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Release: Aug 17, 2010 - Author: Frank666 - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
In 1988, director Frank LaLoggia produced the film "The Lady in White". The fine mix of fantasy and horror for children was quite a box office bomb, unfortunately. However, critics were full of praise for it. On TV and video, the film gathered a dedicated fan community. In 1997, the director presented the film on Laserdisc and in 1998, his "Director's Cut" on DVD.

This censorship report compares the TV version (Premiere MGM) and the British director's cut DVD version.

Runtime TV 1:48:33 (1:44:28 excluding end credits)
Runtime DVD 1:52:59 (1:48:45 excluding end credits)

Even though both versions use the original film size 1:1,85, a different image section is shown in several scenes.


Additional scene:
In the director's cut, the MGM Logo is shown at the beginning.
12.8 sec.

Additional scene:
In the director's cut, there is an addtional scene with Frankie (Lukas Haas) and the teacher Grace La Della (Lucy Lee Flippin).
44.6 sec.
Frankie throws his school books onto the backseat of the car.

He closes the door and walks up to the driver's side.

Grace: Thank you, Frankie. And say "hello" to your father for me. Ask him... to call me sometime. I'm in the book. It's under "Grace". "Grace La Della - Page 39". Would you like me to write that down for you?
Frankie: No, that's okay. I'll tell him.

She shuts the door and drives off.

Edited scene:
The shot of the groundskeeper Harold Williams (Henry Harris) stars a bit earlier in the director's cut.
(Error in the master?)
1.2 sec.

Edited scene:
In the TV version, the last shot of Frankie's hospital bed is longer than in the director's cut.
TV version
-2.5 sec.

In the director's cut, the scene at Frankie's sickbed continues. His grandparents carry out an acted fight to amuse him.
Director's cut
36.8 sec.
Mamma Assunta: How you feeling? Feel better now?

Papa Charlie: Sure, he's right. Just like my new wrist watch. Takes a-licking and keeps on ticking.
Mamma Assunta: Shut up, you. Who cares about youre wrist watch? Stop smoking before you die, too.

Papa Charlie: What's up "dying"? Nobody's dying.
Mamma Assunta: Nevermind. Go find your son and tell him Frankie is wake up now.

Papa Charlie: When I die, not smoking who kill me. It's a-you-one who kill me.(Italian accent)
Both continue fighting in Italian.

Additional scene:
In the director's cut, there is an additional scene after the mass, in which Angelo (Alex Rocco) drives the Williams family home.
97 sec.

Angelo: I apologize for what happened back there, Matty.
Matty starts crying and leaves the car.

Additional scene:
In the director's cut, after Frankie has heard the clicking of the typewriter, he gets up from bed and goes over to it.
29.4 sec.

Additional scene:
In the director's cut, Papa Charlie (Angelo Bertolini) and Geno (Jason Presson) walk through the hallway and into their rooms after the scene in the basement.
12 sec.

Additional scene:
In the director's cut, the scene at Geno's sickbed continues. Another take was used for the transition.

TV version
-3,7 sec.
Phil gives his son a friendly pat on the head and Geno lies down again.

Director's cut
29.2 sec.
After the pat on the head, Phil leaves the room.

Phil: Arrividerci, Mamma.
Mamma Assunta: Arrividerci, Phil. Ba-Bye.
She takes the clinical thermometer and looks concerned.

Mamma Assunta: To much talk. No work. Come on, Gino. We try the other end.
Geno: No, Mamma.
Mamma Assunta: Come on.
Mamma uses the thermometer at the "other end" now. In the meantime, Grandpa enters the room.

Geno: Ouw!
Papa Charlie witnesses the operation, prays shortly and flees.
Papa Charlie: Signore mio!

Additional scene:
At the end of the director's cut, the MGM kitty appears once again.
7.7 sec.