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Muppet Christmas Carol, The


  • Disney+
  • Theatrical Version
Release: Mar 07, 2021 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Christmas is close but cold-hearted realtor Ebenezer Scrooge does not care at all. He rejects supplicants, debtors are being evicted, he even reluctantly gives his faithful the day off. But this changes when he sees the ghosts of deceased business partners at night who announce three more ghosts to pay him a visit that night. Starting with the ghost of Christmas past, he takes Scrooge back to his own past. The ghost of Christmas present shows him how other people spend Christmas until death appears in order to show him what people will say when he has past away. The three ghosts managed to melt his heart and the next morning, Scrooge is a completely different person.

For those who grew up in the 90s, The Muppet Christmas Carol was hard to miss. It has been estabslished as christmas classic for a reason: It simply works incredibly well. The movie has heart and humor, Michael Caine is the perfect actor for Scrooge and it is entertaining from start to finish.

Streaming version censored by Disney

The The Muppet Christmas Carol can now be found in 4K Dolby Vision on Disney+, Disney's video on demand service. The version is basically the Theatrical Version, meaning the Love is Gone song is still missing from the film, but can be viewed as a bonus. At one point, a 4K restoration of the film was planned in which the Love is Gone song would be included in the film again, but apparently this was not completed in time. On Disney+, The Muppet Christmas Carol was censored in at one point. As Scrooge walks the streets with the Ghost of Christmas Present, Bobby Benson is shown conducting a children's choir at the beginning. Benson's trademark is his cigarette in his mouth, which was digitally removed for the Disney+ version. It seems questionable whether a cigarette visible for a few seconds in the film in a less than concise manner actually exerts a bad influence on younger viewers. The censorship also seems curious considering that Benson can still be seen with his cigarette in The Muppet Show on Disney+.


Disney+: 82:25 min. (77:55 min. without credits)
TV version: 77:55 min. (credits missing)

The Theatrical Version was compared to the censored Disney+ version.


In the TV version, the text is in German at the beginning, and in English on Disney+. Later, the TV version adds German titles and curiously shows another German title insert.

No time difference.


As Scrooge walks the streets with the Ghost of Christmas Present, Bobby Benson is shown conducting a children's choir at the beginning of the scene. In the original version, he has a cigarette in his mouth while doing this. In the Disney+ version, this has been digitally retouched.

No time difference.