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1.23 The One With The Birth


  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Apr 13, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV-Version (taken from the Blu-ray) and the Extended Version (taken from the British DVD)

- 9 alterations, 2 of those including alternative footage and 1 recut
- Difference in running time: 44.6 sec

Almost every episode of this sitcom classic were released in an extended version on the US DVDs. For TV some cuts were done in order to trim the episodes to the usual format, however, some censoring can be found as well. In Great Britain, only the TV versions were released on DVD at first yet the newer "15th Anniversary Edition" contains the extended episodes as well and was used as a comparison here.

The new Blu-ray release is identical all around the world and contains only the TV Versions, the extensions can also not be found in the bonus material. People interested in buying the series now have to decide: Longer episodes or better picture quality? The latter is really great on Blu-ray, rescanning of the original 35mm tape led to a brilliant picture and it is now also in the 16:9 format with more information on the side of the picture. On the other hand, about 2 minutes are missing per episode.

The here compared episode 1x23 ("The One with the Birth") is approx. 45 seconds longer. Among the alterations is one scene which has been recut (the order has been changed to be more specific). Besides that, there are few additional one-liners etc. Some of them are from Leah Remini, long before she became more famous as Carrie Heffernan in King of Queens.

Right with the first shot, there's a (probably HD related) discrepancy: the exterior shot is steady in the TV Version but the camera tracks upwards in the Extended Version.

no difference

TV Version (Blu-ray)Extended Version


The dialog is longer (marked bold).

Susan: "(Just keep focusing on Jordie.) He'll be here before you know it."
Ross: "4-3-2... (Who the hell is Jordie?)"

2.7 sec


In the Extended Version, there's a recut to the sister (played by June Gable who usually plays Estelle btw). Refering to the water that just broke, Joey then asks in panic: "That's not the baby, is it?"

The TV Version sticks trivially longer with Joey before (no screens nor considered alternate footage).

Extended Version 1.8 sec longer


Heavily-breathing Joey says: "I'm ok, that's disgusting. I'm ok."

4.8 sec


The TV Version fades to black (for a commercial break), then it fades in to Phoebe, Ross and Susan in the broom cabinet. This little scenes has been moved to 10:44 in the Extended Version.
With a smooth transition, the Extended Version immediately continues with the following shot of Carol suffering.

TV Version 16 sec longer

Partial Recut

Between the scenes with Carol/Rachel and Lydia/Joey, the Extended Version contains an antirely new scene with Monica and Chandler in the hallway, followed by the short scene with Phoebe, Ross and Susan in the broom cabinet (as mentioned above which is why this scene hasn't been described one more time).

Monica: "You find 'em?"
Chandler: "I checked the gift-shop. I checked the cafeteria."
Monica schaut sich um, die Lounge ist nun leer; "Where are Phoebe and Joey?!"
Chandler: "I think there's something sinister going on in here. If you find anyone or parts...of anyone, scream. And scream again."
They run off.

39.1 sec


Lydia's stupid comment to her boyfriend's question whether she was holding their child is more elaborate: "(No, this is a loaner.) Ours is at the shop. God, I hope she has my brains."

7.7 sec


In the TV Version, Ross starts fiddling around with the door knob a little earlier.

+ 0.6 sec


The Extended Version contains a short distance shot, then Susan says: "I think you're doing it too hard."
Close up of Ross when he answers "You have to do it hard or else it does..." and messes up his credit card.

In the TV Version, the following distance shot of Ross starts earlier and he already messes up his credit card here.

Extended Version 5.3 sec longer

TV VersionExtended Version