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Project A Part 2

original title: A gai waak juk jaap


  • Regular Version
  • Japanese Version
Release: Aug 07, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Regular Version and the Japanese Version (both available on the Japanese Blu-ray by Twin / Paramount)

- Exclusive footage in the Japanese Version: 134.7 sec (= 2:15 min)
- Exclusive footage in the Regular Version: 55.5 sec

As you know, there are Asian Extended Versions for particular older Jackie Chan films. Especially worth being pointed out are "Wheels on Meals", "Twinkle, Twinkle, Lucky Star", "Heart of Dragon" and "Dragons Forever" because all of them have something in common: only the Japanese Version of these movies contain outtakes during the end credits - as it is well known from other Jackie Chan movies he did later.

Like its prequel "Project A", "Project A Part 2" contains outtakes exclusively in the Japanese Version as well. Contrary to the films mentioned above, the Regular Version of "Project A Part 2" does contain some, too - except there are a few additional outtakes in the Japanese Version because there are more end credits. While there were only more in "Project A", scenes have been recut in "Project A Part 2" plus outtakes from the Regular Version are missing here. Basically, the raw footage had been assembled differently. Furthermore, several scenes have been put together to blocks but screenshots have only been from the footage exclusively in the Japanese Version. All in all, it is nothing to get excited about but I am positive than many fans will appreciate the oppotunity to watch the footage.

Most people will not understand how that justifies the high price for the expensive Japanese Blu-ray. As always, there are no English subtitles available (plus the Japanese Version is again just another reconstruction of an SD Upscale of the Regular Version. There is an upsight though. It is safe to assume that the additional footage will be easy to access in the future. No need to be afraird that it will only be available on an old Laserdisc one can barely get their hands on.

On 26th November 2014 a new Blu-ray was released in Japan. It's a true HD print (with burnt-in subtitles on the side) that contains exactly the same version with those extended bits in the outtakes. This report was done with the older Blu-ray but said footage therefore actually exists in better HD condition.

Time index refers to
Regular Version Blu-ray / Japanese Version Blu-ray

In the Japanese Version, there is an additional logo before the Golden Harvest logo. Contrary to "Project A", there are no different credits in this one.

Japanese Version 9 sec longer

103:24-104:04 / 103:33-104:02

Here, the end credits begin and the versions continue entirely different until the moment Jackie gets pushed against a stake.

The Regular Version starts with the final wall stunt. Then he is fooling around on the ladder, gets kicked in the stomach and practices removing the table cloth without breaking any dishes.
Last but not least, one of the pirates tosses his exe in the camera which gets the cameraman startled and also breaks the lense - will be later in the Japanese Version.

40.3 sec - 33.8 sec exclusively in this version

In the Japanese Version, it all starts with the ball at which Jackie is giving dance instructions and announcing some things via megaphone. This is partially but in a different order at the end of the Japanese Version, too.
Subsequently, he is rolling down the stairs. Then he touches his butt (also in the Regular Version shortly afterwards). Furthermore, he makes his fingers look like pistols and points them at an attacker (also later in the Regular Version).
Last but not least, he shows his respect to the chest coming closer between his legs. Or putting it differently, he grimaces when he sits on top of it. This scene is later in the Regular Version as well but shorter at the end.

29 sec - 9.4 sec exclusively in this version

104:09-104:24 / 104:07-104:38

Entirely different scenes again until Rosamund Kwan falls and takes down the timber scaffolding in the process. Moreover, the scene starts earlier with a instruction by Jackie in the Japanese Version.

The Regular Version starts with Jackie falling down the stairs - earlier in the Japanee Version, please see above. Then Jackie in cold water - later in the Japanese Version. Finally, Jackie climbs up the scuffolding. Then Rosamund's fall in both versions.

14.7 sec - 3.7 sec exclusively in this version

In the Japanese Version, Jackie performs a test drop with a mattress and instructs someone ahead of him. As in the final cut, the same drop including the spice car follows. As a result, Jackie is wounded and gets treatment while lying on the ground. Then a few shots of other people on set (one of them later in the Regular Version) and the earlier-mentioned shot of Rosamund's drop earlier: Jackie gives an instruction to someone ahead.

31 sec - 27.3 sec exclusively in this version

104:44 / 104:58-105:29

After a longer sequence with Jackie and Rosamand was identical (except for the differently advanced shot of singing Jackie in the upper left corner) and before Jackie raises the piece of paer, only the Japanese Version contains a few additional scenes.

Starting with shot of Jackie catching an axe in the silver bowl. The first time, Jackie rediculously puts it on his head. The second time, he rubs his head in pain. Then he wants to play it cool and catch it in a close-up but he permanently misses the right moment. That is why he grimaces. The Regular Version only contains a short, 3-second-long part of it at a later time.
Going on with eating chili but Jackie apparently bite off more than he could chew because he hastily reaches for the assitant's water. This scene is also a little later in the Regular Version even though the beginning and end is a little shorter (Jackie spitting it out is exclusively in the Japanese Version).

30.5 sec - 16.2 sec exclusively in this version

104:49-105:31 / 105:34-106:20

An identical shot in between is pretty much it and the movie continues alternately until the shot of Jackie and the girl.

The Regular Version first shows Jackie and the other sitting on a rooftop. Then the chili scene but as described above, it is shorter here. Then the catching the axe scene belonging to the same extended scene in the Japanese Version. But as also mentioned earlier, only a part of a single take of it.
Now the shot with the chest underneath Jackie's legs (also shorter than in Japan). Another already described scene follows: Jackie forms his hands to a pistol. Going on with Jackie in the uniform of a sailor, he slaps himself. Then he runs against a pile of logs and pinches the finger in the process.
Finally some more fooling around at several places: Jackie trips up on the bench, dances with rifles point at him and bites a chopstick (the latter will also be in the Japanese Version later on but it is longer there).

41.6 sec - 18 sec exclusively in this version

The Japanese Version starts with Jackie at the police station. He misses in his jacket pocket and laughs his butt off.
Going on, a short laughter when he intends to hide under the bed plus a shot from the finale.
Now the shot of one of the guys hitting the camera with an axe (earlier in the Regular Version). Jackie is standing next to his buddies and waits. He laughs and kicks the guy next to him.
When Jackie is running up some stairs outside, it appears he hits his shoulder because he is holding it in pain for a moment.
And another well-known scene: Jackie in cold water, the end of it is longer in the Japanese Version.
Then Jackie climbing up the water wheel. Having arrived at the top, he smiles.

45.8 sec - 34.1 sec exclusively in this version

105:34-105:37 / 106:23

Only in the Regular Version already: Jackie sits down on the ground with a smile during the fight at the restaurant.

105:40-105:53 / 106:26-107:09

After the shot of Ho Chi Ping who can't handle his weapon (in both versions), the movie continues differently until it is over.

The Regular Version contains two of the scenes we have already seen in the Japanese Version, but shorter: further people on set and Jackie dancing / giving instructions at the ball. Then the shot of the window in the upper left corner is on the entire screen, Jackie says goodbye.

13.6 sec - NONE of the footage exclusively in one version but the last frames only here on the entire screen - therefore screenshots

The Japanese Version starts with well-known footage as well: Jackie bites his finger and sits down with a smile on his face during the fight at the restaurant - the latter significantly longer at the end.
Then he is fooling around at the police station. Different exterior shot of Jackie in uniform follow.
Subsequently, Jackie gets a medal and resist making a face. Furthermore, Jackie gives more instructions outside.

43 sec - 38.7 sec exclusively in this version