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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated
Release: Sep 07, 2015 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: ManfredR - external link: IMDB
Three High-School-Idiots, typical looser without having any sexual experience, decide shortly before their graduation to scent college air in advance. And because they’ve heard about the non-stop partying at college and that every dumbass has at least one time sex they hit the road…

We have here one of the run-of-the-mill flicks that are very popular in the USA. And it is even one of the worst movies of its genre, whatsoever is not a big deal. No funny jokes, the actors all unappealing and the story – anyhow only hackneyed ideas out of the large pool of similar flicks – drags itself from one cliché to the next. Naturally all three idiots find a beautiful girl have sex and retaliate upon all college guys for their previous diss. Yuck.... and it is of no consequence that some actors are definitely too old for their role and it even is conspicuous. All in all it’s a boring partly inelegant nonsense with homophobic elements. It’s a waste of time.

And as is right and proper in the USA there has been released an unrated version on DVD. And there is no need to say that the extensions are solely "naked" facts. Whereas one must confess that even the rated R version features some risqué things. Both versions have been released on one DVD in the USA so that the warned audience now has the choice. Compared has been the Theatrical version (Rated R) (really, it has had an opening day in the USA!) with the Unrated version.
27:16 Min.
It’s party time. The shot of a girl dancing in a wet shirt is missing in the theatrical version therefore the following take starts 2 single frames earlier.
( 4 sec. )

27:35 Min.
There are a few bouncing and pierced silicon breasts.
( 3 sec. )

32:03 Min.
When the two girls go to bed the unrated version is much more permissive and runs longer. The theatrical version features harmless alternative material instead.
Theatrical version = 10 seconds / Unrated version = 21 seconds
Total difference: ( 11 sec. )
Unrated version: Theatrical version:

43:36 Min.
The next day when our three heroes walk over the campus ground the finally get to a Car-Wash-Party where Kendall holds the hose pipe. At this point there are again some naked facts in the unrated version. This is followed by some dialog lines of the three horny guys sitting on the stairs having a joint whereas at the end alternative material has been used.
Bearcat: "We should have one of those. And we can get all soapy and scrub each other down."
Cooper: "Dude, I hope that is the weed talking."
Bearcat passes the bong along to Goose but Teague arrives and takes it.
Cooper: "Check it out, man, your're missing it."
Teague: "Missing what?"
Cooper: "Charity body wash."
With "Looks like those high school fuckers...." the dialogs are again synchronized but this sentence is also provided with different settings.
Theatrical version = 8 seconds / Unrated version = 36 seconds
Total difference: ( 28 sec. )
Unrated version: Theatrical version:

59:31 Min.
Only the unrated version has a shot of a dancer at the pole.
( 6 sec. )

59:31 Min.
Directly after there is alternative image material of two naked beauties in a cage whereas the camera stroboscopic like flickers in the theatrical version but keep focus on the beauties in the unrated version. The following scene of the band starts earlier in the theatrical version so that there is no running time difference.
Unrated version:Theatrical version: