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The Chronicles of Riddick - Pitch Black (Widescreen Unrated Director's Cut) (2000)

To Live and Die in L.A

The Burning

The Truman Show

The Covenant


The People Under the Stairs

Pitch Black


  • Theatrical Cut
  • Director´s Cut
Release: Apr 30, 2008 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: AndreasFrank - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Unrated Director´s Cut and the Theatrical Cut (R-Rated). The DC is represented by the old RC1, the Theatrical Version by the Australian RC4. Director David N. Twohy had to cut several dialogue scenes from his stylish Sci-Fi-B-Movie Pitch Black for the theatrical release. On the one hand these slow down the speed of the movie, on the other hand they allow interesting insights into the characters. For the US-DVD-Release Twohy was able to publish his Director`s Cut promoted by the popular “Unrated” on the cover. But actually there is no censorship due to violence at all!

The Unrated Director`s Cut runs 220 sec. longer than the Theatrical Cut!

17:39 min. - 18:05 min.

Imam longer explains Fry the religious rites and the march to New Mecca and then shows her his weapon.

length: DC 26 sec. longer.

22:18 min. - 22:23 min.

Shazza looks at the rocks.

length: DC 5 sec. longer.

31:47 min. - 32:25 min.

Fry and Johns have different opinions about Riddick. For Johns, Riddick definitely is the killer who messes around with the group. Fry however wants to pursue his hints and examine the burrow more closely. Here you notice for the first time that Johns is actually an arrogant asshole.

length: DC 38 sec. longer.

39:25 min. - 40:24 min.

The group is worried about the condition of the shuttle. Riddick ironically adds that it would be enough to outstretch the thumb to get off this planet and travel on hitchhiking. To avoid more tensions within the group Johns gives Riddick instructions so he has something to do. After that you see Jack playing with found toys and tools.

length: DC 59 sec. longer.

47:13 min. - 47:48 min.

Conversation between Riddick and Shazza. Shazza gives Riddick a respirator. With that, she wants to apologize to Riddick for the accusations regarding Zeke´s death.

length: DC 35 sec. longer.

48:14 min. - 48:28 min.

In the Theatrical Cut a shot of Riddick, in the DC a scene where he puts on the respirator.

length: 14 sec., DC 12 sec. longer.

55:10 min. - 55:55 min.

Fry doubts if Johns is the proper leader for the group. We get to know that Johns was shot by Riddick and that the bullet still is in his body. That is why he needs the morphine. In the Theatrical Version he is just a junkie.

length: DC 45 sec.longer.

The Unrated Director´s Cut is 220 sec. longer than the Theatrical Cut (R-rated).