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3.02 The One Where No One's Ready


  • TV Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: May 14, 2011 - Author: Scat - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the Director's Cut.

To go on air, all episodes were shortened too a reasonable length for that kind of series on TV. The uncut episodes have been released on several medias so far. The comparison has been made with the US DVD-Box ("The Complete First Season").

Generally counts: all differences are being mentioned, among other things the extended shots.

[...]: Comments in spare brackets are also in the TV Version and just being mentioned to make it easier for the reader.

Other things, like different angles, are being listed cursively (because the corresponding scenes aren't missing).
The song is longer in the DC.
The TV Version fades in when Ross already sits. In the DC, the shot of Ross starts earlier.

[Chandler: "Well, Joey, I wrote a little song today. ... It's called 'Get up!'"]
Joey (gesticulating): "Gee, you know, I wish there was something I could do to help you."
Chandler (bouncing up and down): "Get up, get up, get up, get up, get up..."
[Joey: "All right, all right. You can have the chair." This comment is also in the TV Version but the DC contains an alternate shot of Joey saying it while being more bugged - corresponding to Chandler's previous gesture.
Chandler: "Really?"
Joey: "Oh man, would you-- Look at that!"]

[Rachel: "What?"
Ross: ... "Never mind."]
The answering machine beebs one more time.
Voice: "Hi, Rach, it's your sister. Did you ever sleep with Donnie Mazzio because last night he kept shouting: 'Two for two!'."
Ross looks confused at Rachel.
Rachel: "Okay, do you want me to get dressed or hear a long story about a hayride?"
Joey: "Are you only asking him? Because..."
In the DC, everyone looks at Joey now.
The TV Version contains an alternate scene with Ross. He puts Rachel off as reaction to his previous comment "Never mind.".
[The answering machine beebs twice.
Voice: "Monica, it's Richard. Call me."]

[Monica: "So should I call him back?"
Chandler, Joey & Ross: "No!"
Joey & Ross: "No!"
Monica returns to her room.]
The DC contains an extended shot of her on her way to the room. Ross follows her.
Rachel: "Okay, do these match?"
Ross: "Yes, they definitely match."
Joey: "They don't match."
Rachel goes back to her room while looking upset at Ross. But Ross is looking at Joey.
Joey: "What? They didn't match."
Now a close-up of Joey and Chandler in the TV Version. The DC sticks with the previous shot with Ross.
[Chandler: "Right, Fine, you know what? We'll both sit in the chair."
Joey: "Fine with me."
When Joey is sitting on top of Chandler, the DC also continues with the close-up, which is in the TV Version as well.]

[Chandler runs to the chair but Joey is faster and jumps in it.]
shot of Monica getting patched up.
Chandler: "What's going on?"
Phoebe: "Monica's beeping into Richard's machine."
Chandler: "Is she crazy?"
Phoebe: "Like a straw."
Chandler looks and Phoebe without understanding.
Phoebe (gesticulating) : "Remember? Crazy straws?"
Now the shot of Chandler and Rachel with Ross being bugged on the right in the TV Version. This shot couldn't be used for the DC because Phoebe tells Chandler that Monica is going to call Richard here (but with different dialogs).
There's even a shot of Ross on the left. After Chandler said "Is she crazy?", Ross passes by. Long story short, the DC contains an alternate shot here. Oddly enough, Chandler's irritated face is still noticable in the TV Version when he hears Phoebe's comment (which is only visible but inaudible because the dialog has been changed in the TV Version - as already mentioned above.

[Voice: "Hi, this is Richard. Please leave a message at the tone." This comment is also in the TV Version but with a slighty extended shot of Monica and Phoebe (shot starts earlier).]

The TV Version fades out, the DC contains a dissolve to NY and finally to the appartment. Monica's comment "He's seeing someone." is presented in a distance shot but it's a close-up of Monica in the TV Version. During her next comment "I can't believe he's seeing someone." the DC also switches to a close-up and the versions continue equally.

[Monica: "Michelle." The TV Version goes back wo Chandler, Rachel etc. The DC sticks with Monica. "Of course! It was Michelle."] "Did it sound like Michelle?"
Rachel (her smiling slowly disaapears): "III...I..cannot remember her."
Shot of Monica.
The TV Version shows Ross sligthly earlier before he turns away from the window and finally around.
[Ross: "Great. It's starting to rain. ...]

[Ross: "I'll pick something for you."]
Extended shot of Ross going to Rachel's room in the TV Version. The DC contains a close-up instead.
Ross: "There! There! That looks good."
Rachel: "Ross, ...that's a towel!"
[Chandler: "All right, you will notice that I am fully dressed. The shot of Chandler starts earlier in the DC plus he also says "Okay, you will notice that I am fully dressed. I, in turn, have noticed that you are not."]

The TV Version fades out, the DC sticks longer with the door.

Ross: "So I said, 'Who are you Cro-Magnum P.I.?'".
Tipsy Ross laughs.
[Mr. Whitfield approaches to Ross.] The TV Version contains a distance shot but the DC presents it via close-up. During the introduction, the TV Version continues with a close-up so that the versions are equal from now on.

Extended shot of Sherman Whitfield in the DC.