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Release: Sep 07, 2016 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the US-DVD released by Image and the US-Blu-Ray released by Synapse.

Witch Erica (Julie Strain) cannot take it that the attorney's office her husband Larry (Larry Poindexter) works at promoted his colleague Howard (Edward Albert) first. With a magic ritual she makes sure that Howard has a car accident while he talks to his wife Amelia (Linda Blair) on the phone. Unexpectedly, Larry comes back home, runs into his wife performing the ceremony and realizes that she bewitched him with a love spell of love. They have a small fight during which Larry pushes Erica down the balcony by accident. She dies. Three years later, Larry falls in love with his old friend Carol (Rochelle Swanson), yet still has erotic fantasies about Erica. Howard survived the accident and is sitting in a wheelchair. Amelia also turns out to be a witch and she starts to enchant Carol. The latter at first has erotic dreams (among others about Erica) and then starts to look and act more and more like Erica. Larry starts to see through Amelia's actual plan - however, it is almost too late.

With Fred Olen Ray producing, Jim Wynorski directing and Julie Strain acting, you have a movie that guarantees a lot of nudity. And sure enough, Julie Strain is seen naked during the first few minutes when she oils in her body to perform a magical ritual. Subsequently, the viewers are able to find out more about Julie Strain's anatomy, alongside with those of Rochelle Swanson, Toni Naples, and Kristi Ducati. While one would assume that the plot is rather an alibi for nudity, it actually comes across as a solid thriller with supernatural elements; as a result, the softcore sex scenes are not just end in themselves. Linda Blair has a greater role as a witch, yet keeps her close on all the time. Also, we see Blacula-actor William Marshall in a smaller role as Larry's boss.

There exist three different versions of this movie. On VHS, they released the censored R-Rated version as well as a more revealing Unrated version - which also wound up on a DVD. On Blu-Ray, Synapse put out the "Unrated Director's Cut" for the first time. Regarding the runtime, it is identical to the Unrated version, yet there is more naked skin to be discovered. The most striking differences can be found towards the beginning. Due to different image sections, Julie Strain's private parts can be seen at times. One scene with Larry Poindexter and Rochelle Swanson is a little longer on the Blu-ray, however, since this sequence was slowed down for the DVD there actually is no difference in time.

The DVD comes with an aspect ratio of 4:3 open mate. As a result, it actually includes some more information on the top and the bottom compared to the 1.85:1 masked Blu-Ray. This comes in handy at some points, yet it becomes pretty obvious that the movie was meant to be shown in 1.85:1. Still, this might be a reason not to throw out the DVD.

Image comparison:






US DVD: 88:58 min.
US BD: 88:58 min.

Right at the beginning, the first shot on the DVD was zoomed in to cover up Erica's genital area.


No difference in time (each 18 sec.)


Again, the shot was zoomed in to cover up the genitals.


No difference in time (each 2 sec.)




No difference in time (each 10 sec.)


Due to the fact that the image was shifted on the DVD, you can never see Erica's genital area on the DVD.


No difference in time (each 22 sec.)


Again, some naked details were covered up.


No difference in time (each 7 sec.)


Alternative title: The Blu-Ray uses the title "Temptress", while the DVD says "Sorceress".


No difference in time (each 5 sec.)


On Blu-Ray, the scene cuts to Larry and Carol. They kiss on the bed and Carol pushes Larry down. This scene was cut because you can shortly see Larry's penis.

On DVD, the sequence was slowed down, so that you see the image at the end a little longer.

BD: 6 sec.
DVD: 6 sec. langsamer


The DVD cuts to Amelia, while the Blu-Ray continues to show Howard.


No difference in time (each 2 sec.)