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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Jun 21, 2009 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated and the Unrated.

Adam, a likeable loser, is in love with Cara, the prettiest girl in the school. During Senior Skip Day he tries to make a move but things don't work out as planned...

The Unrated Version contains three storyline extensions and bare breasts are visible in two of them. Considering the fact that people are getting naked in the R-Rated as well and that Scotts dialogue about oral sex is not really that raunchy compared to the rest of the movie, nothing keeps one from thinking that the Unrated Version of "Senior Skip Day" is once again all about milking the cash cow. backing this theory up is the fact that all three scenes can be found in the bonus features of the R-Rated DVD, which makes the cuts entirely pointless.

Also interesting is the cover of the Unrated DVD. The models' tops and a pair of pants have been removed just to be able to slap "Unrated"- and "Uncut" bars over the picture.



Running time:

R-Rated: 81:27 Min. (NTSC)
Unrated: 83:27 Min. (NTSC)

A girl in a wet white shirt gets out of the pool and walks past Carl.

Carl goes somewhere private and opens a suitcase of porn movies. He shoves a tape into the recorder and takes off his pants without noticing the old lady sitting on the bed in the background.

30,23 Sec.


Denise surprises Brian in the bathroom, who was just done and about to leave the room.

One more party scene.

Denise stands in front of the bathroom mirror, observing her breasts.

Two of the models are entering the room.

Denise: "This is amazing, cause you two are models, and like you're so beautiful, and I just have to ask you this."
Blondes Model: "Yeah?"
Denise: "Your boobs they're like so big, and perfect, and I just want to know, did you get them done? And if you did, then who did them?"
Blondes Model: "You don't need a boob job, girl."
Brünettes Model: "They're beautiful."

The blond model presents her breasts.

Blondes Model: "I went to Dr. Murray Scholl Smith. I used to be a C, he made me a double D."
Denise: "But, there's no incision."
Blondes Model: "He goes in under the arm."
Denise: "Not through the nipple?"
Brünettes Model: "Hell no!"

57,00 Sec.


Scott tells of his Cunnilingus trick.

Scott: "See, the thing is guys, I've got a secret."
Brian: "What?"
Scott: "The alphabet."
Brian: ""The alphabet?"
Scott: "You know, the alphabet. A, B. You do it right, chicks love the B. Carl, check this out. I'm talking about tongue-fucking bitches."
Brian: ""Dude, that's the oldest trick in the book, man. I was getting my girl to climax by O."
Scott: "Well, uh, I get Cara by the I."
Brian: ""I?"
Scott: "Yeah."
Brian: ""Never done that before. Cause you're not dotting it."

31,50 Sec.