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Release: Oct 26, 2010 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
In 2004, an extended version of the erotic thriller "Wild Things" was released in the US and Canada. Prior to its release, it was widely advertised as an Unrated edition, using slogans like "...comes with a lot new unrated too-hot-for-cinema-stuff".
The initial fan euphoria dampened when it became clear that in the cast majority of cases, this involved deepening plot scenes, not erotic scenes. The question as to what a movie benefits more from, will be left out of consideration.
But one thing is and was clear a priori: Neve Campbell (Scream), who probably had the larger fanbase compared to Denise Richards (Starship Troopers), is not seen nude in the Unrated version. This is particularly obvious when considering the fact that she had someone stand in for her during a naked scene in 2003.
It was quite evident and so it happened; thus, tears are out of place. In reverse, one gets to see much more of Denise Richards in the Unrated version.
So much about the erotic issuce, which unavoidably comes up with this movie.

Now to the extended plot scenes. In the whole pre-release jumble about additional erotic scenes, those got quite lost or were only mentioned marginally:
In the case of a movie version with an extended plot, the following question usually arises: "Do the additional plot scenes improve the film? Do they justify a purchase?" - It is not given that longer runtime improves a film! Longer does not mean better (The Crow 2). Concerning "Wild Things", however, the new plot scenes surprisingly do not only turn out to be a purchasing incentive, but do really deepen the film further. An additional scene featuring an outstandingly hilarious Bill Murray and the extended ending are absolute highlights. Whoever wants the film, is in any case well-advised to buy the Unrated version.

Comparison between the German theatrical version, equivalent to the international theatrical version (R-Rated) and the Unrated DVD by Columbia Tristar. 7 cuts (2 erotic, 5 plot) = 6 min. 34 sec.
New plot scene:
Relatively early in the movie, there is the first new plot scene. It starts after Sgt. Ray Duquette (Kevin Bacon) has delivered the lecture on sexual offences:

Sam Lombardo (Matt Dillon), Duquette and his colleague walk across the campus. They spot Suzie Toller (Neve Campell), sitting on a bench. However, she angrily makes off straight away. Doquette explains that he had arrested her for drug possession, for which she was sentenced to six months in jail. Lombardo and his colleague are indignant at the stiff penalty, but Doquette just says that she had to be arrested because she had skeletons in her closet.
This is the first scene which shows that Sgt. Duquette's is a much more cold-blooded character than he initially appears to be.
After a leap in time, we now see Lombardo seeing out the two policemen and inviting them to come over again some time. At that, he mainly faces his wife. As they leave, the wife asks Duquette, why she had the impression that he could not stand Professor Lombardo. He asks her if she had not noticed his routine, alluding to Lombardo's reputation as a ladykiller. - The calls him a "hound", whereupon the sarcastically asks "pussyhound?". Then she tells defiantly tells Duquette that she found Lombardo quite cute.
53 sec.

New plot scene:
An hilarious scene featuring Bill Murray as Sam Lombardo's lawyer was re-inserted in the Unrated version. - It is a shame that this scene was missing in the theatrical version, since Murray's charm renders it extremely funny and amusing.

Placement of the scene:
The scene starts, after Sandra van Ryan has asked her lawyer (Mr. Baxter) what they were to do.

There is a cut to a third-class restaurant called "Under the Tree". Apparently, Murray has invited Mr. Baxter there to clinch a deal concerning Lombardo's compensation to the Van Ryans.
First of all, Murray makes fun of Baxter: he says Baxter was going to love the place, since he could not eat sushi every day etc. - After a few more insinuations, Baxter snaps at Murray and tells him to stop talking trash. He wants to know what was really going on. Murray tells him calmly that he and his client wanted Sandra van Ryan to saddle up, so that they could ride to the next bank.
Arrogantly, Baxter tries to take a stand against Murray, being at his best. He starts with a set phrase: "You know... Ken. Can I call you Ken? (Murray nods amused). "There will be other cases, on other days."
Murray, however, is not really impressed and replies to Baxter's clichéd phrase that everyone had to eat shit once and asks Baxter if he liked his shit hot. - At that, he pours a large amount of Tabasco sauce on Baxter's food. Sadly and quietly, he says "Yeah."
67 sec.

Extended second lesbian scene
Only in the Unrated version, there is a second, more lengthy lesbian scene between Neve Campbell and Denise Richard. They are in the pool, while being filmed by Duquette.
Here, too, is Denise Richard shown topless again. However, one can still only admire the view of Neve Cambell's bare back after she has stripped off, just as in the preceding threesome-scene. - The R-Rated only shows a tiny part of the beginning of this scene.

The following is scene exclusively in the Unrated:
The two girls kiss. Suzie takes off Kelly's bikini. - Several shots. - They go on kissing, then Suzie gets naked too. While kissing, they get down in the water and the scene is faded out.
48 sec.

New plot scene:
After the scene in which Lombardo (allegedly) kills Suzie, a new scene was inserted in the Unrated version:

Sgt. Duquette visits the van Ryan's estate. In front of the railings, there is a ruddled puddle. He touches it with his finger and then wipes it clean with a tissue. Afterwards, he approaches the gate of the estate and spots Kelly, giving the Rover a sluice down after the previous night. Duquette makes a sarcastic comment, whereupon she notices him. Furiously, she walks up to him and tells him to leave her premises. He replies that he was not actually on her premises. Then he asks her what she wanted to do: call the police? After all, he was a cop himself. However, Kelly hoses him with the pipe she is still holding in her hands. Duquette watches her angrily, while the hose still thrashing about on the ground.
57 sec.

New plot scene / Extended solution at the end:
After Suzie has killed Lomardo on the boat, the scene switches back to Duquette's collegue who had questioned the old lady (Suzie's guardian) about Duquette. - In the theatrical version, however, this scene is already over and she is about to get into her car and drive off.

The Unrated version features the following additional nugget of plot:
The policewoman sits on a bed and browses a photo album of the old lady. The latter enters the room and tells her that the old Van Ryan (quasi Denise Richard's grandfather) used to have a girlfriend in the slums. She got pregnant and he walked out on her. The baby she gave birth to was Suzie. After she was born, her mother drank herself to death. Thus, Suzie (Neve Campbell) turns out to be Sandra van Ryans half sister. The old lady was not her grandmother, but had only reared her. Kelly (Denise Richards) was Suzie's niece.
Subsequently, they leave the room and enter some other house, where someone is just watching "Wheel of Fortune".
100 sec.

After the words "The End" have already faded in, gaps in the plot of "Wild Things" are being explained afterwards and the plot is deepend. - In the Unrated version, two more scenes were added. - These scenes fit in with the concept of the film just as well as all the other scenes which were shown in the normal context of the movie. However, they could not have been inserted earlier, or else the plot turns would not have caused surprise.

The first new explanatory scene:
The day that Kelly's father killed himself

It had been mentioned before that Kelly ran away from home on the day that her father shot himself. She was found in a hotel, extremely high on coke. - This scene belatedly reveals that she apparently also met Lombardo that day, thus being the prelude to her part of the coup.
She enters the bar in which Lombardo sits. Thrustfully, she aproaches him and sits down in front of him. He asks her what she was doing. She tells him slightly euphorically that she was running away from home. He asks whether this was a sensible thing to do. She affirms and, whipping out a satchet of coke, says that she also had some toys. She offers him a line of coke on her fingernail, which he snorts.
41 sec.

Modified dubbing
In contrast to the Unrated, the R-Rated version contains a change in the dubbing of the subsequent scene in which Suzie comes into Lombardo's office in order to confront him with the sex photos of him and Kelly. - The uncensored sentence is much more indecent.
Thanks to Neve Campbell for the picture of the R-Rated
No time difference
Left R-Rated, right Unrated

The second new explanatory scene:
Did Lombardo rape Kelly after she had washed his car or did he not? - This question is dealt with during the first half of the movie and eventually answered in the negative. - As this scene reveals, he really did not rape her, but definitely had sex with her.
The scene (apparently fallen victim to the American censors) shows Lombardo and Kelly having sex. At first, only Lombardo is seen topless, while performing thrusting motions. Then Kelly stands up in front of him and their practiced sex position is more than just vaguely perceptible. He pulls up her wet shirt and several times her breasts are seen briefly. - The two of them permanently talk dirty so that it is no surprise that this interaction of visual and audio had to be dropped in the US version.
Finally, Kelly tells him: "No little girl can ever make me come." - Mightily turned on by this, he presses her down again and one can see that he is about to finish the "act".
28 sec.