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Erotic Kill

original title: Avaleuses, Les


  • Softcore Version
  • Hardcore Version
Release: Jul 23, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
There are at least three different versions of Erotic Kill:

-A horror-version: In this one, people get conservatively bitten in the neck and not in the sex organs.
-A "Soft"-erotic-version: People get bitten in the sex organs here, but without hardcore scenes. The US-DVD by Image Entertainment is based on this version.
-A Hardcore-version: This is the "Soft"-version with four additional hardcore scenes. The German DVD by X-Rated is based on this version, for example.

"Soft"-Erotic-version: 97:19 min.
Hardcore-version: 104:56 min.

4 scenes with a total runtime of 7:45 min.

More detailed view of the oral sex scene between the countess and the guy at the fence.



Oral sex between the countess and the masseur, who then ejaculates into her face.

The horror version on the other hand has a fluent passage here. Interestingly, a short hardcore scene is featured a little later: The masseur is lying on bed and the baroness does him orally. She can be very well made out taking his penis in her mouth.

2:42 Min.


The lesbian scene is more detailed: You see the countess very clearly pleasing Anna (=the journalist) orally.

2:56 Min.


Oral sex between the countess and Baron von Rathony.

1:35 Min.