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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Feb 28, 2017 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Theatrical Version and the Unrated Extended Version (both available on the German Blu-ray by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment)

- 44 differences, including 20x alternate footage & 4x censored audio track
- Length difference: 529.2 sec (= 8:49 min)

In Central Intelligence, The Rock turned from an overweighter who got bullied in school into an CIA agent and drags Kevin Hart, the only guy who always stood by him in school, into a complicated case. Certainly, the wheel is not reinvented here but the action comedy contains some nice gags and especially The Rock is quite entertaining and he and Kevin Hart have chemistry. For US comedies, some of kind of Extended Version has become business as usual these days. At least, one could expect more than just some dumb scenes cut for a good reason. And the fact of the matter is that the Unrated Extended Version does make sense in this case. Now, there are a few F-bombs in it and the alterations for the lower PG-13 rating are rather obvious. In addition to that, there are some additional sex jokes and in one scene at the end of the movie, there is more violence. Furthermore, there are some extended which were probably cut for pace reasons but all in all, the Unrated Extended Version is the recommended version. Also, Melissa McCarthy has more screentime.

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01:56 / 01:56-02:01

After the boy mentions that heavy Bob was actually a good dancer, Trevor gives him the evil eye.
He then says angrily under pressure: "I mean, fuck that guy, he is different!"

4.9 sec

05:58-06:22 / 06:03-06:43

The shot is slightly longer in the Extended Version, followed by alternate takes plus the scene with Kevin showing the penis enlargement app on his cell phone is longer in general.

In the Theatrical Version, the dude with the cell phone in his hand says: "Hey. Check it."
Calvin: "What... What is the matter with you?"
Kollege: "What?"
Calvin: "What do you mean, what? Why do you think I wanna see that?"
Kollege: "Well, no, I'm working on a new sexting app. Okay. It's kind of like Instagram, right? But, instead of filters, it just makes your junk look huge. Like, three to six inches bigger. It's amazing. It's called Junk Mail. Clever, right?"
Calvin: "You know, right now this little walk right here? I kind of just want to take it away from my life."

In the Extended Version, the dude says instead: "Yo. Check it."
Calvin: "Oh, come on, man. I don't want to see that."
Kollege: "Oh, no, no, it's my dick."
Calvin: "I know what it is. I don't want to see it."
Kollege: "Hilarious. No, I'm working on this new sexting app. It's kind of like Instagram, right? But, instead of filters, it just makes your junk look huge. Like, three to six inches bigger. It's called Junk Mail. Clever, right?"
Calvin: "No, and here's why..."
The dude interrupts and gets the cell phone in his pants: "Sorry, hang on, one second. I'm just gonna..."
Calvin: "What are you doing?"
Kollege: "Okay, and send. Sorry, you were saying something boring."
Calvin: "You just sent a dick pic."
Kollege: "It's called dating, grandma. Look it up."

Extended Version 15.3 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

12:11 / 12:31-12:33

Calvin's girlfriend Maggie says more explicit: "(Like, not for finals or graduation or anything.) Didn't he join the military or something?"

2 sec

12:40-12:42 / 13:02-13:04

The Extended Version contains a different part of the video with more bangs.

Extended Version 0.5 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

12:50-12:51 / 13:12-13:13

The Theatrical Version contains another shot of Calvin while the video is longer in the Extended Version.

no difference

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

13:09-13:12 / 13:32-13:36

Alternate take when the co-worker takes another look around the corner and asks Calvin to send him the video. Only in the Extended Version, he makes explicit gestures.

Extended Version 1 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

13:49-13:58 / 14:13-14:25

When Calvin gets startled at the bar, the Extended Version contains an alternate take of him saying: "Back up, man! Fine. I'll give you these fists. I'll fist your ass."
After an identical cut to Bob (no screenshots), the subsequent shot differs for continuity reasons.

Extended Version 2.8 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

16:58 / 17:24-18:30

Before Bob suggests to do shots, the conversation he and Calvin are having is longer. They are talking about their jobs plus Calvin tells a story from his exciting job as an accountant.

Calvin: "I don't wanna talk about me and Maggie and myself. What about you? What are you doing? I didn't even ask you, man. What do you do for work?"
Bob: "I'm a government contractor."
Calvin: "Okay, that's cool. Like, what, buildings and stuff?"
Bob: "Yeah, sort of. But I kinda just got fired."
Calvin: "Oh, shit! I'm sorry, man."
Bob: "Oh, it's okay. Screw those guys, anyway. They're way too corporate. 'Cause dudes like me and you, I mean, we're alpha dogs, right? I mean, we're pathfinders and trailblazers. And we don't listen to what anyone tells us, right?"
Calvin: "Yeah, right. I mean, come on, man, I sorta path-find a little bit along certain preapproved parameters that are given to me. I'm willing to path-find but it's all about how it's set up. But within the box that I have, I go nuts. You'll be surprised. I had a guy tell me the other day, Hey, Calvin, you know, I need those accounting numbers back from, you know, the file. I said, Go fuck yourself, Jim."
Bob: "Yeah."
Calvin: "I didn't say it because I wasn't in my box, but I thought about it."
Bob: "Exactly! Yeah! Yeah!"

65.4 sec (= 1:05 min)

18:17 / 19:49-19:53

The guy at the bar yells at Calvin before Bob shows up: "You a comedian now? 'Cause you don't look like Dane Cook to me, bro."

3.9 sec

19:08 / 20:44

The other guy's comment is slightly longer resp. his comment regarding masturbation is more explicit: "Why don't you and your boyfriend apologize to Big Rick here and then go jerk each other off in the parking lot?"

Please note: When Bob responses, he is refering to that comment by saying "I can no longer, in good conscience, walk away and jerk anyone off in the parking lot" This is also in the Theatrical Version. It appears as if using the term "jerk off" twice was too much for a PG-13 rating.

0.3 sec

23:50-23:58 / 25:26-25:54

The conversation in the hallway is a little shorter in the Theatrical Version.
Here, Calvin only says: "So, you're telling me that for the last 20 years, you've never been seen in your birthday suit? What about when you have sex?"
Bob: "I keep it pitch-black, just like Vin Diesel."
Calvin: "Hey, Bob, look..."

In the Extended Version, the shot of Bob is longer plus one gets to hear Calvin's comment here and also during an alternate take: "So, you're telling me that for the last 20 years, you've never been seen in your birthday suit?"
Bob: "No."
Calvin: "So, what about when you have sex?"
Bob: "I keep it pitch-black, just like Vin Diesel."
Calvin: "What?"
Bob: "You know I've been wondering, whatever happened to Trevor anyway? Did he get hit by a bus or ripped apart by dogs or die slowly of anything?"
Calvin: "No. No, no. He's a bigtime investment banker downtown."
Bob: "Oh, hey, cool. Good for him, man."
Calvin: "Hey, Bob, look..."

Extended Version 19.7 sec longer

30:46-30:53 / 32:42-32:49

Alternate take of Calvin seeing the chaos in the living room resp. Calvin's comment is different.
Theatrical Version: "What the hell?"
Extended Version: "What the fuck?"

no difference

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

31:54 / 33:50-33:54

Bob is being introduced by Agent Harris a little longer: "(Your sleepover buddy, Robert Wheirdicht,) AKA Bob Stone, AKA Bob Golden, AKA Bob Jet, (is wanted for murder...)"

3.8 sec

32:00-32:02 / 34:00-34:14

Calvin here responds: "What?"
Agent Harris: "And if he succeeds, it's gonna spark a chain reaction of geopolitical events that most of our predictive models place somewhere between World War III and outright Armageddon. So, yeah, I guess you could say something is going on."

Alternate take of her saying "Oh, you mind?" while reaching for the coffee. Also, the previous shot is slightly longer in the Theatrical Version.

Extended Version 12.4 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

33:05-33:07 / 35:17-35:21

In the Extended Version, Calvin also asks "Are you familiar with Facebook?" and Agent Harris responds: "We surveil it."
The Theatrical Version contains a different shot of Agent Harris without said dialog. On the other hand, the following dialog already begins off-screen (and subsequent shot starts a little earlier as well).

Extended Version 2.3 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

33:42-33:43 / 35:56-36:10

In the Extended Version, Calvin is a little tense: "I'm gonna lean up against this counter, and I'm not gonna sweat. I'm not gonna... I'm not gonna look flustered at all. I'm... Bring it. What you want to know? Hmm?"

In the Theatrical Version, the previous shot is a little longer instead (no screenshots).

Extended Version 13.1 sec longer

33:47-33:56 / 36:14-36:41

Calvin's regarding Bob is longer.

In the Theatrical Version, he says: "This man is not, I repeat to you, he is not, not, my friend! Zero allegiance."
In the Extended Version, he says instead: "Agent Harris, I don't know this man. He's just a little weird kid that I knew in high school. He used to put Rice Krispies Treats in my locker. Sometimes I ate 'em, sometimes I didn't. I wasn't in carbs back then 'cause I didn't want that weight going to my hips. As a man, you don't want big hips, especially in high school. Bottom line, I have no allegiance to this man. Zero ties, okay? All ties are cut. I cut them, so this is me and you. So don't put me and him... I ain't in this shit, okay?"

Extended Version 17.7 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

35:07 / 37:52-38:55

Calvin takes his first call. His wife mentions a therapist appointment. In the following, Calvin's relationship is being judged by Agent Harris.

Calvin: "It's my wife."
Agent Harris: "Mr. Joyner, it is my legal obligation to inform you that you are now a part of a highly classified covert action. So, say hello to your wife and then get off the phone. Am I clear?"
Calvin: "Don't tell my wife shit. Got it."
Agent Harris: "Don't tell your wife shit. What line?"
Calvin schaut verwirrt zum Telefon; "Line one. Hey, Mags. Hey, I can't really talk right now, babe. I got a lot going on."
Maggie: "Okay, okay. I get it. You're hungover. Listen, Dr. Dan can see us today at lunch."
Calvin: "Wait a minute, Dr. Dan?"
Maggie: "The therapist, remember? So, I'm thinking we should just meet at home and go together. Thank you."
Calvin: EGo. Go on, and I'll just see you there, okay? But I got to really go, babe. I'm slammed in here. So, I gotta get off the phone."
Maggie: "All right. Jeez! Is everything okay?"
Calvin: "Everything is fine, babe. I gotta keep the line clear. I love you. Bye, I gotta go."
Maggie: "Love you. Bye."

Agent Harris: "Hmm."
Calvin: "Hmm. What?"
Agent Harris: "I'm an expert in speech pathology and psycho-lingual subtext. Your wife is not fulfilled in your relationship."
Calvin: "Wait, what?"
Agent Harris: "Also, she wants to have a baby."
Calvin: "Where are you getting..."

63.1 sec (= 1:03 min)

39:13 / 43:01-43:10

Bob intends to run to the elevator but agents are coming towards him. A shootout follows and the elevator door closes.

9 sec

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