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Sandhamn Murders, The

1.01 I de lugnaste vatten (1)

original title: Morden i Sandhamn


  • Movie Version
  • Series Version
Release: Dec 10, 2016 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the Movie Version (German Free TV broadcast on ZDF neo) and the Series Version (German Free TV broadcast on ARTE).

108 differences, among them
- 32 additional scenes
- 64 extended scenes
- 9 additional scenes in the Movie Version
- 1 scene with alternate footage
- Length difference: 521.08 sec resp. 8 min 41.08 sec

The Sandham Murders consists of 5 seasons with 3 episodes each. In every season, there is one case that is being solved at the end of the season. In addition to that, there is a shorter Movie Version of each season.

Time index refers to
Movie Version / Series Version
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Extended Scene
00:00 / 00:00

The Series Version contains a bit more footage of the area.

2.6 sec

Extended Scene
00:28 / 00:31

The murder is a bit more detailed but regarding the graphic violence, there is not really a difference.

10.64 sec

Opening Credits
01:37 / 01:50

The opening credits differ. The Movie Version contains German credits while the Series Version contains the original credits with yellow German subtitles. Probably not an issue in other countries.

no differences

Extended Scene
01:46 / 01:59

The coast a little longer.

2.68 sec

Extended Scene
02:01 / 02:17

Nora longer.

0.96 sec

Additional Scene
02:33 / 02:50

Additional shot of Nora on her way in the water.

4.48 sec

Extended Scene
02:33 / 02:55

The subsequent shot starts earlier as well. In the Movie Version, Nora is already quite far in the water.

7.64 sec

Extended Scene
02:54 / 03:23

Nora earlier in the water (no screenshots).
Also, the end of the shot when Nora finds the body is longer. In the Movie Version, she turns around and spots the body. In the Series Version, she is a little startled and screams. Due to that alteration, she screams completely off-screen in the Movie Version (audible at the beginning of the following shot of the body) while the beginning of her scream is on-screen in the Series Version.

1.28 sec

Extended Scene
03:13 / 03:43

The shot of Nora running out of the water in panic is longer.

5 sec

Extended Scene
03:30 / 04:05

The distance shot is longer. Only the Series Version shows the kids running to her mom and the little one wonders why she is back already. Nora explains to them that the water was too cold which is why they should play somewhere else. The kids then run off.

18.36 sec

Additional Scene
03:40 / 04:34

Additional exterior shot.

0.92 sec

Additional Scene
03:45 / 04:40

Thomas longer on the street. All of a sudden, a car hits the breaks because a woman with a stroller was almost run over. The driver honks, Thomas shows him his ID and asks the driver for his license. Thomas gets a call and says he would be there soon. He informs the reckless driver that his license would be gone next time and leaves.

32.32 sec

Extended Scene
03:58 / 05:25

Thomas conversation with his superior (Margit) is longer. Also, only the Series Version shows him leave.

8.64 sec

Additional Scene / Recut
04:08 / 05:44

The Series Version here contains a few interior shots of the choppers. Also, the current status is being radioed.

19.92 sec

Additional Scene Movie Version / Recut
04:11 / 06:07

After a short exterior shot, the Movie Version here contains the previously mentioned interior shots of the choppers. Or at least a part of them because that scene is a bit shorter in the Movie Version (9.52 sec / no screenshots).

Movie Versio 10.4 sec longer

Extended Scene
04:21 / 06:07

Subsequently, several interior shots are slightly longer in the Series Version.

2.48 sec

Extended Scene
04:28 / 06:16

Longer exterior shot.

1.4 sec

Additional Scene Movie Version
04:37 / 06:27

Two small shots are missig in the Series Version.

Movie Version 4.12 sec longer

Extended Scene
04:42 / 06:27

The subsequent shot starts a little earlier.

1.28 sec

Additional Scene
05:05 / 06:51

Additional shot.

1.64 sec

Extended Scene
05:05 / 06:53

The following shot begins earlier as well.

3.12 sec

Extended Scene
05:29 / 07:20

The cops on the way to the beach slightly earlier.

1.36 sec

Extended Scene / Recut
05:42 / 07:34

Only in the Series Version, it is being determined that the cops need to get in the water in order to get the body while they are approaching the water.


Additional Scene Movie Version / Recut
05:45 / 07:54

Now, the Movie Version shows the cops approaching the water as well (no screenshots).

Movie Version 8.64 sec longer

Additional Scene
05:58 / 07:58

In the Series Version, the cops take off a few clothes. Then they get in the water in order to pull out the body.

7.44 sec

Extended Scene
05:58 / 08:06

The following shot starts earlier as well. In the Movie Version, the cops have already gotten to the body while the Series Version also shows their last steps towards the body.

8.84 sec

Extended Scene
06:03 / 08:20

The body gets dragged out of the water longer.

1.76 sec

Extended Scene
06:08 / 08:27

In the Series Version, there is one single shot: The body gets lifted out of the water and carried to the beach. The camera pans up to the two colleagues who complain that getting the body out of the water was actually the coast guard's job. The camera then pans to Thomas who is washing his hands in the ocean.
The Movie Version lacks the part with the complaining colleagues in the middle. In other words, the Movie Version cuts from the body to Thomas.

Moreover, the shot is longer in the Series Version. Only here, Thomas also bends over to the body. The Movie Version ends with his first steps towards the body.

5 sec

Extended Scene
06:12 / 08:36

The subsequent shot begins earlier.

1.4 sec

Extended Scene
06:48 / 09:13

Thomas earlier.

1.56 sec

Additional Scene
07:32 / 09:59

In the Series Version, Nora also mentions the body must have been floating in the water for quite some time because the stiff was wearing winter clothes.

7.12 sec

Extended Scene
07:32 / 10:06

Thomas earlier.

0.52 sec

Extended Scene
07:53 / 10:28

Some additional dialog after Thomas mentions his fill name. They realize what a coincidence it is that they ran into each other like that.

3.36 sec

Extended Scene
08:11 / 10:49

Extended shot of Thomas watching Nora leave.

3.24 sec

Extended Scene
08:57 / 11:38

Additional comment of Henrik, Nora's husband. He still does not understand why Nora was at the beach where the body was found.

5.12 sec

Extended Scene
09:12 / 11:58

Henrik makes sure the kids did not see the body. Nora explains they did not and adds there was not much left to see anyway.

3.36 sec

Extended Scene
09:12 / 12:02

Nora earlier.

0.8 sec

Extended Scene
09:19 / 12:09

Now Henrik.

2.48 sec

Extended Scene
09:21 / 12:14

Some more dialog. Henrikk explains he was glad about his parents already arriving the following day so that his mom could take care of the kids because he was out with the boat that day. Nora does not look too happy about it.

5.84 sec

Additional Scene
09:27 / 12:26

Two additional shots in the Series Version.

10.36 sec

Extended Scene
09:27 / 12:37

The first shot of the body being removed starts slightly earlier.

0.88 sec

Additional Scene
09:34 / 12:44

Additional shot of Thomas.

1.8 sec

Additional Scene
09:57 / 13:09

Two additional exterior shots. The Series Version then fades to black and finally fades in to the exterior shot of the house. The Movie Version simply cuts from the last identical shot to the subsequent identical exterior shot of the house.

18.52 sec

Extended Scene
10:00 / 13:31

Nora longer.

0.52 sec

Extended Scene
10:52 / 14:23

Signe longer.

1.44 sec

Extended Scene
11:48 / 15:21

Nora longer.

0.68 sec

Alternate Footage
11:59 / 15:33

Alternate footage when Thomas gets out of the car. In the Movie Version, he is about to get out of the car. He closes the door and goes straight to the station. In the Series Version, he is inside the car at first. He then gets out and walks straight up to the station as well. Except, this is shorter in the Series Version resp. the Movie Version is longer when he is on his way to the station. In addition to that, the Series Version contains footage from another angle.

7.08 sec

Additional Scene
12:05 / 15:45

Right after that, the Series Version contains an additional scene after Thomas enters the station. He jokes around with his colleague Carinaa.

7.4 sec

Extended Scene
12:53 / 16:40

In the Series Version, Carina hands over the dead guy's belongings to Thomas plus the subsequent shot starts slightly earlier.

5.6 sec

Extended Scene
13:27 / 17:21

Thomas longer.

1.24 sec

Extended Scene
14:22 / 18:17


2.16 sec

Extended Scene
14:56 / 18:53

Thomas's encounter with Kicki, the victim's sister, is longer. Thomas introduces himself and shows her his ID.

9.24 sec

Additional Scene / Recut
16:40 / 20:46

The Series Version contains a scene with the two cops surveilling Kicki. Neither of them actually understands why Kicki is being surveilled in the first place.

14.12 sec

Additional Scene / Recut
16:53 / 21:14

And again, additional footage of the surveillance. The two cops are complaining that they have to sit on their hands.

14.64 sec

Additional Scene Movie Version / Recut
16:53 / 21:14

In the Movie Version, the two previously removed scene follow just one after another. More or less because the Movie Version only contains the beginning of the first one and the end of the second one.

Kind of weird but if one does not know the longer Series Version, the remaining footage of those two scenes actually match well. Compared to the Series Version, the Movie Version lacks 11 sec in total here (no screenshots).

Movie Version 17.76 sec longer

Extended Scene
17:36 / 21:54

Thomas longer in the bath room.

0.72 sec

Additional Scene
17:43 / 22:01

In the Series Version, Thomas flips the light switch in the bath room and goes back to bed.

7.04 sec

Extended Scene
17:53 / 22:18

Additional dialog when Carina shows up to take over Kicki's surveillance. Among other things, they mention the night was unbelievably interesting because nice jazz was playing on the radio. As for the actual plot, the additional footage is completely irrelevant by the way.

14.84 sec

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