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  • R-Rated
  • UK DVD
Release: Sep 16, 2010 - Author: Slayer - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the UK DVD by Entertainment in Video and the R-Rated version, which all other international versions are based upon.
Both versions exhibit a different cutting sequence. Concerning the cutting of various scenes, the R-Rated version is faster and more suspenseful than the UK version. With the exception of the censorship of one scene of violence, only scenes are missing that were slowing the film down and did not add anything important to the story. Therefore, one can easily do without them. However, the UK version features four alternative scenes, which are among the most interesting. These are marked in green in the report.
UK version: 93:19 min. (PAL)
R-Rated: roughly 98 min. (NTSC)
Cut: 323 sec. (5:32 min.)
00:00 min.
In the British version, the complete opening credits are shown on a black background.
97 sec.

Opening credits
00:19 min. Alternative scene
UK version: The tracking shot fades out to a closer view of the forest. From there, the camera pans rightwards to a waterborne ship. The writing "Panama" is displayed. (26 sec.)
R-Rated: The image fades out to another view of the forest. After some shots of the woods, a view of the ship's masts rising above the treetops follows. Subsequently, there are two more view of the ship. One askew shot from out of the forest and a distance shot. From that last view, the camera pans leftwards into the forest. When it stops, the writing "Panama" is displayed. (99 sec.)
Difference (missing in the UK version!):
63 sec.
The scenes from the R-Rated should be familiar, therefore just some pictures from the UK version:

09:20 min.
Front view of Miller sneaking through the water.
7 sec.

09:30 min.
View of the pursuer sidling through the woods.
2 sec.

10:43 min.
The pursuer sneaks behind a tree stump and is fired at.
3 sec.

10:51 min.
Short view of Miller sprinting towards the helicopter.
2 sec.

11:00 min.
Miller lays his dead partner into the gunner's station of the helicopter. Contrary to the US version, there is no cut.
1 sec.

11:09 min.
After the helicopter has taken off, the pursuer walks off the right side of the screen.
4 sec.

MIller's mission instructions
12:58 min. Alternative scene
This scene is completely different in both versions. Additionally, it happens in different places in the film: in the R-Rated version, one does first witness Miller's briefing and then Beckett being instructed by one of his supervisors (he drives to him in a cab beforehand). In the UK version, the course of the scene is simply reversed.

The pictures:

The scenes totally differ in both versions! Apart from Miller, mainly different actors are starring in the scenes and Miller also wears different clothes. In terms of content, the viewer gets to know about the same. However, the R-Rated version is more elaborate concerning Miller's plan of action. Generally, the scene seems much more "B-movie like" in the UK version than in the normal one. Even the scenery is more unspectacular. However, the R-Rated shows Miller at the beginning of the scene, while he is looking at his sniper medal. Later in the film, there are allusions to it.

Duration of the scene in the UK version: 125 sec.
Duration of the scene in the R-Rated: 166 sec.
Difference (missing in the UK version!):
41 sec.
The scene from the R-Rated should be familiar, therefore just some pictures from the UK version:

19:58 min.
The beginning of the scene of the helicopter taking off is missing. One soldier continues shooting and runs out of the picture.
1 sec.

32:07 min.
A pursuer sneaks through the woods and hides behind a bush. From there, he aims his gun at a pathway. He pans his weapon rightwards and leaves after noticing that no one is there.
31 sec.

33:12 min.
Miller and Tom Berenger walking through the jungle.
6 sec.

40:53 min.
A slightly longer shot of Miller looking at the native.
2 sec.

46:21 min.
The pursuer sneaks through the woods.
7 sec.

48:26 min.
Beckett and Miller walk through the jungle a bit longer.
6 sec.

51:08 min.
Miller says "No trade me into your shit". Then one can see a dog coming out of a hut.
6 sec.

51:52 min.
Beckett and Miller go through the jungle longer.
11 sec.

56:01 min.
The camera pans downwards onto a tree stump with an incised symbol. Cut to Miller, who cautiously steps over a strained wire.
14 sec.

56:11 min.
Beckett is about to pick up a stone from the ground. Suddenly, Miller protrudes from the woods with his weapon drawn. Beckett gives him a sign as in to which direction he should go. Miller then goes into the indicated direction.
21 sec.

57:21 min.
Beckett sits down on a tree stump and looks into the jungle.
11 sec.

57:45 min.
The pursuer notices the barbwire tripping hazard. He slowly steps over it and sneaks on.
20 sec.

Assassination of the pursuer
57:58 min. Alternative scene
The scene in which Beckett kills the pursuer is completely different in both versions. In the R-Rated, the scene is much more atmospheric and exciting than in the UK version.
UK version: The pursuer sneaks up to Miller from behind. Half way there, he shortly kneels down and draws his knife. He then goes on and hits Miller's head with the knife. At that, Miller jumps on him and the doll's head falls off. Beckett has him in a choke now and breaks his neck. Then he throws him into the water. Now, there is a short view of the sleeping Miller, interrupted by two very brief flashbacks of someone recharging his weapon. Beckett now protrudes from the bushes and attaches another name tag to his "keychain", while Miller watches him gloomily. (69 sec.)
R-Rated: The pursuer sneaks through the jungle seeking for Miller. Beckett, however, has already noticed that and watches him through his rifle-scope. The pursuer looks for Miller with his rifle-scope. During that, he sees Beckett passing by. As he moves the scope back, he suddenly has Miller's head in his sights. He pauses and prepares for a shot. Suddenly a shot is fired. He pans his scope rightwards and one can see the bullet approaching in slow-motion and finally hitting the pursuer's head after going through the scope. Beckett picks up the pursuer's knife from the water, while Miller comes and grumbles about Beckett not having warned him. Beckett casually replies that he had not been in danger at all. (162 sec.)
Difference (missing in the UK version!):
93 sec.
The scene from the R-Rated should be familiar, therefore just some pictures from the UK version:

71:03 min.
With his binoculars, Beckett watches a sentinal walking in Miller's direction. Short shot of the nervous Beckett. Then he pans the binoculars in Miller's direction.
15 sec.

71:40 min.
Short view of Beckett listening to an approaching soldier.
7 sec.

71:42 min.
2 sec.

83:55 min.
A short shot of the watching Miller is missing.
3 sec.

85:07 min.
A slightly longer shot of Miller.
5 sec.

88:09 min.
Miller sneaks through the jungle.
3 sec.

88:26 min.
7 sec.

Censorship of a scene of violence
88:49 min. Censorship of a scene of violence
A close shot of Beckett's finger being torn off is missing.
2 sec.

The alternative ending
89:26 min. Alternative scene
The UK version has a different, worse ending than the R-Rated one.
UK version: Miller shoulders Beckett and carries him out of the camp. Subsequently, both walk through the jungle and to the beach. Meanwhile, one can hear the helicopter approaching from the off. (73 sec.)
R-Rated: Billy carries Beckett through the jungle. Meanwhile, some soldiers have realised what happened and run after them. To enable them to run faster, Billy lets Beckett down. Cut to the arriving helicopter. All hell has broken loose in the camp. The helicopter is landing and Billy orders Beckett to go there. When he stands at the helicopter, he notices an enemy sneaking up from behind. He warns Miller, who runs off. With shaking hands, Beckett manages to kill the attacker at the moment. Now Miller and Beckett enter the helicopter and lift off. During the flight, Billy tells Beckett where he is from. (199 sec.)
Difference (missing in the UK version!):
126 sec.
The scene from the R-Rated should be familiar, therefore just some pictures from the UK version:

91:29 min.
Miller nervously aims at the man who tortured Beckett. He stumbles "His name...", whereupon his torturer asks "What is it? What is it?". Miller continues pointing his gun at him and Beckett looks in Miller's direction.
12 sec.

91:46 min.
A shot of Beckett at the balk and the dead man on the ground is missing.
4 sec.

91:52 Min.
Without a cut, Miller runs to Beckett and cuts off his bonds.
11 sec.