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  • US Blu-ray
  • NL VHS
Release: Sep 20, 2015 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the US Blu-ray by Code Red and the NL VHS by Video for Pleasure.

The schizophrenic psychopath Geoge Tatum got allegedly cured and released from the sanatorium. As it turns out, it is a huge mistake because George was part of an experiment with untested drugs. Being free again, he can't control his compulsions and starts killing again...

The cover of the US Blu-ray by Code Red reads "Uncut" but compared to the NL VHS, a few plot scenes are missing. Sex and violence scenes are actually uncut though. Regarding the quality, the US Blu-ray is recomandable. Also, the Blu-ray is stuffed full of bonus features ad contrary to the DVD, the interview with Romano Scavolini is subtitled now (English).
In the opening credits of the NL VHS, Tom Savini is listed special effects director. But Tom Savini denies having actively worked on the SFX. He was at set for a single to consult.

Minor jump-cuts with a length of less than 3 seconds haven't been considered in the following comparison.

Aspect Ratio Comparison:

The NL VHS is open matte. In other words, there is more information on top and bottom and a little less on the right and left.

US Blu-ray:


Interesting however is the fact that the phone sex scene with George and the prostitute shows much more sleazy details at the bottom of the screen. In other words, less imagination is required to figure out what the dame is doing below the belt.

US Blu-ray:


Running time:

US BD: 98:09 min
NL VHS: 99:26 min

The frames per second are equal in both versions.


Tom Savini is missing in the opening credits.

NL VHS: 4 sec


The kids get downstairs and start whining in front of Kathy but she sends them back to bed. Subsequently, Kathy is being watched by George.

NL VHS: 36 sec


Further shots of the bar at the beginning of the scene.

NL VHS: 34 sec


George approaches Tony and grabs him by the neck.

NL VHS: 3 sec