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Knight Errant

original title: Ying xiong ben se


  • 35mm raw version
  • Blu-ray
Release: Sep 24, 2021 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the 35mm raw version and the main version (both included on the German Blu-ray by Cargo Records).

- 13 relevant missing parts
- Runtime difference: 44.7 sec

A few additional master errors with a duration of less than 0.5 sec each were not listed in the report.

In Knight Errant, Hong Kong legend Jimmy Wang-Yu fights his way around as a cab driver. As is so often the case, this is an inexpensive production that is a nice snack for Eastern fans. The German Blu-ray, which has been released under the German title Wang Yu - Der Karatebomber and is available there since August 2021, is a good opportunity to watch it. Not only is this probably the first HD release worldwide, but the original ending has also been recovered and integrated into the film.

Previous releases ended quite abruptly. On the German DVD, as in the US, you see a brief shot of Wang Yu in his cab, recycled from a previous scene in the film. The German VHS ends earlier inside the house. Actually, however, Wang Yu is also seen walking out of the house to the outside, clearly matching the scene directly before it in a more meaningful way. This part, believed lost, has now been reinserted for the Blu-ray from what appears to be an Italian theatrical reel scan.

While the main feature consists of a better looking master for the rest of the film, the bonus material also includes a "35mm raw version". According to Italian credits, this was probably the master for the longer ending sequence, which is thus included in both versions of the Blu-ray. More on this in a separate report on the old DVD. Here, the focus should first be on why the 35mm raw version nevertheless runs just under a minute shorter. Not very spectacularly, this is due to several mastering errors, as is often the case with old cinema reels. The coloring and general picture quality is also better on the main film, so the 35mm raw version should really only be considered a bonus for the sake of completeness.

Runtimes are ordered as follows: 35mm raw version Blu-ray / main version Blu-ray

Other notes to begin with.

Main version 5.4 sec longer

35mm raw versionMain version Blu-ray

Afterwards, during the main version, an English insertion. The moment with the film title, including German addition, is then identical. Shortly thereafter, Italian credits insertions follow only on the raw version. Another minute later, the main version has English credits, with the 35mm raw version in Chinese.

Note: The German VHS was also based on an Italian picture source. However, this again contained several of the following misfits.

35mm raw versionMain version Blu-ray

01:12 / 01:19-01:22

After quite a few smaller jump cuts, there's something longer missing here, as the camera passes by the guys training earlier.

2,7 sec

05:57 / 06:08-06:13

The safecrackers work around a bit earlier.

5,6 sec

10:50 / 11:06-11:08

Jump cut, so part of the phrase from the father is swallowed, "You're overestimating our financial situation...for the pub."

2,1 sec

19:29 / 19:50-19:55

Siang a moment longer with the bill. Then you see the men earlier in the water bath.

5,3 sec

42:53 / 43:19-43:20

Jump cut as Chen calls for patience.

0,5 sec

59:24 / 59:52-59:59

Kurata goes on a little longer. The follow up shot also starts earlier and the fat man (Kwai Long) says to report to the police.

7,4 sec

61:05 / 61:40-61:43

A first view of the shocked Chen and another cut to Kwai.

3,2 sec

62:33 / 63:11-63:13

Jump cut just after the motorcycle passes.

1,8 sec

79:18 / 80:01-80:05

Chen a little longer, he says "Well, please."
The car then also earlier.

3.6 sec

85:17 / 86:06-86:12

As the blind woman (Tao Mei) slowly recognizes the people, two cuts are missing.

6 sec

85:31 / 86:26-86:28

Also shortly after, a few frames are lost during the transition of two shots.

1.5 sec

Around the perimeter, more missed frame moments.

88:26 / 89:23-89:25

Jumpcut just before Chen goes in for the hug.

1.4 sec

88:36 / 89:35-89:39

And again, just before the end of the scene.

3.6 sec

The ending sequence is the same in both versions (-> longer than in previous releases of the film). However, the image was color corrected for the main version and is now not as green in the 35mm raw version. The ending fade-in was also revised in the process. The following renewed rental notice appears only on the raw version.

35mm raw versionMain version Blu-ray