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Silver Hawk

original title: Fei Ying


  • International Version
  • HK Theatrical Version
Release: Sep 27, 2010 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the international version and the HK version.

The international version is based on the That DVD and the HK version is based on the DVD by Megastar.

Silver Hawk is the new movie of director and camera man Jingle Ma, who also brought Jackie Chan and Jet Li in many movie to a good expression


Considering the international release the producing studio Media Asia developed an international version parallel in which all dialogues have been re-made in English. However, even the HK version offers a lot of spoken English:

  • Dialogues between Chinese people and non-Chinese people are held in ENglish in both versions.

  • Dialogues between non-Chinese people are held in English in both versions.

  • The int. version has some actors, because of their extreme accent, being synchronised which works pretty bad with main actor Richie Ren. In the kanto version (language type) some side actors, who are only speaking Mandarine, were synchronised in Cantonese.

  • Michelle Yeoh can be heard in both versions with her original voice.

  • The alternative takes differ in their length.

Runtime HK-DVD: 99:03 Min.

Runtime Thai-DVD: 99:18 Min. (PAL in NTSC-speed)

The difference in runtime has its origins in the different dialogues. There is no censoring at all.

Examples for the differentiation of the HK version and the int. version

To the left: HK version
To the right: Int. version

Example 1: image format

The format of the That DVD with 1,78:1 is completely wrong because it is zoomed in. The wide-screen version of the HK DVD with 2,35:1 offers nice images in a perfect quality.

Example 2: Slightly different takes

Often the takes are the same, they differ in few details.

Example 3: Alternative takes

Sometimes completely new takes were used.

Example 4: Other series of cuts

In some scenes there is another series of cuts with other takes. In this example Lulu takes down her mask in two takes (in the HK version). The int. version shows her taking down the mask in only one take which differes from the HK version.

Example 5: Texts

Written texts are not made in the actual language but in English.