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Charlies Angels - Full Throttle


  • Theatrical Cut
  • Extended (Unrated) Version
Release: Apr 13, 2008 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: *moritzd.m - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the "theatrical cut" and the "Extended Version", both released by Columbia Tristar.

The Unrated Version includes (excl. changing of order etc.)
91 more seconds

The Unrated includes in total 102 more seconds of new material.

The time readings have been taken from the US-DVD (NTSC).
The movie "Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle" has been cut for an PG-13 rating before the theatrical release.
Most of the missing scenes have been cut because of sexual and violent content and some scenes have been replaced.
The part that misses probably the most is the death of "Thin Man" and "Seamus" that nearly doesn't appear in the theatrical cut.
36:19 - Different picture:

The Unrated shows Dylan's real name: "Helen Zaas" at the picture.

1 sec. no difference

48:01 – Dylan tries to get off with someone

Dylan tries even harder in the Unrated to get the guy and presses his head in her plunging neckline. (2 shots).

5 sec.

48:20 – Alex tries to get off with someone

After Alex has stolen the note from the guy's pocket, the Unrated shows her trying to get off with a
guy by rubbing her body at his.
3 sec.

55:01 – Dylan and Seamus private
(part 1)

Dylan falls backwards in a chair after she has been hit by Seamus.
Hommage to the fight on the tower from the first part follows.

Dylan tries for a second time to keep Seamus away from the chair she is tied to.
She isn't successful and Seamus manages to hit her for a second time. Dylan spits blood.
7 sec.

55:17 - Dylan and Seamus private (part 2)

After the fight with Alex, the story of Dylan and Seamus continues.

Seamus kicks Dylan, who is still tied to the chair, brutally in the face.
She overturns and manages to free herself.

3 sec.

55:42 - Dylan and Seamus private (part 3)

The Unrated contains a longer shot of Dylan and Seamus who are fighting in a sexual position with each other.
Dylan twines her legs around Seamus who pushes her away brutally.
After this fight, he kisses her in a sadistic way and says: "I'll have you everywhere I want".

8 sec.

56:05 - Dylan and Seamus private (part 4)

Another round for Dylan and Seamus. Seamus jumps on a box and kicks Dylan in the face for another time.
Dylan falls against the bars.

6 sec.

88:26 – Dylan and Thin Man in Love

The Unrated includes the kiss between Dylan and Thin Man in another angle.

3 sec.

88:40 – Thin Man goes wild

Thin Man screams longer in the Unrated.

2 sec.

89:02 – again Thin Man

The Thin Man tries to say something in the Unrated (this shot has been extended)

2 sec.

89:09 – death of the Thin Man (part 1)

The Unrated includes the frightened face of the Thin Man when the camera slides away.

2 sec.

89:23 - death of the Thin Man (part 2)

Thin Man hits the ground.

1 sec.

90:01 – fight at the roof (part 1)

The theatrical cut lacks an important scene after Thin Man has hit the ground.
The scene shows the apparent dead Thin Man. This shot follows a long shot that shows that Seamus has been fallen on the top kick he has used to perforate Thin Man.
Dylan looks down horrified.

Seamus and Thin Man aren't totally dead. Seamus tries to erect himself but is stopped by Thin Man.

14 sec.

90:18 – fight at the roof (part 2)

The big illuminated "E" from the advertisement falls spectacularly at Seamus and Thin Man.

6 sec.

91:44 – fight at the car (part 1 - re-cut)

Madison hits his elbow in Natalie's face. This is seen in a longer shot.
The following hit is included in both versions.
After that, the theatrical cut shows the car that is driving beneath the camera.
This shot doesn't fit in the scene because the car doesn't lurches like in the other scenes, what should be the cause for the cut in the Unrated.

Unrated 1 sec., the theatrical cut is approximately 1 sec. longer.


theatrical cut:

91:50 - fight in the car (part 2)

The Unrated shows Natalie trying to hit Madison who stops and hits her in the face.
After that, the angle changes between the lurching car and Natalie and Madison who are fighting in the car.
The fight includes a lot of hits with fists and elbows.
Just the last one is shown in the theatrical cut.
The Unrated includes another shot on Madison in the end.

15 sec., the Unrated is 14 sec. longer

92:18 – Dylan is thrown out of the car.

The shot of Dylan who falls down the escalator is a bit longer.
The Unrated includes another shot of Dylan’s face.

3 sec.

92:26 – Alex is thrown out of the car

Another shot of Alex head who smashes on the ground.

1 sec.

92:31 – a jumping car.

The Unrated firstly shows a car with a guy in the front who is talking on his mobile.
In the back, the car with Dylan and Natalie comes ("jumping").
The next shot shows still shows the car, but through the driving mirror of the man on the mobile.
The third shot shows the puzzled driver who sees the "jumping" car.

2 sec.

92:51 – knocked out angels

The Unrated shows a shot of Dylan and later Alex, both still knocked out.
The tracking shot of the knocked out Natalie is a bit longer.

5 sec.

95:03 – alternative ending (re-cut)

Firstly, the shot of Madison has been replaced.
Both are almost alike but the Unrated shows blood in Madison’s mouth.
The next shot also includes the same image but with blood in Madison’s face.
The Unrated also includes a pan-shot of a pistol that is lying on the ground.

The next shot is identical in both versions

The Unrated continues with Madison who straightens herself up and spits blood.
It follows a shot of Natalie.
Natalie’s teeth are bloody, instead of perfectly white like in the theatrical cut, when she says "enjoy heaven".

13 sec. , Unrated approximately 5 sec. longer


theatrical cut: