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  • Director's Cut
  • Extended Director's Cut
Release: Mar 18, 2018 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Director's Cut and the Extended Director's Cut (both available on the US Blu-ray by Scream Factory).

Halloween, 1962: 10-year-old Frankie gets locked in the changing room by two of his classmates. At night, he sees the spirit of a young girl getting brutally killed by some guy. Later on, the guy shows up because he is looking for something. In the process, he finds Freddie and chokes him until he is unconscious. Once again, the dead girl appears in his dream and asks Freddie to help her find her mother. Freddie survives the attacks with slight injuries. As it turns out, a lot of children were murdered over the last few years. At the same time, Frankie is being confronted with the legend of the Lady in White who threw herself down a cliff and has been haunting a deserted house ever since. Frankie does everything in his power to track down the killer and reveal the secret of the Lady in White.

Lady in White is a lovely mixture of murder mystery, thriller and kid's movie, combined with a little racism drama and it works surprisingly well. From beginning till end, the movie is really suspenseful so that the occassional weakness is worth overlooking. The box office result was pretty mediocre but the movie is quite underrated actually.

In addition to the Theatrical Version, there is a Director's Cut with approx. 4 minutes of additional footage. In the US, Scream Factory also released a so-called Extended Director's Cut on Blu-ray which contains approx. 9 further minutes of footage. Putting all the minor alterations with a length difference of less than 1 sec each aside, there are three striking differences. Starting with Mr. Lowry, the postman, who tells Frankie about the Lady in White - including her backstory. The scene with Frankie and the old lady is longer as well. In the finale, Frankie is being thrown off the cliff by Phil but the spirit turns back time and Frankie flies back up.
The Extended Director's Cut is a double-edged sword. Numerous alterations are so subtle that they are incredibly hard to spot. The new scenes with Mr. Lowry and the old lady are very atmospheric on the one hand, no doubt. But then again, they mess up the pace of the movie a little. The altered special effect when Frankie gets saved is a bit over the top but fans of the movie should give it a shot anyway.

The Blu-ray contains all three versions and there are lots of bonus features as well. Highly recommendable for anyone with a region free / region A player.

Angelo slightly earlier.

Extended Director's Cut: 0.7 sec


The bike with the pumpkin insignificantly longer.

Extended Director's Cut: 0.4 sec


Angelo and Frankie longer & earlier.

Extended Director's Cut: 0.8 sec


Frankie longer, then Angelo sooner.

Extended Director's Cut: 1,1 sec


Angelo makes a few steps forward.

Extended Director's Cut: 2.87 sec


Gramps takes another puff.

Extended Director's Cut: 1.07 sec


Gino slightly longer.

Extended Director's Cut: 0.8 sec


Gramps coughs slightly longer.

Extended Director's Cut: 0.6 sec


The cigarette in the pants leg a little longer.

Extended Director's Cut: 1.1 sec


Frankie a little longer.

Extended Director's Cut: 0.8 sec


Frankie describes the monster more detailed.

Extended Director's Cut: 9.5 sec


The shot of the teacher in the car starts earlier.

Extended Director's Cut: 2.3 sec


The door earlier.

Extended Director's Cut: 1.7 sec


Phil hugs Frankie.

Extended Director's Cut: 3.1 sec


Angelo says Harold Williams has been indicted for murder.

Extended Director's Cut: 3.5 sec


Angelo longer.

Extended Director's Cut: 1.1 sec


The shot of the mother of the boy who got killed starts earlier.

Extended Director's Cut: 5.0 sec


The limbo scene with the teacher and her students is longer. Donald keeps trying to lift her skirt.

Extended Director's Cut: 9.3 sec


The car earlier.

Extended Director's Cut: 4,0 sec


Director's Cut:

Mr. Lowry, the postman, approaches Frankie and asks what he was doing. Frankie explains he was contemplating. Mr. Lowry then lets him know that his parcel had arrived.

Then Frankie riding home on his bike.

Extended Director's Cut:

The Extended Director's Cut contains an alternate shot of Mr. Lowry on his way to Frankie, asking what he was doing. Frankie explains he was contemplating. Mr. Lowry assumes was thinking about the weather report. Frankie is hoping for a white christmas. He explains he went to the tree quite often since his mother had died. Mr. Lowry says he had his very first date and right and calls the tree "Good Luck Tree". Frankie says he called the tree "Thinking Tree". Frankie then wants to know if a person could die and still be alive nonetheless. Mr. Lowry is aware that Frankie is refering to the "Lady in White". He tells him about a nice woman who used to live at Widows Peak and fell off the cliff and due to the brutal death, she can't find piece and haunts the hill ever since. Frankie asks if he had ever seen her but that is a negatory. Mr Lowry believes nobody ever had but she was still real because her existence was manisted into the people's minds. Mr. Lowry has to leave but he lets Frankie know about his parcel.

Director's Cut: 28.1 sec
Extended Director's Cut: 3 min 49.3 sec


Director's Cut:

Alternate shot of Frankie and Gino.

Extended Director's Cut:

Frankie says "Mr. Lowry said" which establishes the context to the extended scene.

Director's Cut: 2.9 sec
Extended Director's Cut: 2.1 sec


The cop informs Angelo that Harold did not make it. Angelo asks about Matty, the cop explains she was fine.

Extended Director's Cut: 20.9 sec


Angelo and the cop slightly earlier.

Extended Director's Cut: 0.5 sec


Longer black screen before Frankie wakes up.

Extended Director's Cut: 3.6 sec


The camera circles around Frankie's bed. Frankie sits up straight and the camera pans to the woman at the piano.

Extended Director's Cut: 1:29.2 min


The shot of Frankie in bed starts earlier.

Extended Director's Cut: 2.6 sec


Director's Cut:

The woman approaches Frankie who is lying in bed.

Extended Director's Cut:

The woman slowly approaches Frankie's bed. She asks if he enjoyed listening, he nods. She says she could teach him and adds she had taught it to a lot of children before.

Director's Cut: 11.3 sec
Extended Director's Cut: 34.3 sec


The woman looks in the morror and says her daughter was much prettier than her and her she loved her daughter.

Extended Director's Cut: 17.7 sec


Director's Cut:

The woman puts away the picture and gets in bed as well.

Extended Director's Cut:

The woman weeps and she says her daughter could rest in piece now because her killer was dead. Then she goes to Frankie.

Director's Cut: 27.3 sec
Extended Director's Cut: 1 min


The woman says there was no need for Frankie to be scared any longer because she had taken him out.

Extended Director's Cut: 14.2 sec


The woman earlier before she gets choked to death.

Extended Director's Cut: 2.7 sec


Phil manages to grab Frankie and lets him fall off the cliff.

Extended Director's Cut: 8.0 sec


The pin wheel turns in the other direction. As if by an invisible hand, Frankie flies back up and manages to grab a root.

Extended Director's Cut: 10.0 sec


Footage of the female ghost, then Frankie.

Extended Director's Cut: 11.0 sec


The burning house earlier.

Extended Director's Cut: 3.3 sec


The two ghosts a little earlier.

Extended Director's Cut: 1.8 sec


And now insignificantly longer.

EDC: 0.5 sec


The ghosts spin longer. In addition to that, the subsequent shot starts earlier.

Extended Director's Cut: 14.3 sec


The ghosts longer, then Frankie.

Extended Director's Cut: 7.1 sec


The ghosts spin longer.

Extended Director's Cut: 3.3 sec


The sky a little earlier...

Extended Director's Cut: 1.7 sec


...and longer.

Extended Director's Cut: 1.7 sec


Frankie a bit longer...

Extended Director's Cut: 0.9 sec


...and earlier.

Extended Director's Cut: 2.6 sec