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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Feb 28, 2017 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
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39:34 / 43:31-43:36

On the way to the coffee pot, Bob says: "You're doing a great job, Jet. Just give me a second, okay?"
Calvin: "What the fuck?"

4.9 sec

42:46-42:48 / 46:48-46:57

Shot of Calvin plus Bob asks: "Hey, did you shit yourself a little bit?"
After an identical shot of Calvin (no screenshots), a shot of Bob follows. He adds: "It's all right if you did. Totally cool. I don't judge."
Cut to Calvin.

Extended Version 7.3 sec longer

43:11 / 47:21-47:27

At the end, the uberdriver comes rushing out of the building: "Hey, that's my car! Fuck you! You get zero stars!"

5.9 sec

44:01 / 48:16-48:47

Calvin starts arguing in the car.

Calvin: "Are you kidding me? I'm not helping you. You attacked somebody with a banana."
Bob: "A banana, force multiplier."
Calvin: "What?"
Bob: "Well, basically what that means is anything in your hand is far more dangerous than just your bare hands alone, including a banana."
Calvin: "Oh! Oh! Ah! A force multiplier!"
Bob: "Yeah."
Calvin: "Yeah, that's what it is. It makes so much more sense to me now. That's page-one CIA stuff. I almost forgot that I wasn't in the fucking CIA!"

30.7 sec

Censored Audio Track
45:07 / 49:53

Same shot but Calvin's comment has been redubbed for the Theatrical Version. As a result, his "I'm fucking out!" became "I'm freaking out!" in the Theatrical Version.

54:34-54:36 / 59:20-59:42

The role play starts differently. The Theatrical Version contains a small shot of Bob and another one of Calvin/Maggie, then it starts.

In the Extended Version, Bob first wants to know: "Maggie, during lovemaking, have you ever placed anything inside of Calvin's anus?"
Calvin: "What the hell did you just say?"
Maggie: "Well, yeah, there was this one time. You remember? Game of Thrones finale."
Calvin: "What are you talking about?"
Maggie: "I was Khaleesi, you were Littlefinger..."
Calvin: "Okay, all right, stop. That's enough."
Bob: "Please, please, please."

Extended Version 19.8 sec longer

59:17-59:18 / 64:23-64:36

In the Extended Version, Trevor keeps listing the names of people that are going to show up at the reunion: "(You're both going because you want to know what?) Stinky Pete's going to be there. And Jimmy Longballs called me. He's going to be hanging. Carlos Nagasaki, the Mexican eggroll. He's going to be there. You guys will be missing out on a big one. Plus you know what they're going to do? (They're going to vote on homecoming king and queen again.)"

In the Theatrical Version, the following shot of Calvin starts insignificantly earlier (no screenshots).

Extended Version 12 sec longer

60:09-60:11 / 65:27-66:00

Trevor apologizes more explicit in the Extended Version: "(It can leave people with a lifetime of pain.) And I just have no excuse for what I did to you. I mean, I did grow up in a house with a father who was physical, but that doesn't give me the right to take it out on somebody who at the time was weaker, you know? So... Calvin, with this particular transgression, I not only embarrassed him but I also ruined your final speech."
Calvin: "No, no."
Trevor: "Yes, I did."
Calvin: "It's okay. No, it's okay."
Trevor: "No, really, I stole your thunder. And it's another thing that I've had to live with every single day. And I work through it in individual therapy as well as group, and I pray about it. So..."

In the Theatrical Version, Calvin only nods and one gets to hear Trevor say "So..." from the off.

Extended Version 31.1 sec longer

61:33-61:37 / 67:22-67:32

While the Theatrical Version sticks with Trevor when he claims it was the best prank ever and he was still receiving mails about it while the Extended Versin cuts to Calvin and Bob. Only there, Trevor adds while looking at his smartphone: "And if I'd had one of these bad boys back then, I would have shot it, uploaded it, and it would have gone crazy viral, a zillion hits."

Extended Version 6.1 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

61:47-61:58 / 67:42-67:54

Due to a censored audio track, the reaction shots have been recut within the scene plus the Theatrical Version lacks the beginning of the shot of Trevor in order to instantaneously start after the F-bomb: "Let me tell you something: Weird Dick can't chug a bunch of fucking steroids and elk urine..."

Subsequent to that, there is a further alteration.
Theatrical Version: "...and miraculously be able to kick my ass all of a sudden, ok? It ain't gonna happen."
Extended Version: "...and suddenly be able to kick my ass. Fuck that! It ain't gonna happen."

Extended Version 0.2 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

62:22 / 68:17-68:30

Trevor attacks Bob a little longer: "You got to make poopies?"
Calvin: "What's wrong, Bob?"
Trevor: "We got a john here. Or you got to change your rag? Maybe that's it. Jenny, you got an extra rag?"

12.2 sec

Censored Audio Track
62:43 / 68:51

When Trevor leaves condescendingly, his comment differs.
Theatrical Version: "Hit it, Ant-Man"
Extended Version: "Hit it, dick licker."

67:56-67:58 / 74:04-75:09

Alternate shot of Bob when Calvin says he needs to get them out of there.

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

Subsequently, only the Extended Version contains another pep talk by Calvin. Here, one gets to know more about his nickname (which he only got because he peed his pants).

Bob: "I'm not a super spy, Calvin. I'm Robbie Wheirdicht, super tool."
Calvin: "No, stop. You're not a super tool. You're not even Robbie Wheirdicht. You're Bob Stone!"
Bob: "I made that name up."
Calvin: "So what?"
Bob: "It's not real."
Calvin: "What does that mean? What does that mean? You think Mr. T and Sting were born with those names? How do you think I got the name Golden Jet at high school?"
Bob: "'Cause you're awesome."
Calvin: "No, that's not how. In the eighth grade, I ran track. It was my first race. Okay, the race came down to me and this other kid. I wanted to win the race so damn bad that I ended up peeing in my pants at the finish line. That's how I got the name Golden Jet. So, take it from a guy who's literally pissed his pants in front of everybody just to win a race. You are who you decide to be. And you chose to be an international CIA spy. Come on, man. You get to kill people for a living. How cool is that?"
Bob gesteht schmunzelnd ein: "I don't know. Kinda cool I guess."
Calvin: "What do you mean kinda cool? Ain't no kinda cool. Stop it! It's awesome."

Extended Version 63.3 sec (= 1:03 min) longer

68:48-68:54 / 75:59-76:05

Alternate take when Calvin and Bob hit the road.
Calvin's comment slightly differs as well. Obviously, it is important that he inarticulately says "What the...?" in the Theatrical Version while he says loud and clear "What the fuck?" in the Extended Version.

Theatrical Version 0.3 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

72:03-72:07 / 79:14-79:19

Alternate take of Calvin quietly calling for Bob. Only in the Extended Version, he adds "Fuck! Fuck you, Bob!" at the end of this shot and the beginning of the following one.

Extended Version 1.1 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

73:14 / 80:26-80:49

Calvin's discussion with Jared is longer.

Calvin: "Okay, after finding it, the guy brought it to me, and he said, Do your due diligence in getting this dick where it's got to go. That's what I do. I'm a dick deliverer specialist."
Jared (while Bob keeps screwing around in the background): "Oh, DDS? Like a dentist but for dicks."
Calvin: "Uh..."
Jared: "So, people are like, Here's a dick. Find a plane. That's how you do it? You're like an Uber for dicks? Where do you get these jobs? On Craigslist?"

22.7 sec

81:48-81:51 / 89:22-89:24

In the Extended Version, Phil expresses his opinion regarding Road House in the very same shot: "Fuck Patrick Swayze!"

In the Theatrical Version, this has been replaced by another gag from the off while the subsequent shot of Bob starts earlier: "The only movie that sucks more is Sixteen Candles."

Theatrical Version 0.9 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

87:51-87:54 / 95:25-95:28

The attack does not contain any blood in the Theatrical Version.

no difference

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

93:14 / 100:48-101:31

Trevor provokes Bob longer and Calvin intends to butt in as well. This makes Bob's punch in Trevor's face more understandable.

Calvin: "Why don't you just get out of the way, Trevor?"
Trevor: "Or what, Golden Jet? You're gonna hop up here and punch me in the belt? Simmer down, Ant-Man."
Calvin: "You know what? That's it. That's it."
Bob tries to calm him down: "It's okay. It's all right."
Calvin: "No, I've had it!"
Bob: "I got it, Jet. It's okay. I'll handle it."
Trevor: "Whoa, whoa! Hang on. I'm not buying this whole transformation from ugly duckling into swan. No one in here is. You can fly in, in a bunch of helicopters and dress up in a thousand suits, but to everybody, including me, you'll always just be the fat kid."
There is some laughter. Bob then says: "I've been thinking about this a lot, Trevor. And the only thing I want to say to you is I forgive you."
Trevor: "You forgive me! Oh, boy! For what? For being rad as shit. Fuck you, fat boy."

43 sec

97:06 / 105:23-105:33

More dialog between Bob and Darla before the DJ starts scratching.

Bob: "Can I take you to get ice-cream..."
Darla: "Yes. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Super lactose intolerant, but that's okay. Let's roll the dice."

10.5 sec

97:12-97:14 / 105:39-106:03

In the Extended Version, Bob leaves Darla behind a little longer. She then says hi to Calvin but she is not being recognized.

Calvin: "Darla, hi. Calvin."
Darla: "Hi, Colin. Nice to meet you."
Calvin: "Calvin."
Maggie: "And Maggie."
Darla: "Maggie, hi!"
Maggie: "Hi. You look so good."
Darla: "My gosh, you look the same."
Maggie: "You do too."
Darla: "Oh, I don't know."
Calvin: "You probably remember me as The Golden Jet."
Darla: "Your name's Golden Jeff? Hi, Jeff."
Calvin: "It's okay. Good to see you."

The Theatrical Version contains another shot of Calvin in profile instead.

Extended Version 22 sec longer

Censored Audio Track
95:49-95:58 / 108:38-108:47

The Theatrical Version contains a few bleeps during the outtakes - the Extended Version does not.

The Rock: "Shut the fuck up!"
Kevin Hart: "Will you get the fuck out of my video?"
The Rock: "I'mma slap the dogshit out of you."
Kevin Hart: "Why do you do your video behind me?"
The Rock: "I'm trying to do my video!"
Kevin Hart: "This is my video! You're in my fucking video!"
The Rock: "I'm pissed off. Watch your mouth, I'll slap the shit out of you."
Kevin Hart: "Fuck you!"

Censored Audio Track
101:02-101:07 / 109:51-109:56

Kevin's comment is uncensored: "I've fucking had it.".
Shortly afterwards, he also says: "Fuck!"

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