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  • Theatrical version
  • Ultimate Edition
Release: Sep 26, 2009 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Versus theatrical version (normal version) with correct colour filters from Legend Entertainment and the Ultimate Edition of Geneon (Japan). Three years after the development of Versus the director Kitamura wanted to extend his first product. The following changed have been made:

  • New fights

  • Some shots were replaced or optimized by CGI

  • Colour filters were corrected (this reports only shows parts where the filters are significantly different to the original)

  • Music has been replaced

The Ultimate Versus Edition is about 10 minutes longer by now.

00:00 Min. - 01:15 Min.

The UE shows a new CGI-prologue. While actually the legend is simply shown on black textboards, the UE shows the camera flaying through the galaxy to the earth. After the initial text the earth explodes and one can see some police photos of the prisoner KSC2-303 (KSC in the following calls).

Duration: UE 50 Sec. longer.

02:19 Min. - 02:20 Min.

Flashback: Additional shot at the zombies which are immediately cut by the samurai.

Duration: UE 1 Sec. longer.

02:38 Min. - 03:01 Min.

Flashback: The samurai slaughters his way through the horde of zombies.

Duration: UE 23 Sec. longer.

11:09 Min. - 11:23 Min.

When KSC and the girl meet for the first time the UE changed into black/white mode.

Duration: 14 Sec., no time difference.

Ultimate Versus:

Versus (Legend):

23:22 Min.

The extremely short flashbacks (only recognizable in single-frame mode) also change the colour in the UE from pale to colourful. The Legend version contains a generally colourful screening.

Duration: no time difference.

28:48 Min.

Right after the gun has been fired the screen changes from pale to colourful in the UE.

Duration: no time difference

34:42 Min. - 34:51 Min.

New fighting sequence of KSC against a horde of zombies. KSC's style of fighting is commonly known as martial arts.

Duration: UE 9 Sec. longer.

35:15 Min.

The UE offers additional CGI blood which pours out of the decapitated bodies.

Duration: no time difference.

Ultimate Versus:

Versus (Legend):

36:04 Min. - 36:41 Min.

KSC and one of the bad guys are destroying the zombie. KSC beats the brain out of itís head, the bad guy with the glasses uses a pistol and a cut-off shotgun. The black-haired bad guy's appearance can be seen in the Legend version a bit earlier.

Duration: UE 37 Sec. longer.

36:56 Min. - 37:09 Min.

KSC and the bad guy with glasses continue killing zombies.

Duration: UE 13 Sec. longer.

37:41 Min. - 38:00 Min.

Again KSC strikes down some zombies in a very acrobatic style.

Duration: UE 19 Sec. longer.

45:51 Min. - 48:39 Min.

New scene:

The three killers (the red-haired one and the two girls) show a fight in the UE. A bunch of zombies goes down in an acrobatic way by the arsenal of the killers. Cinematically and visually good staged with plenty of martial arts.

The UE lacks one scene where one guy in a green shirt welcomes the three killers which just have arrived in a white car.

The short scene of the small maniac who is bleeding out of his nose and pulls out a gun from his waistband can be found in both versions.

Duration: UE 120 Sec. longer.

Ultimate Versus:

Versus (Legend):

52:15 Min. - 52:16 Min.

A take of the red-haired killer turning around.

Duration: UE 1 Sec. longer.

52:20 Min. - 52:21 Min.

The red-haired man starts his attack on the boss in an additional take.

Duration: UE 1 Sec. longer.

87:45 Min.

The UE shows the resurrection sequence of KSC with an orange/red layers on the screen.

Duration: no time difference.

Ultimate Versus:

Versus (Legend):

91:51 Min. - 91:54 Min.

One take of the girlís bleeding hand has been exchanged.

Duration: UE 2 Sec. longer.

Ultimate Versus:

Versus (Legend):

95:47 Min. - 95:51 Min.

The red-haired man appears on screen and sets himself ready for the fight.

Duration: UE 4 Sec. longer.

97:39 Min. - 98:56 Min.

New fight: KSC vs. The red-haired man. In the end KSC smashes the killers head, takes his sun-glass, puts it on his head and throws it away (Running Gag).

Duration: UE 77 Sec. longer.

104:48 Min.

Additional take of the maniac with the green shirt right before the explosion.

Duration: 0,5 Sec. longer.

109:16 Min.

The final fight between KSC and the boss contains some additional CGI blood effects.

Duration: no time difference.

110:00 Min. - 112:11 Min.

Extended final fight: A lot of new martial arts material. To the end of the sequence both have the sword of the other for a few moments.

Duration: UE 133 Sec. longer.

118:39 Min. -31:18 Min.

When KSC decapitates the boss the Legend version shows in every take water while the UE contains CGI blood.

Duration: no time difference.

Ultimate Versus:

Versus (Legend):

121:50 Min. - End

The final sequence which plays 99 years in the future is coloured green in the UE instead of blue.

Duration: no time difference.

Ultimate Versus:

Versus (Legend):

124:10 Min. - 130:00 Min.

Alternative and longer credits.

Duration: UE 120 Sec. longer.