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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated Director's Cut
Release: Dec 06, 2015 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
Well, that sounds promising. The pull quote on the cover says that this serial killer psychogram is on par with Silence of the Lambs and Seven. But those are just words once you actually watch the film that was made in New Zealand in 1997. The plot is confusing and lacks tension while exploring in a conversation between a psychologist and a babyface killer what led him to his deeds. The solution is quite simple and not as sinister as one might have hoped. After all, both aspects were present in the films the advertising compares it to.

In the US, the MPAA gave the uncut version an NC-17 rating but that is commercially very threatening if you want to make money with it. The result was that the distributor also produced an "R"-rated version that is available at retail chains like Walmart and now also on Amazon's VOD service. This version omits some of the nasty razor blade action and some splatter moments. The NC-17 version was released, as well,

Comparison between the censored R-rated DVD and the uncensored Unrated DVD (both by Trimark).

8 cuts, 1 extended scene in the R-rated = 20.2 sec.
0:16:28: The R-rated doesn't show how the knife causes the first bloody wounds on the throat.
2.76 sec.

0:16:32: Again how the blade wounds the neck.
1.64 sec.

Extended scene in the R-rated
R-rated: 0:18:11: The flashback with young Simon and his mother is longer in the R-rated. She asks him whether he painted her a picture and he nods. She then pulls him up and walks with him to the kitchen. The camera pans to the unsettling images Simon has drawn.
+ 14.2 sec.

0:45:25: During the vision, Simon presses his finger further into Karen's neck. Blood is visible and then he rips her throat out.
10.36 sec.

1:07:21: Another shot that shows how blood spurts into the man's face, followed by Simon and a shot of the upper body where further bloodflow can be seen. Another closeup of the face ends the cut.
5.8 sec.

1:20:27: The R-rated omits the bloody throat cut.
2.04 sec.

1:25:54: Simon presses his thumbs into the eyes of the first guard. Much blood and screams are involved, followed by a flashback of Simon walking down the hallway.
8.56 sec.

1:26:07: Blood flows out of the 2nd guard's mouth.
0.76 sec.

1:28:56: The R-rated shows the dream sequence without the closeup of the bloody throat cut Karen has to endure.
2.48 sec.