychologist: "Papa Bear's outside monkeying around with the motion detector. You came home at 1:43 last night. Speaking for your family, we were very concerned. Where were you?"
Dizzy: "Well, actually ... Mom ... I was on the 50-yard line making love to the girl of my dreams."
Psychologist: "Dizzy. Dizzy. Dizzy. Masturbation is perfectly normal."

The father enters the trailer and looks substantially cooler than before.
Father: "It sure is. It got me through s lot of though times after your mom left. Some while she was around. Don't need it now though."
He slaps her bottom.
Psychologist: "He got me at "hello"."
Dizzy: "I'm feeling so good today that even this Jerry Springer moment can't bring me down. Have a nice day."

Father and psychologist: "We love you, son."

164 sec.

After the crowd started beating up the guy from Dizzy's old school, Danielle and Dizzy are seen in a different, longer shot. The following dialog is missing:
Danielle: "Who was that head-case?"
Dizzy: "Ed Lidget, tuba."
8 sec. longer

Dizzy and the band are playing some longer.
9 sec.

At the end, Danielle and Dizzy kiss longer on the stands.
8 sec.

During the outtakes, the principal is seen again, preparing for the speech at the festivity.
10 sec.