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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated
Release: Jun 18, 2013 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
Identity Thief is a mildly entertaining comedy with Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy that's already 15-20 minutes too long in its theatrical version. Also, not all gags are hitting the mark (and the fact that the gag reel in the bonus section has the duration of only 48 seconds (!) kind of speaks for itself). Still, the film was so successful compared to its budget ($ 174 million vs. $35 million budget) that a sequel is already a done deal.

Nevertheless, the studio thought that it was necessary to enrich the DVD/BD releases with a longer Unrated Cut that adds almost 9 minutes of material. The clear conclusion here is that the majority of those scenes feel like they were cut out of the theatrical version because they simply weren't needed or slowing down the events. Typical "unrated" material that could've been too risky for the "R"-rated theatrical version is nowhere in sight.

26 differences, consisting of
17 extended scenes
4 extended scenes with alternate material
3 additional scenes
1 scene with alternate material

Comparison between the Theatrical Version (R-Rated) and the Unrated Version (both included on the US Blu-ray by Universal).

The Unrated Version runs 528.28 sec. or approx. 8 minutes 49 seconds longer than the Theatrical Version.
Additional Scene
0:06:44: Sandy enters a lift.
9.52 sec.

Extended Scene
0:07:38: A little more confusion while Harold still talks to somebody on the phone and Sandy's not sure whether he is spoken to or not.
9.76 sec.

Extended Scene
0:08:14: Harold gives some reasoning for the bonuses he and his partners are getting. The company has endured a tough time and they managed that 60% of the employees could keep their jobs. Sandy adds that 40% lost their jobs but Harold stays with his perspective and says that they should be happy about that.
12.28 sec.

Extended Scene
0:09:27: Harold orders Sandy to process the bonus transfers today since he has to go to Tahiti. Strictly business-related, of course.
9.64 sec.

Extended Scene with alternate material
UR: 0:09:59: The UR shows more transfers that are processed by Sandy on the computer screen. The theatrical cut (TC from now on) only shows how he types in the bonus for Harold.
The UR runs 5.48 sec. longer

Alternate material
0:10:11: Insignificant. During the phone conversation, different moments of the money transfers are shown which have been visible in the other versions.
The UR runs 0.48 sec. longer

Additional Scene
0:11:31: When Sandy is offered a considerable pay raise, he just grins in the TC and the scene with the girl soccer follows. The UR has him asking when Dan is playing to announce their departure and Dan answers that this is going to happen right away. The next scene shows them entering the main office and declaring that they quit their jobs in order to open their own firm and everyone that wants to join them is welcome. Harold is there too and reacts sarcastic by saying that his company has branches in 20 cities and 3 continents and that Dan and his colleagues do not want them as their enemies. When Dan finally asks if anyone wants to join them right now, Sandy steps up. Harold is surprised and tries to intimidate him but it's too late for that.
75.12 sec.

Extended Scene
0:20:18: The receptionist welcomes Sandy warmly, tells him that she's there when he needs something and shows him the direction to his office.
15.72 sec.

Extended Scene
0:35:42: Diana gets lost in the backstory for her house payment and doesn't find the right pronounciation for "amortized". Irrelevant, really.
8.4 sec.

Extended Scene
0:40:58: The skiptracer searches for Diana's address in the appointment book and hands the hairstylist some money. He demands a smile from her and tells her to forget about his visit.
53.68 sec.

Extended Scene
0:42:52: Diana is irritated that Sandy frames her actions in such a negative way and says that she simply uses the loopholes in the system. Sandy argues that Diana causes a lot of damage and that he is a victim of hers but she says that it's not her fault when people don't check their finances.
33.36 sec.

Extended Scene
0:43:38: Diana enriches her description of their road trip with the comparison of them being like brother and sister - only that they are attracted to each other. Sandy says that they'll drive to Denver and that nothing else would happen between them.
14.08 sec.

Extended Scene with alternate material
0:44:27: Alternate takes and the UR has more dialogue.
TC: Diana says that she's drunk-driving all the time and the one time she fell asleep behind the wheel caused her to crash a Taco Bell/Pizza Hut combo in half.
UR: Here, Diana says the same thing but the object of her destruction is a "Arby's" instead. Sandy tells her to take a nap and she lowers her seat. She looks at him and tells him that he looks even taller from that perspective.
The UR runs 6.4 sec. longer

Extended Scene with alternate material
0:44:57: An again, the UR is much longer and has another joke.

TC: The waitress leads them directly to the booth.
UR: Diana asks the waitress if they could sit in a booth because "her husband" Sandy got surgery on his private parts and therefore has pain when sitting on hard chairs. The waitress is touched by that and leads them to the booth.
The UR runs 26.64 sec. longer

Alternate material
0:49:25: No difference in content when Big Chuck's pick-up line fails to impress Diana. However, the UR has other camera perspective and is therefore slightly longer.
The UR runs 2.36 sec. longer

Extended Scene
0:50:24: Diana and Big Chuck are enmeshing each other much longer in the UR. Chuck says that grasshoppers are hard on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside. Diana responds that she likes it soft and creamy and proposes that they go sit at the free table. They then take their things and put a strong emphasis on touching each other. Unbelievably erotic and totally unrated.
55 sec.

Extended Scene
0:52:12: Diana tells Sandy that he should go but Sandy demands that she comes with him. Big Chuck says that he doesn't want to stand between husband and wife but they tell him it's fine.
16.12 sec.

Extended Scene
0:52:47: Diana explains to Big Chuck how her husband Sandy likes to watch when she gets involved with other men and that his displayed reluctance is only part of his act.
16.48 sec.

Additional Scene
0:54:05: Diana asks Sandy to guess when the last time was that she was sexually active but Sandy doesn't really want to answer that and adds that it's probably not happening tonight, either. Diana has a different opinion on that, though.
18.76 sec.

Extended Scene
1:24:33: Diana asks for the accountant's empathy by adding her birthday, marriage and pregnancy to the reasons why he should help her despite the strict rules he normally has to follow.
22.36 sec.

Extended Scene
1:24:58: She adds that she expects twins and that her cat died.
1.6 sec.

Extended Scene with alternate material
1:26:27: Sandy intimidates the accountant a little more by saying that he will continue to live in fear while Sandy is on a different level and will be fine even when he's not helped by the accountant in this matter. The TC is shorter and has different camera shots.
The UR runs 18.2 sec. longer

Extended Scene
1:30:19: Diana is enthusiastic over the beauty products while the hairstylist is irritated.
21.84 sec.

Extended Scene
1:42:25: Sandy and Diana sit in the car and Diana says that she doesn't want to go to prison. Sandy is shamefaced. It's another 100 miles to Denver and Sandy asks Diana to put her seatbelt on. Diana responds that Sandy should take his tampon out.
40.76 sec.

Extended Scene
1:44:53: Diana compliments Trish for the dinner and the interior decoration and Trish thanks her reluctantly.
22.88 sec.

Extended Scene
1:46:32: Diana talks about intense sexual tension that she directed at Sandy during the trip.
11.36 sec.